ToK 62. Black Wolf’s Vice Captain

ToK 61. Crisis
ToK 63. Warrior of the Army

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Harem is okay and I like slice of life. But I wish to translate something with a plot. Not a mindless “Hero’s funny daily lives of creating a harem in another world”. I don’t mind picking up a harem slice of life novel if it has a plot.


Putting my ramblings aside, here’s c62

Nikka was in a desperate situation. Gregor’s strong defence at the front and Anzerm’s pincer attack at her back, spreading his soldiers thin and wide to prevent Nikka’s escape.

“Vice Leader! Even if it’s only you, you have to escape” One of her subordinates speaks loudly

“Idiot. We can still do it!”

Maybe if she threw her responsibility aside, she might survive. As a woman, as long she lived she might be able to do something. Someday there may be a chance to live with Volf as well.

“I’m still… a warrior”

The woman who abandoned her. No, the woman who sold her. She lived with men, flatter him, and then left him to die on the side of the road. Nikka’s mother is that kind of a woman, a parasite. Those kind of woman are all the same.

“I’d rather die than live like that”

Nikka is different. She decided to live and fight with Volf. After her only friend’s death, she chose the same path as the man she loved. You have to fight to survive. There’s no meaning if you don’t win it by yourself.

Nikka rose from the ground. Using her flexible moves, she slices her enemies. Neck, armor joint, does not matter. She flew and cut her enemies’ necks and limbs.

“Rise you idiots! We can’t give up so easily!

When you die, you can’t move forward. So you have to live
(TL: People die if they are killed -Shirou Emiya, Fate/Stay Night, 2006)

“Vice captain… Oy wake up! We can do it!”


The wolves do not get captured. The wolves are undefeatable.

Anzerm observes Nikka on the battlefield. She was trying to attack Gregor with brute force. On the other hand Gregor too was relying on his army’s brute strength. It’s foolish. Anzerm is different from them.

“Surround and shoot them with your bow! Don’t let them get escape!”

He can’t make any mistake. He had to take that wolf’s head.

Even while covered by arrow bruises, the wolves still fought hard. Nikka keep avoiding the arrows by using trees and rocks. Even so, a few arrows still managed to strike her deep in a few places. Some of her men also collapsed while some of them turned into a pin cushion.

“Nooot yeeeeeeeeeeet!”

Her roar means nothing. Stand, move, fight, kill.
Kill like a beast.

“This is troublesome. I’m going in, Anzerm!”

Gregor who couldn’t wait anymore moves into the battlefield.

“That fool. He shouldn’t move on his own!”

But it couldn’t be helped since Gregor already moves. It certainly helps to finish their enemies faster but there will be lots of casualties. It’s not a beautiful way to win and it doesn’t sit well with Anzerm.

“That stupid idiot! Are you fucking kidding me? what should i do if he got caught?”

A victory must be beautiful and perfect. Outwit the enemy with tactics, complete victory without casualty. This is Anzerm’s motto and his way fighting.

“Struggle all you want, woman! This Gregor von Tundar will be coming for you!”

Gregor swings his sword and cut a soldier right in front of Nikka.

“Huh? Did you come to die, idiot!” she swung her spear.

Gregor parried with his sword. Both side fought against each other but suddenly-

“Die!” Anzerm breaks in. Leaving his men behind, he came with burning anger. A black sword aimed at Nikka’s neck. She used her spear to parry but it broke at the hilt.

“Anzerm! Don’t you dare to take my prey!”

Ignoring Gregor who was surprised by his sudden appearance, Anzerm aims at Nikka’s neck again. This time she can’t dodge it.

(Ah… I’m going to die)

Being surrounded by Gregor and Anzerm, she saw no chance of getting out from this situation. At that moment she drew her sword.


Anzerm’s sword disappeared. Nikka’s sword strikes Anzerm’s sword with so much force that broke his balance. Gregor attacks but it was parried by Nikka.

“Fu! You bitch, are you really a woman?”

Gregor cursed while Nikka parried all his attacks. Nikka’s sword pierced the gap in Gregor’s armor and strips a part of his armor.

“I will not die. I will fight and fight and fight until I kill both of you!”

For Anzerm and Gregor, fighting 2v1 with a woman is humiliating. Especially when they can’t land a finishing blow. Even while being surrounded, Nikka’s aura is roaring fiercely. Roaring of life shining to survive longer even for another minute. A beautiful obsidian shine that shapes a woman wearing a black fur coat.

(Damn it, I should’ve killed her with arrows) Black fangs scratches Anzerm’s cheek. Only a wolf can fight equally against two elite soldiers. Their sword slashes the air and their armor was scratched by the fang.

“You biiiiiiiitch!”

Nikka’s is fighting desperately, not even have time to breath or think. For her, death is not that scary. When she decided to walk the same path as Volf, she threw away her weak self. She cut her long hair and chased Volf desperately. To fulfill the promise with a friend, to fulfill the dream that her friend couldn’t fulfill – The wolf was here.

ToK 61. Crisis
ToK 63. Warrior of the Army

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