ToK 63. Warrior of the Army

ToK 62. Black Wolf's Vice Captain


TL: I like YTIF. The story is interesting and the RAW is easy to read. UNLIKE a certain WN with hundred of chapters of WALLS OF WEIRD KANJI SCREWING WITH MY TRANSLATOR

(I’m looking at you, Tower of Karma)

It was short but in that short moment, the death struggle of the female wolf was etched into everyone’s mind. It was engraved on the heart of all soldiers whether friend or foe. But even her brilliant struggle only lasted for a minute or two.

(Hah… Hah…  I guess this is it… Look at me… I am the-)

She collapsed. The moment she turned her blade to counterattack, her knees gave up. The price for moving so wildly in apnea state has taken it’s toll. Color disappeared from her face, her lung was seeking air, and sounds like asthma can be heard loudly. The extreme condition that destroys her chance of surviving.

(wikipedia: apnea — suspension of breathing. During apnea, there is no movement of the muscles of inhalation, and the volume of the lungs initially remains unchanged)


Both Gregor and Anzerm was stunned for a moment. They did not expect this kind of development at all.

“*Wheeze*… *Wheeze*… Damn it… all…”

The end has come.

“I’ll let you… take my head…”

Anzerm understood that this is the end of her struggle. Gregor raised his sword with a serious look. It was not the expression of a man looking down on a woman. It was an expression full of respect for his opponents.

“It was a good fight. You fought well”

Nikka’s face twitched at Gregor’s remark. She did not stop until the very end. Desperately trying to move her body, even when the body screaming for air and refuse her command.

Anzerm, who wasn’t interested in Nikka’s neck, thinks for the next phase of the battle

“Well then, for tommorow…”

He heard something. It sounded like wails of dead people resenting the living.


Before Anzerm can warn him, Gregor was blown away along with his greatsword. It was a fast, strong, and heavy blow.

“What the he-”
It was surprising. To be able to give such a destructive blow, who was it?

There’s no way he should be standing here. He lost one arm and shouldn’t command any troops.

“That was a nice fight. Now let me play as well”

“Anatour! Why is he here?!”

He should be resting after White Mask took his arm. But he was there, standing with his spear on his only arm.

“Did he just blow me away? With just 1 arm?”

He certainly doesn’t look good. Anatour’s face was pale white and blood can be seen from his bandages all over his body.

“For now, take care of yourself, wolf”

He can hear Nikka saying something like “i can still fight” in the background. Anatour smiled.

“Hmph, I’ll deal with these weaklings”

The spear cries. Even with only one arm, the spear swung without bounces or slacks. Just looking at it makes you understand the level of his strength.

(Shit, did I spread the soldiers too thin?)

Anzerm regret his decision. He should have taken some kind of precaution for this kind of attack. That way, he can kill Nikka perfectly without dealing with intruder. What is done is done.

“Gregor, we’ll fight him together”

“I know”

The two understood that even in this condition, Anatour is still stronger than both of them combined. Back then fighting Nikka was hard enough. They had experienced first hand how she handle her sword, and they were struggling to beat her even when she’s on the brink of death.

Anatour is different. Even after being hurt after the fight with White Mask, William Rivius, he’s still the famous crying spear who was famous in seven kingdoms. The White Mask must be very strong to be able to take one of his arm.

The spear approaches without warning. Both of them barely managed to block it somehow. The difference in strength was clear.

‘Weaklings’. That word was enough to ignite the spark inside them. The swords and lance clashes. If they lose, then it proves that they were weaker than William.

“Too weak!”

The wails of the dead spread and strikes them.

Overall, the battlefield was remained in a deadlock. There are incredible fight here and there but the overall movement was slow. However the war situation was leaning gradually to the Nehderk’s side. However if you ask the soldiers about it, the answer is none.

The curtain falls on a fierce battle on the middle of mountain area.

“Ha! Are you running away, White Mask?!”

Volf roars while William glanced back and smirk.

“Congratulations mountain doggy-kun, you win this race. Be proud a bit”

What’s with that rude remark? Volf frown his eyebrow.

Volf, who won, was on the attacking side. After doing the persistent attack over and over, Arcadian army finally falls. Without giving the chance to gather their resources, Volf exhausted and blew off the army without a trance. That’s the reason he won.

“… Your last chance of winning has gone. Your last fort has fallen! This is the end! THIS IS THE END!”

For the first time, Volf finally gained an upper hand. The Arcadian army was furious on Volf’s remark. Anger spreads around him. As Volf expected, their reaction was great.

As the weaker one, in order for Arcadian Army to win they mustn’t not get pushed from the center. Volf can’t understand their strategy to use Nikka as a bait, but in the end everything went well for him. The center was pushed, Nikka survived, and Anatour ressurected.

The winds of war was in favor for his army.


“I can not win against you, that much is certain. But-”

The sun starting to set and shadow covered William’s face.

“I’ll win this war!”

William leaves the place. That figure who didn’t seem to mind losing puzzles Volf even more. He acknowledge his weakness but even so, William is going to win.


Volf was standing facing the wind. He was excited. Although he was superior in terms of power, it’s a bit different. He wasn’t sure if he can absolutely win this war. He looks forward what kind of hand will the White Mask use.

“Haha.. fine then”

Volf laughed while thinking. A number of combinations runs in his head and it was crushed by different measures. That’s it. Volf can’t came up with the idea for Arcadian Army to overturn this situation.

“If there’s really a way for you to win… then show it to me…”

“Is this really a spear?”

Even when fighting 2 on 1, Anzerm and Gregor can’t win against the tattered enemy. Anatour, who was dominating the fight, is a monster.

“There’s no way we can approach him in close combat. It’s impossible!”

They are no match. The enemy was a close combat specialist and wiped the floor with them. Should he abandon his pride and fight in the distance?.

“It going to be rough”

“Aa, I’m going to return at once, you go back and gather the troops”

“I know”


In tomorrow’s battle Anatour will return to the battlefield. They’re glad that Nikka was out from the picture today. If Nikka and Anatour attack at the same time, their power will be immeasurable. They are in a difficult situation.

Easter holiday is coming to the end so I can’t TL that much anymore. My promised schedule is one a week anyway so expect the next chapter on Thursday or Saturday

ToK 62. Black Wolf's Vice Captain

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