YTIF 2. Even If You’re a Child

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just in case, the characters refers the god as “Tenshi-sama” but I can’t put that word properly when our MC speaks. It sounds better when she refer the god as “Your God”

The maid who I chased out didn’t return. Instead, a little girl and a soldier with a sword came in. The girl was carrying a huge food tray, probably my dinner.

“Esku- Excuse me! I have brought dinner”

A girl, maybe about 8 years old, with high pitched voice tried her best to serve me the meal. The girl carried the tray carefully to not spill the content however, it seems the tray is too heavy for her small body. I can see her hands trembling and her expression distorted from her suffering.

As I saw it, her clothes didn’t seem that bad. It looks like a regular everyday cloth to be worn in public. It has simple design with long sleeves and hem, like ancient clothes. It has dark brown color and her sleeves were laced with silver threads. It only looks European on that part while the whole cloth looks like a hakama.

I turned my eyes on the soldier who was standing two steps behind the girl and frown at me.

“Is there anything you want to say?”

I throw the spiteful question at him and taste my food quietly. I will repeat it again, ever since I came to this world my rage meter hasn’t go down at all. In this state even the soldier’s expression is irritating me.

To begin with, wearing that kind of face is the same as picking a fight with me. I am was kidnapped and forced to do unreasonable work with no compensation. I am clearly the victim here.

“… No… but…”

He shut his mouth and glanced at the girl pitifully. I immediately understood his intention.

“You want me to help her because it’s too heavy, right?”

The girl seems surprised at my words and stares at the soldier.

“If you think so then you should help her”

“I can’t… I was ordered like that from the minister”

“So this girl carrying a heavy tray of food is ordered by that minister as well?”

“…  yes… ”

“Well, that would be this child’s job then. Then why should I help her?”

The man fell silent but glared at me angrily. The girl didn’t understand what happened and stood there frightened.

“If you have any complaints then return me to my world. Really, you guys are disgusting”

Hearing my spiteful words the little girl asked

“Anoo, Guardian of Da-”

“A, stop spouting that name. I don’t want to be addressed with that name. My name is Minafuchi Kaya. Next time you call me, you have to use that name”

I repeat the same thing that I said to the previous maid who ran away. The girl looked troubled and lowered her head, then she asked again.

“Minafuchi-sama, do you dislike your role as a guardian?”

“To be honest, I don’t want to be in this world”

“But, our god is kind and we can have peace under his rule”

“Ha? So what?”

I tilted my head. I can’t understand this girl’s words. I can’t understand the previous maid’s words either but it was because she was praising her god and talking about wonderful things if I serve her god, but this girl is a bit different.

The girl looks puzzled and the soldier behind her made an unreadable expression.

“Well, my previous world is peaceful so I lived there without worry. I have friends and family over there so obviously, serving your God doesn’t compare to my life in that world. So, which part of ‘I don’t want to serve your God’ that you did not understand?”

The girl’s face turned blue. Meanwhile the soldier’s face already passed the color blue and turned pale white instead. I wonder if they understand my feelings. If you understand then spread the story and make them return me to my world.

“N-no.. but Tenshi-sama brings peace to our Scarlet World”

“Un, but nobody knows when this Scarlet World is going to be destroyed”

Besides, even if I go the God shouldn’t have gone anywhere After all, I just arrived here so there shouldn’t be a need for the guardian job up until now. Because I hadn’t stay in this world before, there might be a chance that I wasn’t needed anymore. It’s your world so you have to do something about it yourself. If you can’t do anything then shut up and accept your fate. Don’t bother other people.

The girl was shocked by my words and dropped the tray with a loud clang. The food was scattered all over the carpet, which seem to be high quality.

“What’s going on here?!?”

The patrols outside heard the noise and came into the room. He was stationed outside to prevent me from escaping and breaking the furniture. He looked around the room and pales.

“Erin… You-Did you dropped the Guardian-sama’s food??”

I was sitting behind a table that separating me and the girl and the distance between the girl and the soldier is quite far. There’s no way it can be mistaken that the girl dropped the tray.


The word escaped the girl as the patrol grabbed her arm.

“Come Erin! You must be punished by the minister!”

“Wait a moment, Rohen! Erin, Erin is bad … ….”

The girl plead to me.

“Please forgive me.. Please forgive me, Guardian of Scarlet Dawn-sama!”

While pleading, the girl was dragged outside.


Judging from her expression, the punishment must be quite severe.


“_rgive me… Please forgive me, Guardi-Aah.. Aaaaaaaaaah”

I slowly tilt my head, waiting for her to be finally dragged outside. Her cry echoed in the corridor for a while before it disappeared completely. The soldier who came with her stares angrily.

“… Why…”



He raged. While shouting meaningless things, he drew his sword and charged at me. Unfortunately, colorful sparks spreads along with a loud clash as he struck me. Because of that, the soldier was thrown to the floor and his sword was sent flying. I don’t know what’s going on but everyone who attack me experienced the same thing. Even when I’m surrounded by 20 people, I can’t get hurt. Perhaps it’s because my job as a Guardian, nothing in this world can harm me. Sadly, if the attacker doesn’t intend to harm me, then the protection won’t work. That’s the reason I was caught before.

Hearing another noise, another patrol came into the room and stares at the disaster.

“Ouri, you bastard! You dare to point your sword to Guardian of Scarlet Dawn-sama!”

“Wa-wait.. That’s n- that’s not it.. This bitch.. Erin.. ”

“Do you realize what you did?! This is a rebellion!!”

Like the girl, the soldier was dragged away by the patrols while screaming at me.

I tilt my head like usual and muttered

“Why do I have to forgive you?”

TL: *read ch2* Give me back my sympathy, you bitch! You can rot in that world for all I care!

TL: That being said, I starting to love this WN    :3

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YTIF 1. All of You are Unforgiveable
YTIF 3. Stop with Your Nosy Attitude

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  1. so an “because you’re strong you must protect us things” mindset ? did they properly think what they gonna pay in exchange for their life ?

  2. no, think logically, the minister tries to set her up, mm, that’s what I thought…
    and her rage is still in high level… those guys are seriously beyond hope, lol.
    thanks for the translations ^^

  3. Heh, nice… she does have a very good point though. Honestly, if I were randomly summoned like that, my reaction would be rather similar (though probably not quite like that). And why would she forgive someone for accidently dropping food? I mean, is that punishable by death or something? How would she know that? And if the kid was sent as a test, it’s not rationally wrong to just leave it be xD

    1. If I were kidnapped to another world, I wouldn’t take my anger on an 8 years old girl. She may be a victim from the minister but the little girl is just an innocent bystander.

      sorry for messy english. It’s midnight and I haven’t stop translating since dinner. On the other hand ch63 of ToK is almost done. I’m gonna sleep after that

      1. She didn’t actually take out her anger on an 8 year old girl. The native people of that world went and punished her entirely of their own volition. Everyone punished so far has been entirely of the volition of the native people. MC is simply repeating to let her go home.
        As others mentioned it is probably a trick to try and make her nicer about her kidnapping and exploitation but if you look at it another way they’re doing a damn good job of providing her with even MORE reasons to want nothing to do with this place. It looks like they send little girls incapable of doing their work and then punish/torture them when they fail the task they were clearly not capable of doing in the first place.

      2. Isn’t it their fault in the first place to punish children for accidentally dropping something when there wasn’t even a fault mentioned?
        And to call her Gurdian blablabla again after expressively instructing her otherwise + the whole pisses off and feeling hurt thing…?

        It’s not like Kaya let’s her rage out on a little girl but denies herself of any involvement with those stubborn and egoistic people. I mean, it’s hopeless talking with them about how she’s feeling with her life being messed up and stuff. They only want her to sacrifice herself for those idiots… Who cares what they do to themselves.
        Afterall, they can’t bring a drop of empathy up for her, why should she?

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  5. sorry i dont like her at all..

    i mean, if u dont like the country why not just at least planned to burn them, leave it, or do something to return to previous world instead of bitching around and do nothing but complaint?

    this bitch want attention and symphaty for sure actually, considering she actually do nothing but complain. damn it if u dont like them just kill them already why waste time in everyone at fault mode when you got cheat that can made it possible!

    that said, i probably read it further. i wanna see her crying ehehe.. but her cheat probably makes it impossible *tsk*

    1. It probably hasn’t even been a day since she was summoned
      And who k it’s what the curse does, maybe she can’t leave

    2. She’s not particularly bitching i see more towards indifference. While she complained she see nothing related to her in the strange world.
      That said either she totally not the usual Japanese mc with Japanese values and morals (may even be a sociopath) or she is on a quiet rage over her forced call.

  6. If anything, I would say “You’re forgiven”. It’s not like it’d cost me my life if I say that. Just keep not accepting your role, but don’t turn the situation worse. I mean, is she on her day of the month or something? Sheesh woman!

      1. True. If she had said she forgiven the girl she would be indirectly accepting her role as guardian. The girl was probably sent as a form of empathy inducing target. If she wasnt the people would not have acted so.

    1. Yes I just saw it. I’m going to read them after some sleep tho. It’s midnight here. I think I should make some announcement before I start TL it but I don’t know when. Maybe soon after I read the synopsis.

      Thank you for the suggestion

  7. I think it strange for them to ask for MC forgiveness since a one who want to punish them not her but that minister

    also to push a role of savior’s care taker to 8y girl, it really show their aim to make MC sorry for those people or to make her like them then use them as hostage

  8. They obviously have their set of circumstances, I dont mind that she feels that way, or even that she expresses her anger, but really, Ive said this before, shes a dumbass, she makes no effort to understand her situation, only makes demands to be returned, shes lucky she has that barrier that protects her from harm, but if she didnt, her cocky ass would be split.

    1. I don’t think so. Whether she like it or not, she was chosen as the god’s guardian and every citizen of that world will recognize her as so. I’m sure the minister doesn’t like it as well but he can’t just kill her, that would anger his god because Tenshi-sama had chosen her. He wouldn’t take the chance and harm her even without the protection.

      The soldier on the other hand will be executed for treason. I don’t need to read the ch3 to know that because our MC is basically a god’s apostle. Mess with the apostle and you mess with god. To make sure the god won’t be angry, he’d be executed.

      I still hate the MC tho. I wish someone would split her cocky ass

      1. Th minister chose a little girl to serve her when it was clear she wasn’t physically capable of doing the job and specifically instructed the guard NOT to help her.

        If she did help her then they will develop some sort of rapport with her, a classic example of how stockholm syndrome is developed. And if she didn’t help, they will place the blame on her for not having the girl do her job to force guilt on her. The guard with her is obviously has a close relationship with the girl and will further guilt her into the role.

        1. In that sense a ‘f***-you-you-and-you’-mindset in a situation where they try to controll and obviously manipulate you to do their bidding – after kidnapping you without a way to return on your own – might not be the most unreasonable thing to set in.

          Not everybody wants to be ripped from their civillian life as a student to risk their life. And if you’re already set on returning, what use would be adapting to the place of you captive-holders would be?

      2. if I’m that person, then i will make full use of the status and bring misery to the minister instead, if he plan to oppose, then I’ll spout some bullshit that what he’s doing is blasphemy (or going against the will of the god) and have him to serve on force labor.

        That’s what I’ll do for trying to guilt tripping me. Heck, you clearly trying to manipulate me using the 8 year old and I would probably command (or attempt to overwrite the command) the soldier to ignore the minister’s order and help her.

  9. @whisper are you a complete imbecile? Since when was there a mention that she had cheat abilities that would enable her to kill people by the dozen? The only thing she has is a barier that protects her from any harm directed at her. If she had such things as cheat, you think she would’ve been confined in a room against her will? Use your brain, you f*cking moron.

    And why would she sympathize with people from that world? Peace? Give me a break, since when was there peace in a place where 8 year old children are severely punished for dropping a large tray of food?

  10. I’m still angry at what they did to her and I agree that their world isn’t actually “peaceful” if their reaction to an accident is that but I am kind of pissed at the protagonist too. I mean, I understand that she’s mad but her reaction to what just happened is pretty sociopathic. Scratch that, I think she is a sociopath.

  11. dear TL i know your dilemma after reading ch 2 but really i still love the MC though, i guess i’ll choose her side whatever she will do in the future.

    thanks for the chapter

  12. Unless it’s revealed that the 8 year old girl situation was a trap to get her to accept her role, then the MC is an unsympathetic piece of sh*t. Fine, be pissed off at the people who kidnapped you, but don’t take it out on a little child who’s in the same boat as you!

    Also, if there IS a twist, I expect it to be this: mentally or verbally accepting the role of Guardian will cause the curse they put on the MC (from the last chapter) to kick in. The 8 year old girl was just sent there to tug on the MC’s heartstrings and manipulate her into trying to use her role to stop the girl’s punishment. By doing so, she’d have accepted it. It would also explain why the maid from before was so stubborn about calling her Guardian and wouldn’t call the MC by her name — she was trying to ease her into it.

    Who knows? Guess we’ll see.

  13. Well, gonna keep reading this story for now. I dont really mind the mc being angry and all that, but if the little girl is seriously going to be punished HARSHLY, then i might just have to stop following this right now.

    Then again. i can understand why the mc is being the way she is; in fact, she has stated it before. She does not care about this world nor its PEOPLE, thus it is obvious that even if it is a little child, she wouldn’t really care. Is this sociopathic? i am not so sure, and i dont really think so either, but i do believe she has something wrong with her head.

  14. Honestly I would’ve acted very similar to her as well but if they were to fight me head on I’ll simply agree and burn the world myself when I get the chance. She is literally branded in the first chapter and everybody thinks that she would simply say “oh yes I would love to serve this god that I do not worship and do not know a teeny amount of information of besides you guys saying oh he brings peace.”
    It’s exactly as the MC originally said. She had a nice and peaceful life back where she originally is from. In exchange you hope for her to simply fight for people she doesn’t even know. And isn’t she still in school it is understandable for a teenager or child to throw such tantrum in such an unreasonable situation.

  15. Well, the girl didn’t really do anything to her, she just accidentally dropped her tray(that she was struggling with in the first place) so there’s nothing to forgive. Erin could’ve put it on a table or sumthing, I dunno.

    I feel Kaya tho. When I get mad, I stubbornly stick to my “principles”. You know, actions consistent with my madness.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

  16. I like how everyone forgot that these people tortured/branded her less than a chapter ago. That way past the point where you should be pretending to be civil.

    1. Nobody cares about the country’s people lol, it’s the way the MC just watches the girl’s misfortune that tips the MC into asshole territory. She could easily save the girl (who’s done nothing wrong so far and is very sympathetic) but she doesn’t give a damn and won’t even do that.

      The girl’s scream cutting off and the guard’s overreaction also implies that (a) the little girl is close to him and (b) she’s either going to meet or has already met some horrible fate, maybe even death.

      The MC doesn’t OWE anyone anything, but that doesn’t stop her being a dick. It’s human decency to DO something when something as small as a sentence can rescue someone. Instead she just watches and doesn’t give a sh*t. It would be one thing if she showed suspicion in her head (and thought they were all acting to trick her), but she doesn’t do that, which means one of two things:

      1. She’s a horrible, selfish person who won’t lift a finger for anyone else.

      2. She DOES suspect she’s being tricked but the author hasn’t shown. This is just very bad writing on the part of the author.

      Naturally, the biggest douchebags are the people from the country she’s been summoned to, but why should anyone care about her predicament when she behaves just as selfishly?

      1. The author made it pretty damn obvious the little girl thing is a trick when she asked the guard why he couldn’t help the girl and he responded that he explicitly was forbidden from doing so. It’s pretty damn obvious to the mc after 5 seconds that it’s a trick. It seems alot like people are getting really mad about her not falling for an obvious manipulation tactic.
        Magic/branding is also involved so it’s also possible that if she says the wrong thing it would be counted as acceptance via magical contract.If she used the authority as guardian.
        It’s a lose/lose situation for her with any response to what’s being done so which leaves her with a nice little list of pro’s cons to decide what side she’d pick.

        Saving the girl:
        Little girl lives
        requires acknowledging the obligation forced upon you by your kidnappers and torturers
        It’s a blatant trick that you don’t know the ramifications of.
        Sets precedent for ways to manipulate you.

        Ignoring the girl:
        Fuck those people that tortured me
        Fuck those people that kidnapped me
        Fuck those people that imprison me refuse to let me free.
        Mean’s I’m not falling for an obvious manipulation with unknown and possibly disastrous consequences.
        No precedent established for manipulating you.
        You are not actually responsible for her death as THEY are the ones doing that when you never requested anything other than being allowed to go home.
        Little girl gonna die but since you had nothing to do with it and it was an obvious trick it’s counterbalanced by the relevant portions on the pro column.

        I think it’s pretty obvious what the “better” decision to make in this situation is.
        Her (in)actions are extremely harsh but at the same time they aren’t unfair. She’s malicious ( in a dictionary definition thanks to the foul mood they’re putting her in) while not actually doing anything malicious.

        1. Read my comment properly. Like I said, it makes sense if she’s worried about falling victim to a trap, but let’s not tell lies here: it’s a big joke to say that the author has made this “pretty damn obvious”.

          POV-wise, we’re deep in the MC’s head and so we’re experiencing her thoughts in real time. If important thoughts aren’t included, it’s common sense (and not the reader’s fault) to assume that these thoughts have not crossed the MC’s mind. If they have and the author hasn’t mentioned them, that’s just BAD WRITING. Which is why I said that either MC is a bitch or the author has written this scene badly.

          The author should have hinted more clearly that the MC smells something fishy OR should have used a POV in which it makes sense to suddenly hide crucial thoughts from the reader out of the blue.

          1. You not noticing what’ going on isn’t bad writing. it’s you failing to grasp what’s going on.
            The entire point of the conversation between her and the guard was her noticing what was happening. She questioned why the guard wasn’t helping the girl. After the guard responded that he was ordered not to she asked if the (clearly too) heavy plate was ordered by the same person. She was told yes. After her suspicions were confirmed she immediately mentioned his disgusting and abominable it was that they were doing this. She knew exactly what they were doing.

          2. “You not noticing what’ going on isn’t bad writing. it’s you failing to grasp what’s going on.”

            Dafuq?? How can I “not notice” a possibility when I BLATANTLY mentioned it in my comments…?

            As I said, if she’s suspected something, THEN it’s bad writing, because the author didn’t hint at it properly. Otherwise she’s just a shitty person.

            Back to my “bad writing” point: I’ve explained why (on the condition she’s suspicious) her thoughts are handled badly and if you want to ignore something so blatant then that’s your prerogative. We see her reasoning stated clearly during the interaction more than once:

            “I tilted my head. I can’t understand this girl’s words. I can’t understand the previous maid’s words either but it was because she was praising her god and talking about wonderful things if I serve her god, but this girl is a bit different.”

            Does she mention or hint at being suspicious? No. Her thoughts tell use she’s confused about what’s going on.

            “Besides, even if I go the God shouldn’t have gone anywhere After all, I just arrived here so there shouldn’t be a need for the guardian job up until now. Because I hadn’t stay in this world before, there might be a chance that I wasn’t needed anymore. It’s your world so you have to do something about it yourself. If you can’t do anything then shut up and accept your fate. Don’t bother other people.”

            Does she mention or hint at being suspicious? STILL NO. She doesn’t want them to involve her.

            This goes on.

            We are in her head. We understand what she’s thinking through her thoughts and words. There is no mention of any suspicion of the girl’s actions being a trap for her. The only reason the reader picks up on anything is because her behaviour is so comically standoffish that it’s NOT BELIEVABLE.

            You start thinking, “Why is she being so stubborn? Has it got to do with the curse that was used at the end of the last chapter, which hasn’t been mentioned again? Is it affecting her, or has she noticed something?”

            That’s where your defense come from.

            But it’s still BAD WRITING, not because it’s wrong for the author to conceal things from the reader, but because the author has chosen to tell the story through the MC’s perspective. We have access to her thoughts… and the author messes up because we see her EXPLICITLY thinking one thing and then suddenly reacting in a way that’s completely disproportionate to her thoughts, creating a bizarre disconnect.

            That’s BAD WRITING. I don’t see how you can’t understand this. It’s like a character thinking “Oh, I like Jake! He’s my favourite person!” and then angrily punching Jake in the face. There might be more to it, sure, /but it wasn’t handled well/. Even with the curse being shown in Chapter 1, there’s no point where the MC ever expresses having noticed them trying to trick her (we’re in her head the whole time. If an important thought isn’t mentioned, it’s common sense to trust that it SHE DIDN’T THINK IT).

            I’m not expecting this story to be a masterpiece (it’s a web novel and probably written for the love of it) but I find it amusing that you’re so determined to argue against this point. I did not say the story itself was terrible (although I personally dislike how it’s progressing AT THIS POINT), but this has been handled badly.

  17. For all the people who are complaining about the mc, this obviously doesn’t seem like a novel where the mc is going to blush and fullfill all the requests given to her.For one, if you suddenly went to another world and were asked to save the world or something, you would probably pay less attention to that than thinking of your family. And its not like she doomed the little girl.The soldiers arent punishing her on mcs request,nor does she know the laws of the world.And the soldier after that *was* trying to harm her. Considering shes been cursed,and we dont know the curse yet, I’m pretty sure that fact that she’s just indifferent and not trying to hurt anyone is a miracle.

  18. Its pretty obvious that the minister is trying to set her up somehow with that child, possibly trying to force an emotional attachment onto someone of their world. It makes no sense to put an obviously untrained child into such an important role. And the guard seemed to have been forbidden from helping the child too, its all one big honey trap. And why does she have to forgive anyone, she clearly never blamed anyone for anything that happened with the food spill. She’s only been asking 2 things, to be sent back home, and not to be called the guardian, and neither have been fulfilled. Not only that, they just talk circles around her, besides the script everyone basically recites to her verbatim about the god and her role, she doesn’t seem to be able to get anything else out of anyone. Truthfully, I’d be hella suspicious about anything happening, she knows they can’t physically hurt her and she’s been placed in an important role and the country needs her to fill her role, i wouldn’t even question the use of mind control or other magics in such a world being used on her. I probably wouldn’t move for anything unless something outlandish were happening in front of me. Like if the guards were just going up and execute the child right in front of her, even in her place, I’d probably interfere, but as it stands now, i don’t fault her for her inaction.

  19. starting to love this novel..
    if their so called “god” is so “kind” and bring “peace” then wtf with that treatment and attitude.. of course anyone would be pissed.. besides if it’s really a “god” then why it need protection.. what a messed up world..

  20. The little girl asked the Guardian to forgive her. Keyword: Guardian. MC doesn’t see herself as the guardian and therefore is not the person the girl asked to forgove her. A bit cold on MC’s part, but she’s still seriously pissed of having that role shoved down her throat.

  21. I like this novel. It’s not the typical one more realistic reaction to being or attempted manipulation by the local government. The fact that they have a child laborer means that the literacy rate is low and has a ruling class. She will definitely be treated like a pawn but showered with fancy titles like the “Guardian” and etc. Or worst be the symbol of power that the ruling class will brandish to keep the people in line.

  22. Did they think that just because they said so she’s gonna accept that with a positive attitude. They basically just stole her life….Man that’s wrong dude.

  23. Peace?? They want peace after kidnapping a complete stranger and forcing that same stranger to be a meat shield for an unknown god?? They should have picked someone in their world. For all they know, they could have summoned an unstable killer.

  24. I like that the MC is not easily manipulated. Most Isekai Mc’s would have falled for this trick “Some person will be punished in obivious ploy to slave me, so i will turn in a slave for lifetime…

  25. She continues being stupid, I would love to ask her “If you were kidnapped by ISIS would your ass be this uppity” I no for certain she would be pissing and shitting herself, unless shes already made peace with her maker, because its be useful or be an example for others, with your headless corpse on display.

    I mean seriously use ya fucking brain, sure youve been lucky that they havent raped, tortured or cursed your dumb ass into compliance yet, bitch I understand your woes, I get that you want to skewer them all for the harm done to you, but surely you can see that it could be a whole lot fucking worse.

    Use your brain bitch, investigate, secure knowledge stop being an ignorant dimwit that hasnt a clue how to fucking survive.

    To the Translator, Id like to link another story that has very slow updates its similar to this but the MC isnt a fucking retard.

    This mc is in a similar situation, but unlike this self entitled bitch has no protection from any aggression directed towards her, she has to cow tow, keep her mouth shut or incur the wrath of those around her, she gets the ass end of the stick and tries to make of it what she can.

    Please read it maybe you might like it.

  26. I actually don’t hate the Mc for getting the girl punished. It’s still day one, and she’s still beyond pissed. Her bother was just returning and she was taken away from a family dinner she was looking forward to just to get placed in a shtihole. And on top of that, the minister is trying to woo her over by gaining sympathy by sending a little girl to serve her heavy tray of food.
    How old is the Mc anyways? A teenager right? You think a normal teenager would actually think up of something like, let’s infiltrate and gain knowledge first? “Oh I totally would,” well this teenager isn’t you.
    I don’t blame anyone for behaving this way including the minister. Their whole life, or probably recently they’ve been told the guardian is going to protect the peace and their God. They hold this holy expectation of her. for whoever started the Guardian of the Dawn legend, Unlucky for them they didn’t get the average Mc trope who just goes along with ride. Or a is someone who wants to do good for strangers and got a person who holds real value to the pervious World instead.
    The soilder is doing his duty, and loyal to his boss. He also seems to have this false expectations towards the Mc. Seeing how this supposedly Great guardian not showing mercy or justice for the child just tickled his toes and made him attack.
    The minister is a bit dirter but he wants to persevere peace in his world, so he has to do whatever he can to get her over to his side. So I don’t blame him for whatever tricks he tries to use.
    And the little girl, oh poor sap. She was scared shitless about the punishment and forgot to call the pissed off teenager her name. She was an unfortunate case, and may cause the MC to reflect later.

    I like all the characters so far. They show pretty realist reactions.

  27. I think her reactions are pretty normal. It can piss you off that she is not thinking of a way to punish them, or to return, but please look at the situation. She got abducted amd confined. To go against everything “they” want her to do is normal. She is not inteligent but i doubt she is a psychopath, because the 8 years old girl seemed from the first moment on, as a tool to make her do “their” bidding. If the small girl gets punished, it is the fault of the one who punishes her and not the mc fault. and what is with this guard? Trying to kill her while others do the punishment? Everyone who agrees with him should think about it some more time. She is not there because she want to, another person does make the small girl make carry food she is not capable of carrying, and is about to punish her for not being able to, and he serves right this person, is maybe a loyal guardsmen, but tryes to kill the uninvolved? Also this is a stress situation. I will wait to judge her personality until i have seen how she is in other situations, but until now she seems a bit bitchy, even through everything she says is reasonable.

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