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Easter holiday is almost over so I’m changing my daily schedule into weekly schedule.

Even with that speed, I think I can finish all of YTIF chapters by the end of May (11 chapters) so I need another novel to MTL

Please suggest me any WN you like. I prefer dropped novels so I can help people who are left hanging by the translator but any WN is fine.

The genre that I like is fantasy and I absolutely loathe the harem tag. I don’t mind the harem but usually the MC is a stupid dense naive overpowered idiot with nothing to do.

OP MC is okay.
idiot MC is funny to read.
harem is great. (The best kind of porn)
But I think they are the worst combination for fantasy genre.

No LN please unless you can help me pirate the RAW.


Please put them in the suggestion box on the top menu.

Thanks.. I love you all

About Update Page

9 thoughts on “previous update”

    1. Thanks for suggesting but please put the suggestion on the “suggestion box” page. I made it for that reason anyway.

      No need to repost it there, I will add them immediately.

      Thanks for the warning on Goblin Slayer. I almost picked it up without thinking XD

      Once again, thank you for suggesting.

      1. its one of the best series …the opening is also an excellent one
        try watching it and if it inspires you…try giving a. translation of the next arc where the anime has ended

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