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Recently, I was reading my old chapters looking for grammatical mistakes and I found that the “next post” button is a bit… wrong…

I mean, people are reading ToK chapter 62 and they are expecting ToK chapter 63 at the bottom of the page (well of course!). Instead, they get the YTIF chapter 1. Why do I want to read YTIF after Tower of Karma chapter 62?? Give me chapter 63!!

So I decided that I need to move from free wordpress hosting to another free hosting. The one that actually ALLOWS me to alter the php code and add plugins.

So here’s the question:

  • Do you guys know any good free hosting service that allow me to install wordpress and access cpanel?
    • Why? because I don’t want to add previous post, next post, and ToC button on every post manually. (And maybe install ads)
    • I just want to install wordpress, put some plugins, and access cpanel but it should be able to handle the traffic.
  • Is it ethical if I put a little ads on my site?
    • I mean “Of course I am allowed to do that. It’s my own site” but the question is “Is it ethical?”. I don’t want you guys to be disturbed by a sudden trivago promo.

If you have anything to say please say it on the comment section below. I read every comment even if I don’t reply to each of them.

If you say “NO ADS” then I will respect your opinion and won’t put ads EVER (gouge my eyes and cross my heart) but I really need a good free hosting so I can access cpanel and add plugins (especially google analytics)


Once again, thank you…

About Update Page
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