YTIF 5. Really can’t Handle Ikemen

YTIF 4. My Head Gets Cold as My Anger Goes By
YTIF 5 REVISED. Really Can't Handle Ikemen


I took some liberty here and there because I was late in my schedule and real life was calling. I need to finish my internship report so I can graduate and I can’t seem to find inspiration for my final thesis. I wonder if I can graduate this year…

My mother might fry me into a literal mayonnaise shrimp. She will put me on a fancy plate with some garnish and lemon slices.


PS: No translation next week because I will be busy. I will try to translate in my free time but no promises.

“Handsome people only”

“I’ll forgive him because he’s so handsome”

I think those phrases are becoming quite familiar in recent SNS. Overall, I think it’s true.

However, it can’t be applied to everything in this world.


If you narrow it down to individual level, there are people who can’t handle ikemens.

But there’s also a saying “The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.”

After all, it is said that it may not be good if you are too handsome or too ugly.


According to the maids, Along the way in this mountain which this place was built was divided into several areas along the palace. First there are inner and outer court, and it seems the location where I was staying was in the inner court. A few inner part of the inner court was called the temple.

The Scarlet Palace, the resident area of Tenshi, is next to the area where I stayed. I know this place is big but still this place is really humongous.

“The place where Guardian-sama was staying is called Temple of the Dawn. It is a temple for Guardian of Scarlet Dawn to live and it’s located in the deepest part along with the Scarlet Palace.”

Even when no one is asking, a maid kept spouting some unbelievable info. Thank you for your hard work (TL: this is sarcasm). I ignored her with a frightening mood.


Those old men didn’t seem to noticed or care about the maid and kept walking. The representative granpa, the one I remember the most from my summoning day, start explaining about the world and the Guardian. That old man seems to have exceptional treatment even among the other old men.

A damn jiji. (TL: granpa)

As soon as I call him that in my mind, that granpa turned back and startled me. Oy! Old people don’t move creepily like that.

“We arrived, Guardian-sama. Tenshi’s throne, the place between hekishou de gozaimasu”

Plaster painted walls are lined up in a corridor with a huge red door on the end. The door was carved with flowers similar to lotus and flowing water was painted on the ceiling, which is unnecessarily large.


When I murmured, the maid next to me whispers “clear blue sky”.

O…kay? Of course I ignored her. I don’t dislike this maid but I was hateful enough that I don’t want to speak to this world’s inhabitant.

Even so, this world’s sky is not even that red, so why it’s called ‘Scarlet’? Tenshi lives in this palace and the one guarding him is the Guardian of Scarlet Dawn. All of the maid’s clothes are close to red crimson, the clothes that I wore were red too. Only my coat was white.

“Now please…” (TL: Saa, Dozo)

The representative jiji invites me. Meanwhile, the other jiji got in between the throne door. The maids stopped and lowered their heads towards me. Apparently they were not allowed to get inside. I wonder why they came in the first place.

I drag my own legs against my will and follow the damn jiji into the room. I gritted my teeth and try to be calm to face Tenshi. If it keeps going like this, it will make a bad encounter.

The corridor was rather a large room, maybe as large as a high school gym. It has the same atmosphere as the ancient greek temple like the ones I saw in the books, because white stone pillars are lined up in the room. A crimson carpet was drawn at the feet and thin cloth dyed in reddish purple was hung in between pillars.

There was a space where cushions were piled up and several animal’s furs spread around in the middle of the room. Several men and women were found sitting and standing there.

“Tenshi-sama, the Guardian of Scarlet Dawn has arrived”

The representative jiji speaks to the group but there was no reply.  A random old man thrust his hand and pushed me forward.

Wha? Why the hell did you pushed me? What the hell? I wish I could say that but I can’t really do anything about it. Why do I get treated like this? This is a really shitty situation.

Although frustrated, I glare at the cushions with my eyes narrowed. There were beautiful women sitting on the fur and a man alone in the center. He’s obviously the Tenshi.

He had a straight red hair like a woman and surrounded by women with black hair. The color of his eyes was gold. And… Is his face a CGI? It was so beautiful that I can’t believe it

(TL: CGI – computer generated image like those filthy marvel movies. Marvel will always remain filthy in my heart as long as they don’t kill spiderman in Civil War LIKE THE WAY THEY SHOULD)

He looked at me rudely and slowly opened his mouth

“Are you the Guardian of Scarlet Dawn?” (TL: He used Omae instead of Kimi)


“I heard that you are running rampant. Aren’t you an adult? Aren’t you? You are the Guardian of Scarlet Dawn. Now answer me”


I’m not such an easy woman that can be baite-


(Oy no way. Nope. No way. Hell no. Not an ikemen. Nope. Nonono…)

– I ran into the closest stone pillar and leaned against it. I threw up because of nausea and my chest hurt badly. I threw up with *zuruzuru* while squatting down as if hitting the stone pillar.

Because when I looked at the super-classy handsome guy, my nausea was even more severe than usual. That’s why I took the chance and speak slowly while observing him from top to bottom.

It feels disgusting. I feel the anguish in my chest doubled.

I’m weak to be called by an ikemen with a beautiful genderless face that seems so sexy and mature.

Just looking at his face makes me feel worse. I hold my stomach and resist the nausea. Furthermore the more he smug the worse my nausea be.

However, in reality such a beautiful person rarely seen and most of them have a ‘cute’ like face. Usually meeting a person with prideful attitude like this is rare.

It’s the first time I seriously got sick like this. It’s to a degree where I got goosebumps all over my body. I remembered reading an SNS article about ikemen.

(TL: Omitted until I can figure out the translation あれは一種の修飾でしかないが、私にとってはイケメンはイケメンであればあるだけ文字通りクソみたいな存在なのだ。)


I can hear a cranky voice of a man who seem to be Tenshi from my back but I can’t really tell. I felt worse every second. Someone bring me a plastic bag…

It may be great if there’s some kind of mental preparation, but it’s really hard to see a top-notch handsome ikemen without any prior information. It’s surprising like someone beside you suddenly vomited on a moving train.

“…. Oi Arzack. Explain yourself!”

“N-no sir… I’m confused myself…”

“I know we called a strange woman from the Blue World, even if I forgave you from suddenly summoning Guardian. What’s this? Not beautiful. rude manner. She doesn’t even look like an adult. More like a child”

While I was suffering from headache and nausea, Tenshi was beginning to blame the old man. Good job. But before that, give me a plastic bag.

I cleared my throat a few times and finally the nausea started to settle. I pressed my cheeks against the pillar, hoping for a refreshing feeling of the coldness. I quietly tried to restore my physical strength while listening the interaction behind me.

“However, she’s still qualified as the Guardian of Scarlet Dawn”

The damn jiji was trying to gain me some appeal. Speaking from here, it’s seems he didn’t know why I was chosen.

It won’t be wrong unless he had chosen an appropriate one. Then why bother choosing me and force such a role to me? Are you still trying to force that job to me? Just choose someone else from this world, alright?

“Fuun.. Protect the loyalty to Tenshi? Don’t be an idiot”

Tenshi smirked. Oh, I don’t really care about this ‘loyalty’ he speaks of but I agree with him.

“… Then, would you return me to my world?”

I said that with weak voice from nausea.




TL: I don’t know why she suddenly puking like that. Can someone please enlighten me so I can fix this chapter? I will find a time to fix this chapter if I could

Special thanks:

  • helping me understand why she’s keep puking (This is important)
    • GM_Rusaku
    • MrsNyan
    • Anon
    • MC is a Real Human Being
    • F_J
  • Helping me translating
YTIF 4. My Head Gets Cold as My Anger Goes By
YTIF 5 REVISED. Really Can't Handle Ikemen

29 thoughts on “YTIF 5. Really can’t Handle Ikemen”

    1. Ah, now I know why she puked! Dammit, why didn’t I realized she was a comrade at arms! We hate Ikemen! Ikemen disgust us! And some extreme ones are so disgust with Ikemens that they literary puke when seeing one akin to like seeing a rotting streetrat with maggots wiggling inside the body.

      1. Right? Right!? There ARE ikemen that are so handsome that it is simply repulsive (=A=) 😂

        Though it’s my first time reading about such an extreme reaction as vomiting, I will just accept it as an exaggerated way of expressing ones emotions.

        Like people who faint/vomit at the sight of a blood drop, shriek at being ‘too close’ to a drainage, hyperventilate/cry at the mere thought of an insect being in the same room, etc. 😂

      2. This is how I feel about male protagonists with harems because they wanted it 😀
        OR male protagonists that openly have romantic relationships with multiple women 😀
        (*cough cough* Re:Monster *cough cough* he deserved to get killed by that yandere in the beginning *cough cough* DIE!! *cough cough*)

  1. Good luck with your thesis! Take your time. And thank you for the chapter!

    Stress and anxiety. She didn’t eat much either.

  2. thanks for the update

    my opinion hasnt changed

    If I was in MC’s place, I would keep refusing till just return me to Earth or kick me out and search for myself how return

    Even if some people would wish to kill her, she has turned to much known person, so directly killing her, it would can create internal divisions

    And if the self proclaimed god refuse to return the MC even seeing that she won’t cooperate or he is being evessive in this theme, it has to be one of the following
    a. He’s a dork that refuse recognize his mistake, for pure whim/pride. In this case he might order to kill her in the future
    b. He’s trying to conceal that he is unable to return the MC to Earth. In this case it exist the chance that they explain all to her and let her go once they’ve finished to conceal their asses

    In both cases, the most probable is retain her till create a situation that force the MC to accept the guardian position

    1. If I was the MC and they told me there is no way home:
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      2) In the morning, I would grab the face/chin of someone with high status 🙂
      3) Next I would burn the face of whoever I grasped 😀
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      5) Finally burn everything in sight before they can retaliate!!! Bwahahahaha!!!

      1. “5) Finally burn everything in sight before they can retaliate!!!”

        They can’t retaliate? Not with anything lethal because of her powers…. though they could knock her out or catch her and throw her into prison or something like that… or maybe that god could remove her powers?

    1. No romance though…

      Please be for the violent reasons. Would rather this MC not get forced into “consoling”. She is interesting.

  3. She’s puking because it’s like looking at a Cullen and realizing you’re doomed to spend a eternity with him.

  4. Looks normal to me. I often throw up when an ikemen suddenly appears in a manga, or some good looking guy acting like prince charming. Makes easier to diet.
    Speaking of which, there goes the cake…

  5. From what understood, she started puking after seeing his ikemen face. She’s probably allergic to handsome arrogant people.

    Many thanks and good luck with all your work.

  6. Maybe it’s some version of the Uncanny Valley effect… He’s so beautiful, that he literally looks inhuman? Like a really pretty Cthulhu? 😓

  7. Kill Spider-man? That’s nigh impossible in the comics as it is and you expect attempts to work in the movies where he’s stronger than most of the Avengers combined?

    It’s interesting that they keep trying to force/trick her to actually saying that she’s the guardian and she considers it baiting so my theory about her being magically bound by the words if she acknowledges it verbally is getting a little more evidence. Literally the first thing the Tenshi attempts to do is make her say she is via asking her when her had her title announced for him with whatever fanfare they use when she’s probably the only female in the group while being dressed up ceremonially. That’s like the Sultan asking Aladdin if he’s Prince Ali as soon as the song is finished.

    The mass amount of stress and lack of nutrition since she wants nothing to do with these people is clearly affecting her body really fast. Can she even properly digest the food there? It’s another planet so she might not even have the proper gut bacteria for digestion and that’s assuming they are enacting proper hygiene and food preparation by our standards.

    She’s probably just nervous in the same way some guys get nervous/butterflies when around a beautiful woman which i can only assume is a thousand times worse for the Japanese. All of the stress just amplified things to the point where she’d immediately vomit instead of feeling woozy.
    Tenshi is also an entitled jackass. He takes one look at her and can see she’s a child but is going around judging her based on looks while being ok with her being kidnapped?
    Who would even want to fulfill the role of guarding him after seeing this guy and noticing that he clearly just lounges around having orgies all day while the guardian gets shoved into all the work?

    1. I really like that bait idea, seen it in other comments (I think) but you explained it best. Guessing there is some slave magic or something similar bound by accepting that Guardian role

  8. Honestly I believe she made a bad move… first move should always be gather Intel, she was apparently cursed when she was summoned…so that can be the reason of the whole nausea n puking sinerio.

    Secondly she’s accumulating grudges… got two people killed. Karma’s gona get even plus it’s like a foreshadowing event.

    Lastly they won’t kill spiderman, I mean send him to a coma/make him physically disabled/ vegetablize him sure… kill him, I don’t think so

    1. she hasn’t killed anyone. Rather she just didn’t get involved, They went and sent a little girl that they knew couldn’t handle the job to try to figure the mc out. They fully intended to punish the child from the start, just look at how fast the guards burst in after she dropped the tray lol.

      Also from what i’ve read she has been kidnapped, attacked multiple times, forced to play in their little mind games, and has starved herself for most of the previous day and night. On top of that she was made to look at an overly handsome/arrogant man without warning! Almost anyone would vomit due to the stress. Our mc’s definitely going to get ulcers at this rate.

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