YTIF 6. Anything You Said is Not Important

My thesis is not going so well but my report is going quite smoothly. That being said, the me who translating this chapter right now is trying to procrastinate.

I made a paypal, patreon, and adfly page so please be kind enough to open any of them and so I can afford to print my internship report. The printing price is godly. Each copy of my report can feed me for 3 days.

YTIF 5 REVISED. Really Can't Handle Ikemen
YTIF 7. I Want to Go Home


My thesis is not going so well but my report is going quite smoothly. That being said, the me who translating this chapter right now is trying to procrastinate.

I made a paypal, patreon, and adfly page so please be kind enough to open any of them and so I can afford to print my internship report. The printing price is godly. Each copy of my report can feed me for 3 days.


Tenshi’s sharp tone was flying at me. I rubbed my pained stomach and turned around so I can’t look at his face.

Even if I don’t look at him, his ikemen’s aura is just as bad. Just as I expected, I can feel his presence from anywhere. No matter how much I turn my eyes, it feels like he’s right in front of my eyes.

What kind of torture is this? I can’t even defend from it. I can’t even bear the disgust anymore. If it’s the level of celebrity you see on TV, you can still endure it. But this is CG level of beauty!!

“Dakara, please return me to my original world. I don’t like it either, suddenly brought like this without being told anything and forced a role that I don’t want to take”

The woman around Tenshi, well… they seemed to be angered by my voice. Oy, I’m the one who’s angry! It’s difficult to say, but your faces are not helping my nausea.

Those old men couldn’t believe the words I said. Sorry, but I haven’t changed my words even until now. So why do you look so surprised?

“Hoo? Do you want to return to the Blue World?”

“Isn’t that obvious? Why do you think I would choose a world without my family and friends?”

(TL: And toothbrushes. Don’t forget the toothbrushes”)

Tenshi started to laugh with a voice like scraping the ground.

It’s an annoying laugh. I can hear my anger flopped.

“Rather than family and friends, serving me should be more worthwhile, is it not?”

Aaa… this is useless. I just can’t understand it anymore.

After hearing his sentence, I just don’t want to understand him anymore.

What the hell are you laughing at?

From those women’s around Tenshi, I can understand that they think every single one of Tenshi’s word is correct. That is surely the ‘common sense’ here.

“No. For you, it might be so. But I don’t want to”

Taking the story up until now, everything is really unpredictable. I felt like I was repeating the same word to an moody alien. My stress value is reaching more than my anger. My stomach began to hurt again.

“It seems that you are different”

“Ha? Of course I will be different”

“Why is that?”

On the other hand, Tenshi began to ask me a weird question. What’s so funny about it? I really don’t understand. I don’t want to understand.

Seriously? You really don’t know why I want to return? Are you seriously don’t know that?

“………………………………………….. Tenshi’s job. It’s to maintain this Scarlet World, is it not?”

After a long silence, those words are finally came out of my mouth.

It seems that I was consuming energy in an amazing rate. I felt more tired than when I was taking the high school entrance interview exam.

“…. … Oh, yes. Yes, that’s right, because you are from the Blue World, I think that something is wrong and that Scarlet World can do something. That is what I believe.”

(TL: I asked around and none of my anime enthusiast friends can help me with this line. The RAW is : 「……ああ、そうだな。ふん、そうか。お前は蒼海の世の者であるから、私がどうにかなり、紅の世がどうにかなっても良いと、そう考えているのだな」)

Ugh.. It’s useless to talk anymore. He talks about it so easily. He just talks like that and laugh without realizing what’s wrong.

I don’t even have any motivation to be angry anymore.

I don’t understand why he laughs, and I understand that I will not understand why he laughs, even if someone explains it to me.

To be honest, I don’t know what should I do to return to my own world. My common sense is didn’t match this world’s common sense at all and I have noticed that they don’t realize the difference too.

If it’s different from the start, then there’s no meaning even if you get angry to every single one of them.

“…………….. You ungrateful kid!!”

I was surprised at first because a woman sitting beside Tenshi was suddenly screaming like that.


what is this woman talking about? I pretty much understand that I was being called ungrateful, and then anger began to boil down at the bottom of my gut.

“I don’t think you understand the situation. Aren’t you the one who forcibly brought me to this world?”

“Sorya, of course I’m feeling a bit of sympathy for being separated from your family, but shouldn’t you just abandon them for the sake of people in this Scarlet World? ”

what? What do you mean by ‘abandon’?!? Seriously this baba!

“…… Anything you said is not important”

My eyes turned red because of anger. Right now I’m seriously angry.

“Well, I know mutual respect is important in society, but what you are asking from me is a help, is it not? To me, whose life was taken forcibly, this is a very unreasonable demand.

Yesterday I told the same thing to your servants. I am NOT a slave! I want to decide how I want to live properly by myself and I decided that my families and friends are important. That’s why, if I threw those people away and became a member of this damn world, it will be a betrayal for those people.

But that’s something you will never understand, right?”

“That’s right. Why should I care about your circumstances?”

“I guess so. Then, I don’t care about every single one of you. I don’t know if this world will disappear if I returned to my world, I don’t care about it. If you telling me to give my life to you, then I tell to disappear and so I CAN RETURN TO MY WORLD.”

I think I squeezed out all of my voice. I was too angry so I lost my own control. Even when talking, I can feel every single bit of my feeling gushing out. My hands were trembling and my fingers clenched shut. This is the worst. My head hurts. My teeth grind against each other and made *gachigachi* sounds.

There was a moment of silence in the room but someone said.

“Wonderful. You are suitable as The Guardian of Scarlet Dawn.”

Something beeps behind my ear.


When I woke up, I was on the bed in the room assigned to me. With a worrisome expression, a maid was standing near a morning stands. My heads hurts badly. It’s a dull pain like when you spinning too much.

“Guardian-sama, have you awoken?”

“…….. nn?”

I fell down on the pillow to wipe off my forehead for a while and raised a groaned voice in response to the maid. The maid rocked my shoulder gently and passed me a glass of cold water. I received it with a blurry mind and swallowed a couple of gulps. I can recognize some sweet and refreshing citrus flavor like mandarin orange.

“Although is is said that you blacked out in the presence of Tenshi-sama… how do you feel?”


“Is it hurt in any place? Shall I call a healer?”

“…..… j-just go away…”

It doesn’t make any sense. Why did my head hurt so much? Is something wrong?

I could feel the maid leaving the bed. I have no energy to fuss about it. I pulled a thing like a thick blanket and wrapped it around me like an insect.

Only the futon didn’t change. I suddenly felt melancholic.

(Why did this happened to me?)

I had that thought so many times already but I was not angry. It was my first time to be this sad.

I was sad because somewhere in my mind, I thought that I might not be able to return to my world

Looking at my students writing a story for a school project makes me want to write my own story. I am thinking a story about enslaved hero trying to find a loophole in his/her enslavement crest and get revenge to the ruling king. No harem and no filler.

I might even write it in 2 languages (English and Indonesia) just so I can put them in novelupdates. Technically it’s not against the rules because Indonesia is my mother tongue and I’m translating from asian language to English.

OR I CAN SCRAP THAT THOUGHT and focus on translating instead. I might lost interest midway and the idea of [not finishing a story] doesn’t sit well with me.

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YTIF 5 REVISED. Really Can't Handle Ikemen
YTIF 7. I Want to Go Home

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    1. If Tenshi really rule everything in that world, He might hold her soul and transfer it to another body. Personally, I wouldn’t like it if my soul were hold and put into another object like… spoon?

      Gave me an idea of another WN “The reincarnated MC is the strongest spoon!!!”

  2. Thanks for the update

    And I’m completely convinced

    Either this God is idiot and deaf
    Or He’s doing all of this to hid that he’s unable to return her to Earth

    Anyway, if I was in MC’s I’ll keep refusing till either just kill me, return me or let me go

    In case that you’re planning to create a similar story, the most rational route with the current setting would be that once seen that MC neither obey and can’t return to Earth, just let him/her go, and depending of the god want to give a litle help or not, he give to the character some magic item o gift for protection against rancorous people.

    The problem in both cases would be if for do a new summoning the previous summoned has to die

    The stories that I know similar to your setting would be

      1. They are just slighly similar to your suggested key points so don’t take to much seriosly

        Others slighly similar would be

        Or the originally done for Clesesia
        I Became Vampire girl when dead in another world

        They are specially similar in the matter that the hero’s summoning isn’t so great as the hypocrital nobels and kings think, and then try to kill the characters, to cover up their mistakes and/or try to use them like weapons

        Pd: I would like your opinion about my comment about god above this message, and about the returned’s concern below

  3. I ASK YOUR OPINON PLEASE, about my following comments

    Although some people is tired of MC’s attitude, in my opinion this is one of the most rational people that I’ve ever seen in a webnovel

    Almost all the earthling MC are otakus that accept these fantastical and magical worlds without problem
    With the directly summoned people we have half-half, either for be declared impossible return or not interested

    But in reincarnated or some type of transmigration, body swap or transformation body, almost never they ever try (just found 2 in japanese webnovels)

    Have any ever thought about why is like this?

    I just can think that they are concious that even they find how return, they are officially dead or dissapeared and the people either won’t believe them of they will be treated like monsters

    In fact, the only two stories that I’ve found with different body returned people, they create a new identity with their family’s help, officially turned in adopted childrens

    1. Please note that even if people are tired of MC attitude (I am included in this group) it doesn’t mean that they don’t like this novel. She is rational but not rational enough so I dislike the MC’s attitude and it what makes me love this novel (and the reason that I want to MTL it)

      In my opinion, it’s about the target audience. Most isekai novels targets people who likes fantasy settings and have no faith in humanity left. I, myself, would rather choose another world given the chance (assuming I would get a cheat. If no, then I’d rather stay in this world).

      Why most of them are otaku? No one reads novels besides otakus. Out of my friend circle, I’m the only one who reads novels (American and Asian ones) AND like anime. They.. *ahem* We are otakus of otaku.

      This makes it harder to grab the audience if you try something like the novels you suggested. People like FANTASY because people want to escape REALITY and these novels bring REALITY to FANTASY settings. People who like reality in fantasy setting (like you, me, and YTIF readers) are rare.

      If I want to make a novel to grab these kind of people, I would make a fantasy novel where the MC was someone they wish to be. An otaku who transfered to another world. Then the MC will given a cheat (ez moooney ez lyfe), create a business, save the world, create a harem, and loved by all people.

      Most people who read fantasy will imagine their life as the MC so the author need to fulfill their wish by creating an easy life for the MC with an easy harem.

      If you want my opinion, I want to be one of those generic MC. If you ask me if I like reading them, the answer is NO. I absolutely loathe the generic MC who get stronger and girls just flock around him. Why? Because I’m jealous.

      Why don’t they want to return? Because they don’t have anything to return to. Novels like YTIF, ShieldBro, Nidome no Yuusha, Dungeon Seeker, etc are rare because they target different people. What kind of people? Sadistic ones who want to see the MC suffer as much as they could.

      That took me a long time to construct. I hope you are satisfied with my opinion. Thank you for reading 😀

      1. First: you said that the MC “isn’t enough rational”, If you was this story’s author and wish a completely rational MC, what would have changed?

        Second; when you said “Because they don’t have anything to return to”, this is only in extreme cases like Mushoku Tensei or Slave Harem, and some OLN. Almost all still have some important things in Earth.

        And Although reincarnation settings in the strict sense like Mushoku Tensei, Gun Ota, Dragon’s Bloodline it Festin Vampire, their MC has really died in earth and the have received a chance for a new life. It can be considered a present or gift

        But I can’t consider logical stories where the MC is suddenly summoned in a game-like even sometimes with a different body (Alice Tales, Log Horizon, Overlod, etc) or just slighly changed (Death March), for a god’s mistake they are reincarnated-like in other world (Smartphone), they are transmigrate/body swap and even they know sure if their previous bodies are alive or not (Hachinan, Otoburi), they are just summoned to be used as toys for nobles or self-proclaimed gods (Arifureta), or simply is finally discover to not exist a homeworld to return (Evil God Average)
        Almost all of this, either not try to return, or not take seriosly. This isn’t realist

        The only that I remember proclaim from the begining to be his/her main objective to return are this YTIF, ShieldHero and Skill Taker’s MC; and Mushoku Tensei’s Shizuka Nanahoshi
        Anyway all of them are summoned people with no external changes, so even they return, they can say to have been kidnapped. For this, I consider them the most rational characters

        My greatest current concern is how a character that is in a different boy (either reincarnation, transformation, body.swap or some type of transmigration), if s/he finally got to return to Earth, would can try to recover his/her previous life

        I’ve never found this in OLN or translated Asian Webnovels, and just 2 cases for now in the raw japanese. IN these cases the MC, with the family’s help that s/he get that they believe her/him, decides to create a new identity

        1. First: My version of ‘more rational attempt’ is gathering more information. Everyone just say “KILL EVERYONE” but they forget that the author hasn’t mention anything about magic. She has no way of attacking for now.

          For now, we don’t know anything about that world. Are there any adventurer? Is there any magic? What kind of civilization out there? Just because it’s another isekai novel doesn’t mean that there’s magic here. I, as the translator, don’t even know what kind of setting the author use. On the first 2 chapter I thought it was ancient chinese on a mountain but here we have a palace with white roman pillar. But the damn door was engraved with lotus or some sort. too little information.

          Second: Again, it’s not about the character. It’s about the target audience. If the target audience doesn’t want the MC to return to original world, why bother? The target audience wants to see the MC thrive in another world so returning them to original world is beating the purpose. Besides, what you’re mentioning there is a plot hole. I think some isekai novel choose a NEET with no relative as the MC so they don’t need to fuss about “Why the MC don’t want to return to original world”. If the MC is not a NEET, the author can say “the MC don’t like that world anyway”.

          It’s rare to see novel about MC wants to return to original world because:
          1. the author have to think about the logic and mechanic (which is hard). Even ShieldBro didn’t deal with it in a good way. Just *poof* and you’re returned.
          2. some author want to write a story about life in another world. Not about returning to original world.
          3. the target audience wants to relate to the MC and imagine themselves in MC’s place. They want to live in another world so returning MC to original world is a bad move.

          Third: I too would like to see how an MC in a different body in another world would react given the choice to return to original world. Sorry I can’t comment on this one

          TL;DR :
          First: more info gathering.
          Second: target audience don’t want the MC to return so why bother?
          Third: I am wondering about the same thing as you are

          1. These are the only that I’ve found where transformed character return to Earth, or has manifested to wish it

            A Dying World
            Summary: MC finally get to return, and all problems

            I returned from another world I was a silver-haired shrine maiden
            The most similar to my concerns

            How to build a better relationship with silver-haired vampire princess who came back from a different world
            In this isn’t the MC but his friend, but the main concern is the same in my opinion

            This last isn’t active but the MC has said clearly to wish return

            Pd: I’m insisting in this theme partly because I’m maybe imagining/propound to create a story too, and this would be my keypoint for MC’s decision and action. I don’t wait to say more to avoid someone copy ideas

          2. thanks for add more titles in the list for interested

            Anyway, in the first is recognized that some people were teleported to other world, and the second if the characters ever return, they would can invent that they have been kidnapped or something like this

            The matter in these replies is how act if the returned character has a different body

          3. Forgotten to say

            Certainly the “mechanic”, if I’ve understood you correctly is the main concern.
            Even is the character’s finally get to return, it is almost sure that they will be in other body, and sometimes other race and/or gender

            Almost all people wouldn’t believe them, and even after proving her/his identity somehow, they would be considered monsters and/or freaks for our society, even puting their families in danger either mad cientists, governants, terrorists groups and/or religious fanatical wishing to use their powers

            The only translated novel about this setting is the extra part of Arifureta. I don’t want to say details to avoid potential spoilers if yiu’re reading

  4. Thanks for chapter.
    Wow that Tenshi is trash, how person who living happily with family and friend want to serve him when he say himself is more important than MC family and friend? It more weird when MC accept to protect their world if those person in that world is too shitty.

    1. My current opinion

      The people are simply religious fanatical, and the self-proclaimed god isn’t helping because either:
      – it would imply recognize a mistake before his believers for summoning the MC,
      – He want to hid that he is unable to return the MC to Earth

      In this case, the best route for the MC is escape, trying to discover for herself how return to Earth and pray that the self-proclaimed god understand that she never will be his guardian so order to not persecute her

  5. Personally, I think MC’s attitude would be bad… IF there were anything at all redeemable about the people (and not just Tenshi) who summoned MC. This isn’t a case of being summoned to a place where MC finds something worth guarding.

    So far, every attitude and every posture taken toward MC has been offensive and disrespectful. AND not one action on the part of Tenshi has demonstrated him to be at all worth guarding. Nor has anything been shown to MC at all of Tenshi actually being vital to the safety or well-being of the Scarlet World like they are claiming.

    Frankly, the number of logic or believable reasons that have been given for MC to do this job are exactly zero.

    1. My current opinion

      The people are simply religious fanatical, and the self-proclaimed god isn’t helping because either:
      – it would imply recognize a mistake before his believers for summoning the MC,
      – He want to hid that he is unable to return the MC to Earth

      In this case, the best route for the MC is escape, trying to discover for herself how return to Earth and pray that the self-proclaimed god understand that she never will be his guardian so order to not persecute her

  6. She could also just become a demon lord and start slaughter everyone of them until the god sees that it´s the worst diea keeping her and like that send her back :p Would be soo dark and evil >:D

  7. Yeah! Right! Murder the motherfuckers! You’re the guardian now, nobody can harm you! Nothing can stop you! Go on a killing spree! End the tenshi and his whores! To hell with the scarlet world and its garbage eating people! Justice is on your side!
    All Hail The Blue World!

    Thanks for the chapter.

    1. You should read

      Almost like this
      But even if she do this, the fanatical will use as a propaganda, and this god or followers would can send their own murders to Earth to provoke destruction, for vengeance too

      Although the vengeance is a interesting route, it isn’t a final solution, you need to do something to the people see that it was their collective mistake, to kidnap people from other worlds without their consent

      1. I did. It went to shit though. Riku’s downfall was really forced (from a brilliant strategist to a retard), all because of that usual “revenge is bad” moral lesson authors can’t live without.
        The vengeance theme can be amazing, too bad only “The Count of Monte Cristo” got it right.

        My comment was half serious. I just hope this story keeps being about a fucked up world without turning into yet another josei/shojo crap.

  8. I stand by my idea more that the MC should cause a massacre.
    1- Learn Magic
    2-Kill everyone involved with summoning one by one 😀
    OPTIONAL #2- Kill the family members of everyone involved and tell them that they forfeited their families lives when they summoned her 😀

    1. The author hasn’t mention anything about magic. I think it’s a bad move to assume that there’s magic since we saw no one is using it. Her ‘barrier thingy’ ability doesn’t count because she has no way to attack

    2. I insist

      The slaughter can be cute, but this just will turn the MC so bad as them, and they would have an excuse to kill her
      If I can imagine the current setting correctly, even if they dislike MC’s current behavior and she ever lost the self-proclaimed god protection, just kill her now would create internal divisions

      For this I consider the most logical and peaceful just keep refusing to cooperate till either the self-proclaimed god the the people give up, result in either kill her to conceal their mistakes and humilliation, return her back to Earth, or just abandon her

  9. The raw line..i just google translate it:
    “… Oh, yes. Yes, that’s right, because you are the world of the Aoumi, I think that something is wrong and that the scene of the crimson can do something,”

    Thanks for the chapter.

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