Dreadnought 4. Cafeteria

minute 05 – Let’s start
minute 10 – Hey this is easy
minute 60 – What the fuck?
not even halfway?
minute 100 – Why??? WHYYY???
minute 215 – Finally done

I don’t know why but this took me a very long time even though I had an easy time translating. It’s not difficult. It’s just… but why???

Special thanks:

Helping me translate : Ellyel- and KuroAgeha
Editing and Polishing : KuroAgeha
Recommneding this WN : Poyoooo~

Dreadnought 5pt1. B Class

RAW : http://ncode.syosetu.com/n1834cn/7/




7th April 2025

Just as the date changes, two men can be seen on the roof in Saiun City. One man is a buff guy with a good physique with brown hair and eyes. In contrast, the other one is an ‘elegant’ man with golden hair and blue eyes. The strong man standing tall with 190 cm height while the other guy is 170 cm. Both are not Japanese.


“How was it?”

“Since I have secured four people so far, if I get another one it might be time to start moving.”

The elegant man answered the strong man with a smile on his face while overlooking the Saiun City.

“I still don’t understand. Is it necessary to take such a bother and pursue students?”

“The objective this time is to secure people with a lot of magical power  for the front line and it is a difficult job. While these children are still immature, the teachers at Saiun Academy are the qualified first ranks dispatched by Astoria. Breaking through with all that security is reckless no matter how many people we will get in one scoop”

“Reckless huh? We don’t know until we try it, right?”


The strong man, Logan Schwartz, showed a ferocious smile resembling a predator. The elegant man, Ritz Fixer, looked at the smile and gave a cold sweat.

“….. For now, I would like you to follow the strategy”

“I’ll follow the strategy. You can secure as many people as you need. But, do you mind if I get some ‘bonus’ on that?”

“What do you mean?”

“There are maybe some people with enormous magical powers in that school. No matter how many fish you can catch, you can’t win the big tickets”

Ritz listened to Logan’s words and narrowed his eyes.


“Are you thinking about the 13 families? Even if it’s just a child, even if you can catch them, it will make our escape even more difficult. Assuming if you can catch one of them.”

“If it’s just [kick off pursuers], it won’t be a problem no matter how many magicians this country sends out.”

“What are you going to do if Astorian Knights comes out?”

“No way, I won’t attack the Hall. The knights are too busy anyway.”


After listening to Logan’s words, Ritz sighed from the bottom of his heart. He requested for A-class magicians for reinforcements but what came out was Logan the Red Arm. They took some time and a lot of trouble to enter Japan. If anything went wrong and their identity discovered, all their previous effort will disappear like water bubbles.

“Please refrain from doing any unnecessary actions. The commander of this operation is me.”

“I’m aware of that, commander-dono”





Mamoru came to the cafeteria along with Shun. Yesterday’s mess was settled by suspending the culprit for 3 days. Mamoru and Shun were slightly warned for not calling the teachers but thanks to Misaki’s explanation, Mamoru was able to return immediately. The reason for the punishment is the usage of magic gear. As a magical academy, it is the most common violation of the rule. Thanks to that, Mamoru was relieved because no one will look at him in any weird way.


“Why don’t they announce it more extensively?”

“*sigh* Again? …… It’s the third time today…….”

“Isn’t it disappointing? I saved a beautiful girl from the hands of a bad guy and we are not even praised !?!”

“You shouldn’t disappointed in any way. You’re not even doing anything in the first place”

“Say what !?! In order to assist Kujou-san’s escape, I was doing exquisite positioning behind you!”


(So you used me as a shield)

He would speak those word, but seeing it as inappropriate, he changed his mind.

Mamoru, who decided that the mealtime would run out, placed his tray in a vacant 4-seat table.

“I’ll listen to your [positioning] later so sit down for now. Because the cafeteria will get crowded soon.”


As Mamoru invited him, he looked at the number of students which gradually increasing. The Saiun Academy’s cafeteria is wide, but there are a lot of students here. The students who live in the dormitory only have 2 options to eat: dormitory or cafeteria. Most of them chose cafeteria because it’s closer to the academy building.

Thanks to this, the cafeteria turned into a battlefield at lunchtime. Those who can’t take a seat will have to buy lunch to eat while on the road.

As for Mamoru’s classes, Matsuoka who is the homeroom teacher, pays attention to lunch-time so they never been caught up in the cafeteria seating contest. However, even when Mamoru came to cafeteria, most of the seats were filled.


“Every time we came there are a lot of people. I wonder if I should make lunchboxes from now on.”

“Someone who goes from home has that option. Is it possible to bring one?”

“Me? No way. I live with 2 sisters but none of them can cook and I’m not that confident that I will get up that early”

After saying that, Shun struck his hands as thought of something. Looking at that face, Mamoru suspected that it will be a bad thing so he won’t ask. However, Shun saw that Mamoru didn’t ask any questions and took out the story himself.


“I have an idea”


“I have a good idea”


“I have a brillia-”

“Okay, okay I understand! I will ask! Now what is it…. ?”

While raising a karaage with chopstick from karaage set, Mamoru listened to Shun’s idea. Shun explained his thought with a smile as Mamoru bit his food.


“Let’s just have a girl make a bento for us!”

“Oh look at the time! I hav-”

“That’s why, Mamoru, let’s go watch some beauties after school!”

Looking at Shun’s happy face, Mamoru could only sigh.

Even if they found a beautiful woman, he don’t know if he can be acquainted, or how long it will take until he became an acquainted. A thought of crushing Shun’s dream was hanging over Mamoru’s mind but even more than that, there’s something he wanted to say.


“You know, learning from the previous experience, didn’t I get into a problem yesterday just by following you?”

“Don’t you need some accent for the boring everyday life?”

“That wasn’t accent, that was an accident! I feel like being involved with the 13 families just by-”

Mamoru who was biting a karaage somehow turned into his left and his eyes met with a girl. Misaki had a tray and looking for a seat.

At the moment their eyes met, if only he immediately looked away he would be able to pretend not seeing her. However, due to embarrassment, Mamoru can’t avert his eyes. Because of the incident yesterday, Mamoru can’t pretend to not seeing her so Mamoru, with one hand awkwardly raised, turning his line of sight sharply.


“Kujou-san? How about we have a lunch together?”

Shun stood up and block Mamoru’s line of sight and approaching Misaki. He threw light words like a machine gun to the confused Misaki and took the tray from her.

(That idiot… What are you doing to a girl who was attacked yesterday? Don’t you have any [delicacy]? Is the word [delicacy] is too hard for you??)
(TL: I want to change the word [delicacy] to another more common word like [consideration] but the RAW specifically says デリカシー which reads derikashī)

Mamoru dropped his shoulders while thinking maybe Shun just didn’t understand the word [delicacy].


“Mamoru! Mamoru! I brought a bishoujo”

“Stop acting like you know me”

“Eh~ even when you greeted her like that?”

“Etto… Yuki-kun. Is is okay for me to join you guys?”

Since she personally asked him, he can’t just refuse it blatantly. And Misaki seemed to be in trouble because there were no open seats so he nodded. When I saw it, Shun put her tray next to me but Misaki moved the tray to the edge of the table.


“Excuse me??”
“N-no… this is…”
“……… The bishoujo is avoiding me….”
“E? Ano… I’m sorry. Did I hurt your feeling? Because I was left-handed, I thought that if I sat on the right side of people is a bad thing.”

Mamoru head Misaki’s words and saw her hand holding the chopsticks. Certainly it is not easy for left-handed Misaki and the right-handed Mamoru to sit on the table with their dominant hand in the middle.

“I see, so Kujou-san is a left handed”

Knowing more information about her made Shun wiggle and expressed joy. However, both Mamoru and Misaki looked at him weirdly.


“Thanks for covering us yesterday. You really saved us.”

“No, I’m the one who was helped by you. I am really grateful. Thank you very much”

Misaki lowered her head and thank him with a very polite tone.

“I don’t mind if it’s for Kujou-san. I will help you anytime”
“Why are you answering? The hell with your damn [positioning]!”
“Ah! Are you making a fool of me? It’s because my [positioning] that senpai showed a gap”
“No, no matter how you look at it I dealt with him alone”
“It’s not! Mamoru just didn’t see my gallant figure”

While thinking for a comeback, Mamoru realized Misaki was making *kusukusu* laugh beside him.


“Is it that funny?”
“Yes, both of you seem so close”
“That’s right! Mamoru and I are close friends”

Misaki laughs even more and after look at their faces one again, she began to introduce herself once more.

“Let me repeat once again. My name is Kujou Misaki. May I know you name?”

“…… Mamoru”
“I already know that much from our conversations”

Tears are floating in Misaki’s eyes because of laughing while she ask Mamoru to shake her hands. Mamoru thought it was troublesome but shook her hand anyway.

“Aa- Eee- I’m Mamoru’s classmate, Yagami Shun. Yoroshiku”

After finished introducing himself, Misaki stared at Mamoru to seek for something. For a moment, Mamoru who noticed that she was asking him to introduce himself, left a confused expression.


“I’m not doing it…”
“The name is okay, but there are various things like your birthplace and where are you from”
“I have to tell you all of that?”
“We will do the same thing after you, Yuki-kun. Isn’t that right, Yagami-kun?”
“Yes! That’s right! So hurry up and say it!”

Misaki, who seemed to know how to handle Shun, was smiling brightly while waiting for Mamoru to tell some unimportant info like his hometown and such. She carefully observe Mamoru.

Misaki is obviously not an ordinary student. She was trying to observe Mamoru’s hand which beat a senior student in one hit. Misaki has met many kind of excellent young students with the same age. Some of them excelled in magic, others had excellent techniques. That’s why Misaki had confidence in her knowledge as it was.

However, not even Misaki know any technique that could make a person kneel with a palm thrust. It’s a technique that hasn’t yet been explored by the thirteen families. Even just by looking at it was enough reason for Misaki to be interested in Mamoru.

The heir of Kujou, the leader of thirteen families. There are a few people who are in contact with Misaki but didn’t realize this title. It was also good to say that none of them is in the same age group.

Recently, due to the popularity of TV, new were spread more easily. However, even though Mamoru was conscious, he didn’t do anything to follow them. A boy who touches everyone equally. That was a factor that Misaki couldn’t ignore.

That’s why Misaki didn’t any distance or holding doubt about Mamoru’s skills.


“Yuki-kun, Yagami-kun. If you don’t mind… Would you like to be my friend?”
“Of course!”
“Such a fast response. Ma~a, I don’t have any reason to decline so I guess it’s okay. Having a lot of friends is good. Kujou seems to have a lot of friend”

Misaki blinked her eyes many times hearing his words. Looking at Misaki like that, Mamoru can’t help but laugh.


“Hey hurry up and eat. We have a practice next”
“Practice ? Where ?”
“Ah, I see. So the other class for joint practice is the F-class”
“…. what do you mean?”
“It seems that class B also used the gymnasium. There seems to be a joint class that was decided suddenly”

Misaki told them with a gentle smile.






TL note:

minute 05 – Let’s start
minute 10 – Hey this is easy
minute 60 – What the fuck? not even halfway?
minute 100 – Why??? WHYYY???
minute 215 – Finally done

I don’t know why but this took me a very long time even though I had an easy time translating. It’s not difficult. It’s just… but why???


Special thanks:

  • Helping me translate       : Ellyel- and KuroAgeha
  • Editing and Polishing      : KuroAgeha
  • Recommneding this WN : Poyoooo~
Dreadnought 5pt1. B Class

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