Dreadnought 5pt1. B Class

HA! I’m not stupid!

Learning from experience, I’m not going to translate the whole chapter in one go. I will divide the Dreadnought chapters into 2 or 3 parts.

Only god know why it took a long time to translate even though the RAW was easy to read.

Dreadnought 4. Cafeteria
Dreadnought 5pt2. B Class

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HA! I’m not stupid!

Learning from experience, I’m not going to translate the whole chapter in one go. I will divide the Dreadnought chapters into 2 or 3 parts.

Only god know why it took a long time to translate even though the RAW was easy to read.



The classes at Saiun Academy was divided according to the student’s level in order to do the lesson suitable to the students. That’s why, Mamoru didn’t understand the meaning of the joint class.

Mamoru and Shun changed into gym clothes and entered the gymnasium a little behind than the other students. Mamoru who just arrived could see that there were 2 classes in the dome shaped gymnasium.
“Are they fighting?”
“They are fighting”

Mamoru sighed while Shun laughed and enjoying their conversation.

“Where are you going to position yourself this time?”
“Behind you, of course. Just leave your back to me”
Shun made a pose and replying Mamoru. While being impressed with Shun’s cowardice, Mamoru was looking at the dispute.

B class and F class. The students were arguing with each other.
At the side of B class was a boy who was as tall as Mamoru with short and sharp black hair. On the other hand, the side of F class was a girl who seemed confident with brown ponytail.


“Was that girl in F class?”
“That girl is Mihara Mio-chan. B class. You could say that she’s quite bull-ish and cute”
“So B class had an internal dispute?”
“Seems like it. But Rio’s chances of winning…… is quite good”

Mamoru observed the boy who was arguing with Rio. A square rod shaped magic gear is held in his hand. Although it’s weak, magical power can be sensed from that gear. The fact that there were magical debris meant that the male student had used magic.


“How long until the class start?”
“Another 5 minutes. Can’t you just stop them by force ? It’s not against the rule to voluntarily train magic. Most students gathers here early for that purpose anyway.”
“Why should I stop them ?”
“Eh ? You’re not going to ?”

Mamoru shrugged Shun who was showing surprised expression.


“I’m not the type who jumps into trouble”
“Yesterday, you took the lead and thrust your neck”
“The situation is different right now. No matter how you see it, it’s just a student’s fight. I will stop them if it becomes too dangerous, but I won’t interfere with their argument”
“I see. Then Misaki was special, right?”

(Those words are misleading)

Mamoru wanted to say that but didn’t. Because no matter what he said, Shun will just laugh with his stupid grin. So he decided to move the topic to another direction.


“Anyway… Do you know how to detect magical usage?”
“Un? Ma~a, because this one aspires to be a [Master Engraver]. Just by looking at the state of the gear, I can see how much magic was used.”

Mamoru was surprised that those words came out from Shun’s mouth. Looking at Mamoru’s reaction, Shun gave him a wry smile


“Honestly, being an engraver is even harder than being top magician”

Mamoru shivered and looked at the black bracelet shaped gear attached to his arm. The Astoria Technology Bureau that took the development of Astoria’s weapons and latest technologies is the one who produced that gear. The outer surface is the same as the regular gear which released to the public, but the state-of-the-art technology was put inside.

As expected from Lilicia, although it’s inferior in performance compared to the prototype gear used by Sir Dreadnought, the performance is still amazing. Inside the gear there was magic-engraved lapis set in.

The role of a gear is to send magical power to lapis. However, sending mana to a lapis which was not engraved will release the magic power inside and it will end.

A magic is established by carving the magic in the lapis. Those who engrave the lapis are called [Engraver].

However, to carve a lapis is a job that requires a number of techniques and enormous knowledge by itself. Unlike Astoria where lapis is abundantly mined, Japan only had a handful of lapis mine. Because lapis is precious, the Japanese government has established a difficult national exam to become an engraver.

Shun was basically saying that he will challenge the exam. It was a choice that Mamoru can’t even recommend especially after seeing how the engraving machine work.


“Isn’t it tough?”
“No worries no worries. I am persistent”

If the technique used was poor, engraving a lapis will took several weeks. The slight difference in the type of operation and the depth of the technique to engrave results in a difference in quality.

Therefore, engravers are important. As a nation, it’s more important to secure an engraver who can make a second-class magician a top notch, rather than securing a number of top-notch magicians.


“Well, my story is no good. The fight is heating up.”

Shun said that while pointing the 2 people who was fighting. Mamoru and Shun were standing more than 10 meters from the two who was fighting. Even so, they could hear their loud voice.


“You have to apologize!”
“I didn’t do anything to apologize for!”

The male student shouted at the scene refusing to apologize.

Mamoru didn’t see the two quarreling but looking at the black haired girl behind Rio. She had a gentle face with medium length black hair. Although she can’t be compared to Rio, it can be said that that she had a well-formed figure. However, the expression on her face was frightening.


“Shun, that girl…”
“Imai Sakura-chan. It’s F-class student. Since she looked a bit down, is she the reason Rio-chan got mad? Sakura-chan looked like a girl that need some protection and I can understand the urge to protect her”

Both male student and Rio wore their gear and in situation where magic can be used anytime. Other students around felt the danger and took some distance.

“Such storms is not good for me. I’ll be counting on you”

Mamoru gave Shun a small nod and stepped forward with Shun behind his back, seeking for protection.




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Dreadnought 4. Cafeteria
Dreadnought 5pt2. B Class

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  1. Is there an editor or not? Im getting a headache from correcting the grammar as i read, Its such a shame too since the story seems promising.

  2. Alot of things that shouldnt be in the past tense are, and some sentences need to be reworked to make them sound natural in english, for example
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