Dreadnought 5pt2. B Class

I dedicate this note to respect all people who took the role as a tanker.

Thank you, for protecting us supports and healers. Please don’t run outside our cast range. Us supports can’t keep up with your speed.

Once again thank you.

Dreadnought 5pt1. B Class
Dreadnought 6pt1. Milford

RAW : http://ncode.syosetu.com/n1834cn/8/

Here’s the part 2. Thank you for coming…

Please enjoy!



Both sides raised their magical powers. It would be a matter of time before someone used magic. The problem was that Sakura was standing behind Rio. It didn’t looked like she wore her gear. If the fight really broke out, she might be hit by some stray bullets.

While sighing, Mamoru slowly stood between Rio and the male student. Rather than surprised, both Rio and the male student frowned.


“……..You. Who are you?”
“Yuki Mamoru. F class. I don’t really care if both of you fight each other, however I have to stop you here before someone gets hurt.”
“A? Can you really stop us? What can you, an F class, do?”

The boy showed a raged expression, maybe because he felt underestimated. However.


“For now, I think you need to step back a little. Right now, you are the most dangerous one.”

Mamoru ignored the jeers that came from the male student’s back. Right now, the most important thing is to make Sakura leave because she didn’t have any protection. Furthermore, both sides are ready to fight at any moment.


“I can’t do that. Not after he attacked Sakura like that!”
“I did not!”
“Didn’t you just used magic near Sakura?! Even it didn’t hit, it’s still your fault!”
“It was not my fault that she was standing near me. Besides, if she was hit then she is not qualified to be a magician in the first place!”
“You…. Even if you do a dogeza, I still won’t forgive you!!”

Rio began charging magic from her hand. When I saw her, the male student also started putting mana into his gear. While standing in the center, Mamoru started analyzing the magic from both sides.

Electricity was gathered in Rio’s arm. There was no mistake, it was magic from the [conversion system].

Normally, mana is treated as it is and not converted into anything. People just used them without convert them into anything, like magical bullet or barrier for example. It’s difficult to direct mana and convert them. Usually, ordinary magicians are not able to use magic from [conversion system].

However, some people are good at using magic from [conversion system]. Such magicians uses mana and convert them into fire, ice, electricity, etc.

Rio must be that type of magicians. In terms of the damage to human body, [conversion system] dealt more damage than regular magic.

If you take all the electric shock gathered in Rio’s arm directly, You won’t leave with just a numb.


Meanwhile, a magical blade was extending from the male student’s gear. It’s a type of magic called [magical blade]. There are some type of magical blade that simple make blades with mana and some type that compress the mana and increased it’s density. It seems that the male student was the latter.

However, magical blades are limited to melee combat. Excluding Mamoru in between, his distance from Rio is about 6 or 7 meters. The magical blades from [compression system] are not suitable for stretching.

How was he going to attack from that distance?

Mamoru arrived at the answer at the same time the question came up.


Sir Blake is said to be the strongest knight in Astoria. Slashing is what he’s good at. A destructive magician who destroys everything with only a slash released from his sword. Therefore, he received the title [Sir Blake].

(TL note: the RAW says サー・ブレイク and read as Sā bureiku. It can either be Sir Blake or Sir Break but calling the strongest knight as Sir Break is very lame. So I go with google-sensei’s suggestion and choose Sir Blake. It can’t be Sir Blade because it will be written as Sā bureido)

His slash is free. If you dodge, it will still fly chasing you.

Mamoru remembered his recent experience about an enemy mage who just came out from the base split into 2 by a flying slash. Mamoru almost fainted.


It reminded him about bad things. While thinking so, Mamoru sent mana to his gear to prevent magic from both side.

If more than one lapis is set on the gear, you need to select which lapis to send the mana. It’s either by pushing the buttons on the gear or pull the trigger that is set on the gear in advance. There are many scenarios where magicians can’t push the button on his gear while fighting so using trigger is more common way doing so.

Triggers can be roughly divided into two. One of them is [command trigger] by speech recognition and the other is [action trigger] by using motion recognition. Both can only be activated by feeding mana to the gear. Command trigger can be any word and after mana is released into the lapis, the invoked magic can be controlled by the operator.

Accurate control requires an accurate image and exercise. In command trigger, the name of magic is often used so the image in the caster’s head is not disturbed.

Mamoru saw that they almost muttered the command trigger simultaneously and adjusted the type of protection to activate.




After her trigger, electric currents are emitted from Rio’s hands immediately. Meanwhile, the male student swung his magical blades and triggered his magic.


«Ark · Slash»


Slashing arcs flew. Mamoru read some slight miss the trajectory of electric currents and arc slashes. It seems they have no intention to involve unrelated like Mamoru into their fight.

However, both attack exceeded the power that ordinary magician can release.




Mamoru produced two mana shields and received both attacks before they collided. «Protection» is a magic that creates a simple magical barrier but it’s practicality is high.

«Protection» is common magic and not carved to secure the shape of lapis. Therefore, there’s a need to develop the shape of  the shield every time but it can be changed freely between omnidirectional and unidirectional shield.

The size and shape of the magic is up to the mana that was sent by the magician. This time, mamoru fed 2 minutes worth of mana to each shields.


Electric currents and slashes.

Magicians need to prepare 2 different kinds of «Protection» to protect from each type of magic. Everyone in the room didn’t notice the difficulty of the magic.


Mamoru shifted the position of his protection, looking at the male student’s slash that blurs faintly. Normally, it needs a high level of technology and delicate control to throw a flying magical blades. If someone can control it well, he can’t be from class B.
(The magic was about to hit me but it’s not on purpose. He still can’t control it)

Based on that, it was obvious that the male student failed to control of his magic. In other words, He used his magic knowing it might dangers his surrounding.


“If you insist, I will stop both of you by force”
“~Tsu! Don’t fuck with me! Don’t get cocky from just blocking it once!”
“I don’t want to be told by someone who can’t control his own magic!”

Mamoru said it while glaring at the male student. The male student understood what he meant and became upset but the other students didn’t understood what Mamoru said.

The male student glared back at Mamoru and both of them locked their eyes. The situation continued for a while but it didn’t last long.


“Well.. What’s happening here? Elementary students fighting before class starts?”

It’s because Matsuoka appeared with disgusted expression. There was a young male teacher who seemed to be B class teacher next to Matsuoka, and his gaze is quite severe.


“Yuki. What happened?”
“I’m stopping them because they had an ‘argument'”
“‘Argument’ eh?”

Matsuoka muttered while feeling the remnant of mana drifting around. As a teacher, he knew it was a lie immediately. However, Matsuoka smiled and nodded to Mamoru’s words.

“It’s good to stop an argument, but I still need to give punishments if you used magic”
“There’s a fight, Shirai-sensei. Even a high-school kid is a kid. We need to punish them if they fought”

That said Matsuoka won from Shirai. Mamoru saw the situation and approached the male student and calls him in low voice.


“Please apologize later. It’s true that it was dangerous even if you didn’t meant it”
“…… What are you….”
“Rather than hurting yourself from your own stray bullet, do you think hurting others because you can’t control your magic is better?”
“~Tsu! Omae….!!” (TL: omae is the rude version of [you])
“Don’t call me that. Yuki Mamoru. Well, hope you can gather the courage to apologize, Missed-Slash-kun”

Mamoru told his name and turned his back. While doing so, the male student studied his name.


“Takahara Yuusuke! Next time I will blow away your damn barrier!!” (TL: again, he used omae)
“I told you, the name is Yuki Mamoru…”

While he murmured, Mamoru moved to the spot near Matsuoka.





I dedicate this foot note to respect all people who took the role as a tanker.

Thank you, for protecting us supports and healers. Please don’t run outside our cast range. Us supports can’t keep up with your speed.

Once again thank you.

Dreadnought 5pt1. B Class
Dreadnought 6pt1. Milford

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  1. Given how mc is sir dreadnought for his defensive capability, I think sir break is more suitable, as “A destructive magician who destroys everything with only a slash released from his sword”, in a sense, destroy = break

    1. I prefer Blake over Break. Actually, break in japanese can be written in two different ways. One is ブレーク (Burēku) and the other is ブレイク (Bureiku). think of it as a japanese pun.

      1. They aren’t different ways to write words in japanese, the ー is used to lenghthen the sound, ē sounds the same as ei (also ee)
        another thing, in future chapter, there is サー・ストライク (sir strike), if you think sir break is wierd, well….

        1. I don’t think it’s weird. I just think the name ‘break’ doesn’t suit someone who throws flying compressed mana blades. I can understand the name ‘break’ if he uses hammer or mace but not swords.

          Who am I kidding… Yes, I think it’s weird…

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