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8 April 2052

Mamoru was running.

He was running with all his might.

He was still inside the academy building.

While this huge academy has elevator installed, Mamoru didn’t use it because he’s in emergency. Therefore he ran down the stairs from the 5th floor.

Mamoru ran down and skipped several steps of the stairs. He used the handrail as an axis and dashed through the stair’s turning point with minimal movement.

How did it come to this?

At least it was normal in the morning.

Mamoru only noticed it when the last morning lecture starts.

Since the entrance ceremony, Matsuoka, the homeroom teacher, had been in charge of the last morning lecture.

That’s why Mamoru was careless.

Today’s last morning lecture was held on the top floor of the academy building. Just the fact that it was held in the top of academy building was depressing enough, especially when the teacher was not Matsuoka. It was because the subject was not Matsuoka’s specialty.

They finished the last lesson right when the bell rang. At that time, many students had given up.

But Mamoru had not given up yet.

About 30 seconds before the class ends, he packed his belongings and prepared a perfect start dash. (TL: I saaaaaaaaaaaaaa~y hey! hey! hey START:DASH! sorry I can’t contain myself)

As soon as the class was over, he tossed his belongings to Shun. Mamoru did the best dashed he ever performed in his life and headed for the stairs.

To secure a seat in the cafeteria.

Mamoru, who just passed the last stairway, aimed outside the cafeteria next to the academy building. There was a passage connecting the cafeteria and the academy building but it was jam packed with students.

There are a few outlets available outside the cafeteria, most people can use them even if they came from outside. At worst, he can take the one-person seat.

While planning to betray Shun, Mamoru accelerated at once.

(With this speed, I will make it)

Looking at the time, there should be some seats left.

While feeling a bit relieved, he stepped into the cafeteria.

Too much momentum. He crashed into a female student who was holding a tray near the entrance. She glared at him with terrifying eyes, but Mamoru didn’t care.

Right now, looking for vacant seas was more important. The right side is no go. The center had 1 seat remaining but it’s too far.

He placed his hope on the left.

There are 2 seats left.

Without hesitation, Mamoru tried to take a step.

He couldn’t.

It’s because the girl with tray passed in front of Mamoru. Meanwhile the 2 seats on the left was taken by another students.

Mamoru saw the scene and almost collapse on his knees but he bear it somehow.

Although the seat was not secured, Mamoru faced the female student’s face who stood in his way.

Her hairstyle is weird. If she thought her hairstyle was only a bit weird, Mamoru would call her an idiot from the bottom of his heart.

(TL: I’m not quite sure. 容姿にちょっとでも気になるところがあったら、心の中で盛大に馬鹿にしてやる。)

She had golden hair which meant she was not Japanese, blue western eyes, and pointy nose despite her small face.

Even if Mamoru tried to picture her as an idiot, she’s still too beautiful to be called idiot.

If he was asked if she was more beautiful than Lilicia, he will shook his head instantly.

If he was asked if she could be compared to Lilicia, he might nod.

Mamoru knew from experience that her level of beauty was rare. Even in Astoria, where the girls are relatively beautiful, Lilicia’s face is top notch.

There’s nothing to complain about her face. And now her style.

Mamoru looked down from her face and he was shocked.

It was huge tits.

Mamoru applauded in his heart for the 2 melons on her chest. To have that strong presence even under those clothes….

Looking further down, she had surprisingly thin waist and long limbs.

She’s a tall woman, even compared to Mamoru.

There’s nothing to complain. Mamoru, who was wrapped in sense of defeat, noticed the female student looking at him.

“Why are you looking at me? Such a perverted face. I will sue you for sexual harassment.”

“Vu-vulgar!? Speak for yourself, narcissist woman!”

It’s true that he had been looking at her, but there’s no reason to call him a pervert. Making sure his feeling didn’t show on his face, Mamoru stared back at the female student.

Being called narcissist, she frowned her eyebrow.

“Narcissist woman…… Calling this Leona Aimes Milford… You are quite brave ne~?”


Mamoru tilted his head hearing the name.

He’s quite familiar with the name Milford. If he’s familiar, then it must be from Astoria.

(Maybe it’s a noble from Astoria?)

Mamoru explores his memory, before he was given his title.

“Yes, that’s right! I am the granddaughter of Marquis Milford from the Kingdom of Astoria. And this body has the blood of the prestigious Milford family who had produced knights, desu no yo!”

“Oh, the Marquis… You don’t look alike…”

Mamoru often accompany Lilicia in Astoria. Aristocrats he met before then was a nobleman from the ministry. It was the Marquis.

Even when he attend a lot of ceremonies, he basically stood as Lilicia’s escort, who sat beside the King, so Mamoru didn’t remember Marquis’ face.

Technically, knights are not nobles so Marquis outranked him. But from the degree of contribution to the country, the knight contributes more.

But Mamoru, Lilicia’s escort, unknowingly uttered a word that disrespect the Marquis’ family member. And those words reached Leona’s ears.

“Don’t look alike…. The honorable Marquis Milford…. My grandfather….”


“It’s humiliation, desu wa!”

Leona, with her eyes glared, whipped her blond hair and pointed at Mamoru

“Insulting Milford family name, insulting myself is punishable by death!”
“Oi, aren’t you the one who insult me first?”
“You are the one who looked at me with a vulgar face!”
“I didn’t look at you like that, I was looking at a strange specimen. Actually, no… I’m not thinking about anything strange.”
“What’s with that pause just now?!?”
“Pause? It’s just your imagination”

Leona glared at Mamoru with a sharp gaze like bird of prey. She took a deep breath and declared.

“It’s a duel, desu wa! You will regret insulted me!”
“War simulation, is it? I don’t want to”
“Nna! Are you trying to escape!?! Are you a man??”
“Aren’t you issuing a duel? Then I have the option to decline, no? I’m sorry but fighting a noble bloodline in a war simulation will obviously results in a loss”

Mamoru made a cross mark with both of his hands and refused Leona’s offer.

The nobles of Astoria is not that different from the nobles from the earth. They have excellent magicians genes flowing in their blood. The weight of their blood is different. At the time of their birth, it’s almost certain that they will become a strong magician.

That is the nobility of Astoria.

Although he could just accept it, Mamoru had his own circumstances. He can’t fight with such a troublesome opponent without his specialized gear while hiding his identity.

“…….. Fufufu…. refusing to have a duel with me…”

It wasn’t loud but Leona’s words had some sense of intimidation. The voice sounded like something that came from the bottom of the earth. Hearing her made Mamoru had a cold sweat.

It’s impossible to secure the seat, which was his original purpose, and now a trouble some woman was standing in front of him.

Mamoru made a decision.

Let’s escape from the cafeteria.

“Leona something Milford”

Leona tilted her head with a poker face like a doll in horror movies. While thinking it was scary, Mamoru began to retreat with *jirijiri*

“I… There is… Because there are something I need to do…….”
“……… There is…. what?”
“Excuse me!!!”

At the same time, Leona’s hand were stretched towards Mamoru but Mamoru twisted his body to dodge and evacuated to the outside of cafeteria.


In order to lose the pursuer, Leona, Mamoru ran into the academy building at full speed.

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Dreadnought 6pt2. Milford

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  1. “Don’t draw attention” the Princess said.
    “I don’t intend to” he said.

    But what happens? He’s potentially building up a harem. First he draws the interest of one of the most notable Japanese magic families after saving her. Then he inadvertently picks a fight with another notable individual, this time, from Astoria.

    I’m personally hoping he ends up being punished by his Princess in front of his would-be love interests, and at the same time, also have the Princess declare that Yuki belongs to her, in front of the would-be love interests (bonus with a bit of tsundere-ness). Before or after he ends up revealing he’s the Dreadnought (on purpose or by accident; doesn’t matter which).

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