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No Update (Again)
Meigyoku no Almaine volume 1 Illustrations

Since I almost finished with YTIF, I’m planning to TL The GM Has Logged Into A Different World a.k.a Isekai GM suggested by GM_Rusaku.

KuroAgeha said that “he might want to try translating” so that means I can pick up more novels. If he agreed then he will TL Isekai GM. If he didn’t then I will TL it myself.

I’m planning to TL 3 novels after I’m done with this semester, which are:

  • Impregnable Dreadnought
  • The GM has Logged into a Different World
  • [another novel]

If anyone has any suggestion please tell me here (or at least until I open the Suggestion Box again).

The Criteria:

  • The story has to be fucked up. Doesn’t have to be rape or any weird stuff. If it’s fucked up, I will consider it.
  • Web novel (Light novel is okay but pls provide the RAW)
  • No gender-bender Actually I don’t care, go ahead.
  • No otome-game. It’s just not up to my taste so I won’t enjoy TLing it
No Update (Again)
Meigyoku no Almaine volume 1 Illustrations

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      1. That’s because that site doesn’t exist anymore, it is just maintaining a blank page cuz of cloudflare. I’ll re-up them to my nepustation.wordpress, it might take some time as I have to decrypt the anti-copy first as plugins don’t work on free wp sites.

          1. And I’ll just give you this as help. It’s the Translation Assistant Tool 3.0 that Joeglens had made. That is what I use so translation is much smoother than TL’ing with Word or notepad.

            Included there are the profile for Isekai GM with the terms that usually pops out (dictionary) and it will auto switch the kanji with the TL’ed word in the profile. And if you aren’t used in using TAT, then I included a notepad of the dictionary of the terms both the Jp and their Eng TLs that I noted in the profile.

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