Dreadnought 6pt2. Milford

Hello guys, it’s me Kuroageha that recently helping translating some chapters of his Mayonaizism work.

I know, sometimes my TL-work kind of bad, but, oh well, will try do better in other works

PS : Cheers !

Dreadnought 6pt1. Milford
Dreadnought 7. Telephone

Hello guys, it’s me Kuroageha that recently helping translating some chapters of his Mayonaizism work.

I know, sometimes my TL-work kind of bad, but, oh well, will try do better in other works

PS : Cheers !


That was a lion.

So as I murmured in my heart, Mamoru had managed to come back near the classroom of the F group.

I need to hide a lot of times on the way back. I lost a lot of time, so there’s almost no lunch break.

She was indeed a lion, shaking the golden hair and approaching with ferociousness like a carnivore while hunting him.

“I’m beat… I guess he did not have time to eat lunch either……”

While giving a small chuckle, Mamoru opened the door of the classroom.
Some student has not returned to the class yet.

However, an unfamiliar girl was sitting in Mamoru’s seat.
No, it is a girl from yesterday.

“… … Uh … … lightning?” (TL: Raitoningu)
“Rio Mihara! What, how didn’t you remember that!?”
“Oh, that’s right, bad, the impression … strong, it’s lightning.”

As Mamoru tried to say that her impression was thin, Mamoru reminded of his failure before.


“Mamoru, Did you had lunch? I wasn’t able to meet you.”
“Nope, I didn’t get a seat, I couldn’t even buy some to eat on the way back”
“I thought it would be. Well, it’s okay,”

Mamoru felt something strange about her steep appearance.

Shun should not have eaten lunch.
Even though Rio is nearby, Mamoru didn’t feel hungry.

There was a girl calling out to the Mamoru that thought so.

“… …. that … ….”

It was Sakura that called out to the standing guard, because the seat was occupied by Rio.

“Are you … Imai-san?”
“Yes, Imai Sakura … Well … Yesterday you helped me but I could not thank you enough… Anoo… Take this one”

Sakura said and handed down a small basket.
Mamoru couldn’t believe it as he opened the pink basket.

Inside, there were sandwiches with white bread.

“If …. If you do not want to eat, it’s okay!”
“I guarantee the taste, it was really delicious”
“If you do not eat, you can’t shoot lightning, right?”

As Mamoru pointed to the reason why the he was not hungry, put the basket in his seat, grasped Sakura’s hands and thanked.

“Thank you……”

Sakura were puzzled because they grabbed hands and the Mamoru was too emotional.

Sakura that gently presented the sandwiches looked like angels to Mamoru who was chased by Leona and failed to eat lunch.

“Imai-san is truly a perfect image of a woman. I gratefully appreciate it.”
“Um … that … maybe, why did you do so soon?”

Mamoru chased the sight of Sakura and saw his seat.
The basket placed in the table is open, and the sandwiches in it are decreasing by two.

Mamoru look beside her shoulder and saw Rio and Shun munching on his sandwich.

“You guys … ….”
“Eh ? You don’t need it, do you ?”
“That was right in front of me and I have a sudden urge.”
“Put it back! First of all, it’s my seat!”

Mamoru caught away Rio as a sandwich to interfere with the ride and Shun hands trying to reach the sandwich, in order to eat it.

“No way!”
“Why don’t you stand and eat?”
“You … you have forgotten yesterday, have you forgotten !?”
“I’m grateful ! But I have not said that I am protecting you!”
“What was that!?”
“Rio, enough already. It’s alright, Yuuki-kun. Rio-chan came to say thank you. She’s just embarrassed, so do not worry. ”

In the words from Sakura, he saw a disturbed expression from Rio and she gazed back at him.

“I’m not embarrassed!”

“Why do you say to me …… … evade me …”

I was amazed by the unimpeachable retreat, and Mamoru was like that.
However, Rio does not even show backwards that he retreats while groaning.

Without help, I forcibly pulled Shun and sat down on a steep seat.

“Not too bad?”
“Not too bad?  Did you ate my sandwich?”
“Just a little, oh …… Oh yeah, yesterday, the man who was stuck with Imai-san and Mihara-san.”
“Was it… Takahara? What did he do?”
“After that, he apologized to them. He didn’t want to admit in front of many people that he lost control of his spell.”
“I see.”

Listening to the fact that the Takahara apologized, Mamoru made a small smile.

It is important to acknowledge your immaturity and apologize.
Even if it was told by a person, even if it was not initially accepted, the person who can save himself can change.

“Rino-chan, too”
“…… It was thanks to Mamoru. But if you did not come out. I could turn Takahara into a pile of goo !?”
“Yeah yeah, of course you will. But you should pay more attention, Imai-san. If he really shot the «Ark · Slash», Imai-san will be in a serious injury!”
“… I understand….”

While shrugged his shoulders to Rio who turned away, Mamoru reached for the sandwich.


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