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New project here! I will translate this together with Kirisaki Shin from Shinku Translations. We will take turns translating this novel unless a truck hit me when I cross the road.

I had finished YTIF ch12 but I can’t post it yet because there’s so many things(?) going on and I’m planning to consult an acquaintance to compare the translation with the RAW.

「Next is Julia-kaasan. What are you going to do, Dad?」

「I will return to the dining room. As a host, I feel bad because there’s only 1 person from our family there」

Then Dad returned to the dining room and called Julia-kaasan in.

「ufufu. I’m looking forward for your advice. This is so fun」

After asking Mom who came and said such thing, I used【Appraisal】on her.

Julia Chrebl (Wife of Viscount Chrebl | Adventurer (A rank) | Witch of Flame Prison | Scorching Flames Burning Mother | Wyvern Slayer)
21 Years Old

Level 52 (↑1)
HP 91/91(↑2)
MP 366/366 (↑96)

Master Class

【Fire Spirit Magic】8 (↑2)
【Uninscribed Invocation】 1(NEW!)
【Sense Presence】1(NEW!)

【Mana Perception】7(↑1)

《Spirit_of_Fire’s_Blessing+1》(Able to gain the blessing of fire spirits. Effects on Fire Magic : Extended Range | Increased Skill Acquisition | Increased Growth | Increased Cast Speed ) 》

…Did she just became stronger?

「Etto… Did you leveled up?」

「Un. After hunting wyvern, obviously」

That explained her new title 《Wyvern Slayer》.
That’s why her level went up.

「And the adventurer title?」

「It’s because I went back as adventurer to find Edgar-kun」

「Your maximum MP is increased as well」

「I’m doing the secret MP expansion technique that Edgar-kun taught me every night」

When someone have magic related nickname or blessing from a God used up all their MP, they will faint and their maximum MP increased by 1 point.

「What about 【Uninscribed Invocation】?」

「I learned it by mimicking Edgar-kun」

I reached my general skill 【Simultaneous Invocation】counter stop bonus by memorizing them but Mom somehow memorized them directly.

「There is 【Sense Presence】」

「I got it when I tried to find signs of Yatagarasu.
It was a quite desperate attempt」

I wonder what is the counter stop bonus for 【Keen Hearing】.
Elemia got 【Sense Presence】 without 【Keen Hearing】, it seems that Mom can do it as well.
As she said herself, she was desperately looking for me.

I thought about recommending her 【Sense Presence】 and 【Uninscribed Invocation】 but she got it herself.

「What is mom’s aptitude? Iya, I know you are the best with fire element」

「Fire obviously, but I seem to have a high aptitude for light magic」
On the other hand, no aptitude in darkness.
If I have to say, 【Dark Magic】is way more useful than 【Light Magic】.

Currently, 【Light Magic】 can only be used as light source.
But when you are the only one who have that kind of skill, it suddenly became important.
On the other hand, like how Elemia did in firedrake nest, 【Dark Magic】 can be used as a cloak to hide or as a smokescreen.
Water, wind, and light magic are still usable… On the other hand 【Earth Magic】 is only considered to dig a hole.

As a result from hearing my mother on her aptitude other than magic, I can conclude.

S: Fire, Light, Mana Manipulation , Mana Perception
A: Wind, Close Combat (dagger, martial arts, etc)
B: Earth, Bow, Perception
C: Water, Reconnaissance, Sword, Spear
Z: Dark

Right… Now I understand why people called Julia-kaasan a genius.

「Mom, how do you fare in close combat?」

「Not that good. Even if I have the aptitude, my magic teacher told me to stay focused on magic」

「What about 【Dagger Techniques】 that you just learnt?」

「This time I learned it from Moria to fight 〈Yatagarasu〉.
Since I just acquire it I didn’t plan to use it, but I thought it might be necessary in some cases」

Julia-kaasan truly had her own hardship.

「It seems that I have aptitude for pole and claw weapons but there are few people who use it」

I imagined my mother swinging a staff and ripping her foes with claws… yeah right.

「I don’t like swords and spears, they are too delicate for me to handle.
I can use perception system to some extent but not too much.
I was taught 【Stealth Step】by Moria but in the end I can’t remember it at all」

「… In short, you don’t like sneaking, prefer face the enemy directly with gargantuan magic, and use simple weapons to fight when you can’t use magic」

Julia-kaasan muscle-brain way of life suddenly came up.

「So, any advice?」

Oh right…

「Etto, it seems that you already learned【Uninscribed Invocation】 and 【Sense Presence】 on your own.
Since you have the aptitude, learning【Light Magic】would be nice」

「Ee〜 but people make fun of 【Light Magic】and called it 【Lamp Magic】…」

「Well then, look at this.
For example, ∩ Light・∀ Reflect ー《Mirage》」

I showed her light warping spell that Gazaine used.

「Wa, Edgar」

My mother surprised looking at the air 1 step beside me.
My mirror image should be visible at that position by light refraction.

「Human eyes capture information using surrounding light, so if you refract light, you can do something like this. It uses the same principle as this mirage.
Mom told me that you’re not good with reconnaissance but can you do this?」

「I see. So you can use【Light Magic】like this.」

「I think the same mindset can be applied to make offensive magic as well
∩_Light・ル Conset ー《Laser》」

I took a piece of cloth from my pocket and converge light to make a hole in it.
I made a mistake and waved my hand.

「Waa waa, how to do this?」

「I gathered light to create heat. You can do the same thing by collecting sunlight with a lens」

「…. What is renzu?」

Are? It seems that this world didn’t have lens.
Are there any loop or glasses?
I need to record this information in my heart.

「Since gathering light will create heat, I think it’s compatible with 【Fire Magic】.
In fact, when I saw the Fire Drake’s Fire breath, I can see fire spirits and light spirits working together to create a complex compound magic.
Since Mom have high aptitude for fire and light magic, I think she can combine them and create a photothermal wave.
Or rather, would you like to develop it with me?」

「Un! It sounds interesting!」

Julia-kaasan smiled in high spirit.

「Next I want you to learn 【Spirit Magic】 together with Dad and I want you to learn 【Enhancement Magic】 to increase Dad’s attack power」

「【Spirit Magic】 and 【Enhancement Magic】
Both are very rare skills!」

「【Spirit Magic】 will be hard, but I think 【Addition Magic】 should be manageable.
Because I can teach Mom by manipulating mana, I think Mom can get it immediately」

Eventually, Melby and I would like to develop something for the barrier but we haven’t seen any development prospect yet.

「This will be fun~」

I asked my mother who smiled happily to call my brother Chester.

「Yo, Edgarー I’ll be counting on you」

I used 【Appraisal】on my brother Chester without hesitation.

Chester Chrebl (Second Son of Chrebl Siblings | Adventurer (B Rank) | Second Arrow | Harpy Killer)
17 years old

Level 34
HP 72/72
MP 169/169

【Visual Enhancement】3

【Sense Presence】2

【Far Sight】7
【Wind Magic】5
【Water Magic】4
【Stealth Step】4
【Tool Creation】4
【Crossbow Tecniques】 3
【Earth Magic】3
【Dagger Techniques】3
【Mana Perception】3
【Spear Techniques】2
【Fire Magic】2
【Light Magic】2
【Night Vision】2

Chester-niisan’s status didn’t seem to change much since the last time I used 【Appraisal】on him.

「And your aptitude is?」

「Aptitude? Obviously I’m good with bow, but since I’m an elf it seems that my aptitude for mana perception and perception system are quite high」

From what I hear from him I can conclude the following

S: Bow, Spirit, Perception, Mana Perception
A: Wind, Reconnaissance, Water, Mana Manipulation, Throwing
B: Earth, Light
C: Fire, Spear, Sword, Martial Arts
Z: Dark

I think elves are too blessed.
Iya, other than 【Fire Magic】and 【Martial Arts】, you can’t say that he’s lacking in offensive power.

About magic, I repeated the same thing I told Mom and Dad that other magic element can be used offensively.

「That’s good news. Until now 【Wind Magic】 are used only to strengthen bows.」

Chester-niisan said so while showing his white teeth.
Looking at his elven ikemen act, I asked him something that piqued my interest.

「Isn’t crossbow included in bow category?
But the skills are divided」

「Aa, It’s only in my case. Rather than 『throwing』, I think『aiming』would be more appropriate」

「…. Then I guess you can use guns as well」

「I have never seen a gun before, but it’s probably an ancient shooting artifact, right?
If it’s shooting, I can use it」

「Since niisan have good eyesight and use reconnaissance skill, I think you can be a sniper」


「A sharpshooter. In my original world, a sniper uses a gun and shoot the enemy from far away」

「…Edgar’s world is a very dangerous world, isn’t it?」

「If I somehow found something like a rifle, I will give it to you」
Maa, the problem is not the gun itself but gathering the ammunition.

「I’m not sure but I think guns are ancient relics that will deteriorate over the years. I’ve heard it’s treated as an overcomplicated trash」

「Was it sulfur, nitrite, and charcoal? I’m not familiar with it so we have to experiment and do a lot of work.
…Ah that’s right. If you’re good at throwing, I’ll give you this」

I took out a fragment of the barrier from leather pouch hung on my waist and hand it to Chester-niisan.

「… What is this?」

「I don’t really know what it is but it’s amazingly sharp.
It’s only useful as throwing weapons in emergency. The corresponding skill is 【Shuriken Techniques】 so I think you should master it if you have some spare time. You also need some aptitude in throwing skills」

「Thanks. There are things that I can’t hit like approaching enemy」

「It’s quite compatible with reconnaissance skills, especially with 【Stealth Step】 and 【Sneak】」

「I see. I didn’t use them much since I was always in a party.
Afterall, bow user doesn’t act much alone」

「Is that so?」

「Certainly. If there’s no one to protect you, your enemy can shrink the distant instantly.
There are so many demons that can’t be taken down by bow alone」

I think it can’t be helped.

「As expected, there’s no other way but increase the bow’s firepower」

「That would be great, but how can I do that?
Using a strong bow that needs a lot of physical strength?」

「I think you can use arrows with【Enhanced Magic】.
I will teach you next time」

I’m planning to teach Chester-niisan 【Magic】 and 【Enhancement Magic】 in the future.

「And I want you to learn 【Spirit Magic】 together with Mom and Dad.
An elf may be able to master it earlier than 2 humans.
Next time, I will hold a course about 【Spirit Magic】 can you adjust your schedule to attend?」

「【Spirit Magic】? It’s a secret of an elf, isn’t it? I never thought that Ed can use it」

After showing 《Mirage》 using 【Light Magic】 and show him that other magic element can be used offensively, I conclude the interview with Chester-niisan.

Edvice = Advice

Talking about a bad pun here…

No Fatigue 69. Edvice 3

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