Isekai GM 11. Slave Ship

Isekai GM 12. A Mage and A True Vampire


Lately, I found myself translating while playing the opening song of Assassination Classroom Season 2 on loop.

Then I stop translating and cry in the corner…

I had cried over an anime but never over an opening song…

Here’s chapter 11. Now give me another hour to cry…

「Owowowowow…. Roxas… water…」
「Brother… Big Boss told me to keep you from drinking too much. Here’s the water」

The day after the banquet, the almost-dead-drunk Barbarossa lead the Pirates of the Round Table set sail to the north.
I took a bath after I finished drinking and eating, just to wash away all the dirt and tiredness.

After me, all my men took the bath and cleaned themselves except the still-hangover Barbarossa.

It seemed that there are no custom when entering the bath, they just wiped away their body with water.

Everyone felt great after coming out of the bath. After-bath drink… I wanted to drink some beer but I must refrain from doing so. But Barbarossa was gulping down the beer *GUBIGUBI* right now.
(TL: I’m still not comfortable translating sound effects)

Since the boat was swaying heavily, I kept the 『Room』 open. The bed was exclusive and no one was allowed to use it but me.

Next is the usual morning routine. Light exercise while enjoying the morning sun.
It’s possible to do acrobatic movements thanks to my raised physical ability.

I decided to make some breakfast since Roxas was busy tending Barbarossa.
Even so, I can’t make some fancy menu.

Ham and egg in white bread. And finish it with coffee. Then I grilled some fish and patch up some vegetable salad. It was a menu that I would made in my original world.

Luckily I have a certain coffee maker like those in convenient stores. I can drink delicious coffee everyday. Like a beer server, how the coffee was replenished is a mystery.

「Big Boss’ food are amazing!! This is the first time I eat a bread this soft!!」
「Big Boss! Seconds please!」

Since I gave you seconds, I’ll work you to the bone.
I made some sunny-side egg on toast as second servings.
Suddenly, I became their parent.

Nothing happened since morning to noon, and so the day passed in peace. There’s nothing at all. It’s nice to have relaxing time like this.

I enjoyed this relaxing cruise for several days.
I can’t see any war vessels nor ships so I practiced magic.
Paddle and Peddle taught me the fundamental of this world’s magic.

The concept is to connect to use mana inside the body to open the gate to『Spirit World』from this 『Material World』, then the energy is reconstructed and released as magic.
There are gates that are easy to open and there are gates that are difficult to open.

The recovery magic that I used is 『Light』 and few people are able to open it. It sounds difficult. That’s why people sort of worshiping them.

Meanwhile, the 『Gate of Darkness』 that demons uses are difficult to open as well.

The basic alements are fire, water, wind, and earth are obtained by talent and someone who can control them are mages.

Paddle had opened wind and water gates.
Peddle had opened wind and earth gates.
They had became excellent mages when Roxas recruited them.

The magic in the game didn’t use that kind of concept so the detail was not clear.
Meanwhile, the twins wanted to learn 『Wing』 but I don’t know how to teach them. The image is important. If you imagine yourself flying, will you fly? Should we try it?

I practiced magic by picturing the image in my free time. After finally succeeding making an image of a small spear, I tested it out by trying to hit a fish. It flew right into the bottom of the sea. This needs some MP.

As MP decreases, mental fatigue was piled up. So it’s better to save MP and avoid getting tired. It seemed that you will faint if you used up all your MP.


A vessel appeared on the map when practicing magic.

「A ship. It didn’t look like a war vessel, but where is it?」

The size of the ship mark made me understand the size to some extent, but it was neither a carabell nor a frigate.

「Let me climb up and look for a bit」

「Oh, okay」

I stopped the magic practice and let my MP recovered. Although the automatic recovery was fast, fatigue accumulates when concentrating. You can’t just recover your fatigue.

When a subordinate came down from the mast, he rushes to see us in panic.

「Big boss!! It’s a slave ship! And it has imperial emblem!」

Is it an empire’s slave ship? Should I destroy it? Depending on the number, slaves can be loaded on this ship. I can accommodate most of them with 『Room』.

「Barbarossa, come over here」

「What is it, Big Boss?」

「There’s an empire’s slave ship nearby. Prepare for battle」

「Osu! I understand!」

When Barbarossa went back to repeat the order, all of them worked really hard. They jumped from deck to deck and raised the speed to the slave ship.

The lazy ones don’t deserve to sit on the sofa.
They had become imprisoned by the sofa.
I’m also a prisoner so I can’t really complain.

After everyone finished their preparation, I issued a command as the Big Boss.

「Starboard!! Target the slave ship on the starboard! You guys, don’t hurt the slaves!」(TL: Starboard = front-right side of a ship. Google it)

「「「AYE AYE SIR!!!」」」

The 『Pirates of the Round Table』 turned to the slave ship and ran straight using wing magic. Everyone was armed. They had eaten their fill and the morale is good. Still, let’s not be careless.



A watchman on the slave ship yelled with a loud voice. In response, the crew showed up with their swords, bows, and staffs.

「Don’t let them get close! Ready!! Fire!!」

The slave ship crew put magical power in a cylinder and release stone cannons, but all of them are blocked by my 『Gravity Wall』 and sink into the ocean.

「We need to make them spit out where they got these slaves from! Try not to kill all of them! If it’s impossible then you can kill them! Forward!! Everyone, Forward!!!」

I jumped on the slave ship while stretching the 『Gravity Wall』 before the pirate ship hit it, meanwhile Paddle and Peddle created a wind barrier to reduce the impact on our ship.

I hopped on the slave ship and slash a crew and a wizard in the back with my 『Sonic Blade』.

Thanks to Seven Arthur’s special ability『Hold Back』 the bodies are not cut, they were alive but groaning in pain.

Following me, Barbarossa and Roxas jumped on the slave ship.
(TL: Need help on this one: 俺の後に続いてBarbarossaやRoxasも飛び乗り、暇な時に練習していたのか船員を感電させて身動きを封じたり、炎上させてそのまま海に落とし消火もさせたりしてた。)

There are about 10 slave ship crew on board, they should be knocked out in less than a minute.
Suddenly a muscular man showed up 「You are strong. However, I am the grea- 」 but he was knocked down after eating a 『Sonic Blade』. I wonder what he was trying to say…

After tying all the crew, we discovered 10 slaves in captivity.
Apparently, they were frightened knowing that we were pirates.

「Don’t be scared. Even though we are pirates, we are fighting the empire. For now, let’s get you guys out of here」

「You’ll let us out?」
「Can I go home? Can I meet papa and mama?」

「Yeah. We will take you as far as this ship can go. From there, we will ask the guards in town, is that OK?」

「Un! Thank you, Mr. Good Pirate!」

Good pirates, eh? How can a pirate be “good”?

「Big Boss, this is a magical cage. If someone try to force it open, it will cause pain to the slaves inside. We can’t pick the lock」

Paddle who was analyzing the cage told me.
Magical cage is it? Do you really need a key?
I took out the 『Thieves King’s Wire』 that I used when jail breaking and inserted it into the keyhole, the door clicked and opened.

When the jail door opened, the slave ship captain looked at me in disbelief.

「No fucking way… The key is in my shoe soles!」

He hid it in a troublesome place. Maa, if I didn’t have this 『Thieves King’s Wire』 I could interrogate him and search the whole ship for it. But because it’s troublesome, I just used my special wire and opened it without effort.

All the slaves are women and children.
There were no 『Subordinate Collar』 but all of them were tied with rope. Several people seem to be beaten… painfully.

『All Area Heal』

They were surprised when I used wide area recovery magic, especially the beautiful looking woman with golden fox tail. Maybe she’s a mage.
I was glad that there were no scar left, but I must not use this carelessly.

「Barbarossa, please bring them to the ship. Roxas, prepare the bath and some hot meal. Everyone else will help Barbarossa and Roxas. Someone interrogate the crew. Find out where they capture the slaves. You may do whatever you want with them」

Everyone nods and moves according to my instructions. I headed to the captain’s cabin and tried to find any material about the empire, but someone shows up on the map at the end of the ship.


I began to walk following the map but I ran into a wall. There’s a person. But it’s a dead end.
I looked back and stared at the captain, he panicked and turned his face away. Suspicious…

「Hey, what is in this thing?」

「N-nothing… It’s just a wall」

He looked even more suspicious…
I remembered a karate move and hit the wall with it. When my fist hit, the wall crumbled down with a loud noise.

Before me was a small room and a single prison.
However it was not a normal prison, chains with some pattern were wrapped around the iron grid and created some sort of seal.

I got into the small room and saw several dull silver lights shining on a body.
There was a woman hung on a cross.

Surprise surprise… Someone stole my translation…

I don’t know whether to feel grossed or honored, then I decided to get angry instead.

I had seen the site and I’m planning to try something on my next chapter upload.

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