YTIF 12. What the Moon Priests Wants

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YTIF 11. Conversations that Don’t Advance are Unpleasant


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TouranーI muttered her name to make sure I remembered it. Come to think of it, it’s the first time I used another person’s name in this world.

「So, who are you, child?」

*kukuku* Touran laughed.
Ha? Didn’t she already knew who I am? As if she read my thoughts, Touran shakes her head and her hair waved in the air.

「I’m not asking who “They” think you are, it’s about who “You” think you are…. Different, isn’t it?」

「ah… right…」

I don’t want to listen to anyone who admire me as 『Guardian of Scarlet Dawn』. I guess it’s easy for her to guess that I didn’t like the title 『Guardian of Scarlet Dawn』. She probably knows that I threw tantrums to the maids when I first came here.

I don’t know exactly how much authority or power this trapped woman or the 『Moon Priests』 had, but as an organization that could move freely inside the castle, I’d say that they had some special position to some extend.

(TL: I don’t really know about this. Can someone help me?  正直城の奥深くにある座敷牢に閉じ込められたTenshiのなり損ないとやらにどれだけの権限があるかなんてさっぱり分からないが、月天官、という少なくとも城内を自由に動くことの出来る組織を抱えている以上、それなりに特殊な立場にあると考えていいだろう。)

「I am Minafuchi Kaya. A high school student.」

I answered briefly. A high school student. If I couldn’t think about anything better to express myself.

「Kaya. Standing between the heaven and the people. Sounds like someone who can protect others from storms.」

「Like those reinforced roof? Well, the word certainly contains characters from my name」

「The one who protects and leads the people. It was the route that often taken by the Guardian of Scarlet Dawn」

I don’t exactly know how did my name related to the Guardian of Scarlet Dawn. Protect and lead the people? Is that how I protect Tenshi?

At the moment my head began smoking, Touran waved her long sleeve that spreads heavily and flutters in the wind. I can sense her sneering and sigh from her voice.

「… We can’t have a conversation if I’m the only one who’s talking. Honestly, it’s no fun at all. Well, it can’t be helped. Then, let’s slowly teach you about Guardian of Scarlet Dawn」

Finally we entered the main subject. *hmph* Why should I entertain you with some petty chat?

「Guardian of Scarlet Dawn is one of Tenshi’s line of defense. The one who maintains and protects Tenshi’s 『Loyalty』」

….. I heard that already.
There must be some more explanation to it. I glared at Touran. Touran tilted her head in amusement.

「That’s all?」

「The word that can express Guardian of Scarlet Dawn is limited to this. However since you came all over here, I will answer everything Kaya wanted to know」

She clearly enjoyed making fun of me.
My emotional self began thinking about leaving this place and go back to the room but my rational self holds it down.
Touran will answer anything I asked. Let’s be rational here.

「….Ja, the first one. What does Tenshi’s 『Loyalty』means?」

I didn’t understand what it is so I don’t know what is Guardian of Scarlet Dawn. I didn’t know anything regarding Tenshi as well. I need to gather information. Let’s use this opportunity to the fullest.

「Tenshi is an existence between heaven and man, it’s the existence who brought day and peace into this world. When Tenshi wakes up, the sun rises. When he sleeps, the sun sets. Therefore, anyone who were born in this Scarlet World do not dare to oppose Tenshi. In that way, Tenshi became arrogant. He treat himself as the most important person and started to treat those around him as he likes. If day-night cycle stops, the people can’t live their life.」

「So basically he’s a tyrant?」

「Correct. In this castle, Tenshi dictates everything」

As an incarnation of 『day』, aren’t you a bit too dark? Oh the irony.

「Guardian of Scarlet Dawn is always someone from the Blue World. They are the most noble and virtuous person. That’s why Guardian of Scarlet Dawn is the only one who can oppose Tenshi. ……. yoi ka, Kaya. Guardian of Scarlet Dawn is someone who will not prostate in front of Tenshi, but someone who stood up against him. It’s an existence that prevent Tenshi from doing something overboard and remind Tenshi to take care of the people」

….. Ah, I see. That’s how the 『Loyalty』is protected.

In short, watching an idiot before he went too far. Aa… So even if I don’t show any respect to Tenshi, it didn’t even matter. Because being annoyed by Tenshi is one of the job description.

For the people of this world it’s fine if I point out Tenshi’s mistakes and refusing to serve him. After that the ruler (Tenshi) will see his mistakes and changes himself ….Will he even change?

「Fufu… Did you noticed something important?」

Touran giggled *kukuku*.

「Tenshi’s death, If he dies then the crown is lifted」

「Crown? But when I saw him yesterday, I don’t see anything on that bastard’s head」

「It’s not an actual crown. It’s something located around his forehead」

She basically said that Tenshi’s crown was a metaphor of his proof of authority, but I’m not quite sure. Maa, it can’t be touched nor seen but he’s wearing some kind of a crown, isn’t he?

「That crown is proof of Tenshi. Therefore… Only the 『Guardian of Scarlet Dawn』 can remove that crown from Tenshi. Only the person who can give their whole being and go against Tenshi」

「……………. So it’s possible to force him down from the throne?」

「That’s not all. 『Guardian of Scarlet Dawn』 also have the ability to pass the crown to another person」

「Eh? To that extend?」

In spite of being repeated, Touran nodded. She fanned herself while enjoying my reaction, then she started to talk again.

「There is only one Heavenly Crown. Therefore when someone had chosen as a Tenshi, no one can take the crown. When a child is born with divine protection, the child of the night will become the incarnation of the day」


「That’s right. Tenshi’s failure will be the moolight and protect the peace of the night. That is the 『Moon Priest』」

Geh… I heard everything.
A soldier with jade clothes said that Touran was the Lord of the 『Moon Priest』.

「……….fuun. In other words, you are telling me to crown you as Tenshi. Isn’t that right, Touran?」

Finally everything is connected. Just knowing who you are looking at makes me felt better.

「Then, if I made you the Tenshi, will you return me to my world?」

Touran picked the edge of the paper with her fingertip and turned it up a little. Before I can move on, I need to draw some arc.

「…. The reason no one told me anything about this. Confused after being dragged into another world, there’s no way I wouldn’t torn off Tenshi’s crown, right?」

「That’s right. Tenshi who lost the crown can’t make the day rises. As long as the 『Guardian of Scarlet Dawn』 doesn’t grant the crown to anyone, everyone will gradually die」

It made me feel terrible however, I am tempted to do so.
I would like to return to the original world and I didn’t care if this world was destroyed. I could take the crown from Tenshi by force, destroys everything in this world, and then leave like nothing happened.
So I thought things would be.

「ーThis is the worst」

It sucks…

Even though everything was crystal clear, there was an awful feeling in my chest…

YTIF 11. Conversations that Don’t Advance are Unpleasant

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