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Enjoy chapter 70

Since it’s quite important, I gathered everyone in the courtyard.
While waiting for Melby to call everyone out, I made some pot with 【Earth Spirit Magic】 as target practice.

「This is amazing! These can be sold for money! The only thing we need to do is some glaze and bake them!」

Alfred-tousan seem to take some interest in the pots.
Is the process really that simple?

As everyone gathered, I made a wall about 2 meters high and 3 meters wide at the end of the courtyard. Then I made a stand and arrange the pots on them.

「It’s going to make a loud sound, will it bother the neighbors? 」

「I don’t know about the neighbors, but the guards may come if they heard loud noises」

「In that case, can you silence it with 【Wind Magic】?」

Julia-kaasan covered the courtyard with her 【Wind Magic】.
Hee, so this will prevent the sound from leaking… I’ll remember it.

「Jaa, I’ll start」

I hold the handgun and shoot a pot about 10 meters away.
The pot shattered with a loud sound.
Just like before, I shoot the other 2 pots and they shattered as well.

「ーAnd that’s how you use a gun」

When I looked back, everyone was looking at the broken pots in disbelief, all of them are dumbfounded.

「Wait a second, that little gun, how did you make the lead ball fly? I can’t see the ball at all」

(TL: Before you lynch me, that world don’t know anything about gun, of course they don’t know the word bullet)

Moria said that in shock.
Even Moria who had 【Discern】 couldn’t see the bullets. As for me, it was barely visible. Moria’s 【Discern】 is level 3, whilst mine is level 5. I think to be able to see the bullet, you need at least level 4. Maybe level 5 if you’re really careful.

(TL: 【見切り】 maybe discern. Maybe not)

「Moreover, there’s no need to pull it like a bow. Ed shoot it just by pulling the nail-like parts with his fingers. The mechanism is similar to crossbow, but crossbow needs a considerable effort and power to reload it」

Chester-niisan said so.

「Niisan, want a shot?」

「Can I?」

Niisan took the handgun.
He followed my shooting stance and held the gun towards the target pot.
Even though it was also my first time shooting a gun, I think I handled it well.

Almost as the same time as the sound *Don*, the pot shatters with a loud noise.
Chester-niisan slid his aim to the side and continued to shoot the other jar.
As expected from someone with shooting aptitude, his accuracy is amazing.

「This is…… this weapon is dreadful…」

Niisan looked at the rising smoke and muttered with a scary face.

「Does the snipers Ed was talking about use this weapon?」

「No, snipers use a more precise gun. This handgun can’t shoot far enough」

「I agree, this weapon’s range is not long enough… It will be more applicable if the range is about 5 times more」

Although it’s not detailed, 50 meters is the effective range.
Chester-niisan had figured out the range of the gun on the first look.

「Sniper seems to be able to shoot accurately from 200 meters away.
Niisan has good eyes so you should be able to do that」

It would be wonderful if I had one these on Ranzrack Fortress.
You should be able to snipe Goleth, the leader of 〈Black Wolf Fang〉,  from the top of the Fortress without problem.

However, since there were HP in this world, it may be difficult to shoot Goleth down in 1 blow. Even so, Goleth won’t be able to load his spears and it will make the battle into a one-sided-massacre.

While I was thinking, Alfred-tousan took the gun from Chester-niisan and tried it.
Dad who was not good with bows had shot 1 of the 2 pots provided, but he seemed to understand the convenience of the gun.
Dad said.

「This is a terrifying weapon. It will be effective against demons, but it will be brutal against human enemies. If the enemy had something like this… I can understand why Ed is so cautious. So what are you going to do, Ed? Should we just mass produce this weapon to counter them?」

「In the worst case, that will be our only plan. But to prevent that scenario, we can monitor the material distribution for the guns and the ammunitions. I would like to build a position to investigate any abnormalities in the distribution immediately」

「That Kizaki person, is it possible that he was reincarnated in Santamana?」

「Un… That’s why, I need an information network that covers at least the major cities in the whole continent. Either way, if we try to mass produce guns, we need a lot of economic and industrial strength, so I think we need to watch over the big cities」

「Even so, assuming mass production is impossible, is it possible that the reincarnator arms his closest aides?」

「Regarding that, he needs to have some previous life’s knowledge about gun-fight」

「Can we use Chester’s troop as an experiment?」

「I see, so niisan will be the first one? ……Sorry niisan. You are involved in weird things」

「Iya, I don’t mind. In fact, I’d rather be informed in this matter since it’s important」

「Anyway niisan, I want to make a special unit armed with guns, can you gather some trustworthy prople and fit for shooting? This is to oppose the enemies forces and to identify the problems and weakness in managing guns. There are magic, skills, and statuses in this world. Depending on the creativity, there are also a possibility where we can compete with the past generations of weapons」

Suddenly, Mom asked.

「Wait a minute, Edgar-kun.
That means in the previous life you never had magic, skills, and statuses?」

「Un. I don’t have those.
It seems that this world’s Good Gods developed this system to counter Evil Gods」

「Eeee…… i see」

Julia-kaasan was surprised and impressed.
For the people in this world magic, skills and statuses are normal and natural, they can’t imagine a world without those things.

「That’s why, I think magic is important.
We can’t knock a high-speed bullet with wind like arrows but we can make thick walls, evaporate the bullets in high-temperature flame, or slow it down with water barrier. There are a lot of things to counter guns」

「Un…… The solutions you provided… it’s going to exhaust a lot of MP」

Julia-kaasan thought with a troubled face.

「How about we dig trenches as protection for simple countermeasure?」

「Oh, I was thinking about teaching that to the knights」

「Originally, trenches are born in a battlefield that uses guns, so it’s doable」

「I see. So as countermeasure against guns, we can use magic warfare strategy」

「Dad, regarding the manufacture of guns, can you introduce me a trustworthy and skilled craftsman?」

「A craftsman eh… I have a few acquaintances in the royal city.
However, he only stay only when he need to report to His Majesty, the King. So it may be difficult to get his help in a long term」

「Still, I want to know the metal processing technology in this world. It may be different from my world」

Because there’s magic, I think that technology of this world is not that low. If you are doing metallurgy with magic and skill, it should be more convenient. Just like alchemy, processing metal directly should be convenient.

「I understand, I’ll introduce you then.
ーBut it’s been a long time since I contact him」

Alfred-tousan averted his gaze to Beck who was sitting on the bench in the courtyard.

「Ed, is there anything else you want to ask?」

「Oh, only one thing.
etto…… I want to make Steph stronger」

「fue? me?」

Hearing her name called suddenly, Steph jumped from her seat.
………Guessing from her reaction, it seemed that she can’t follow the story so far.

「Yup. I am interested in how far a person without a skill in battle would fare in war」

When I said that, tousan had a troubled face.

「Wait a minute, Ed. Steph is Popurus-san’s daughter. Isn’t making her fight will be a problem?」

「But, is it bad to learn to protect yourself?」

「That… that’s true」

「Actually, when this mansion was attacked by 〈Yatagarasu〉, Gazaine took Steph as a hostage. Now that she were close with me, it may be dangerous for her in the future」

「I see… But if it’s too dangerous for Steph, shouldn’t we find a former adventurer to serve as a maid?」

Well… I didn’t anticipate that argument.
Having a former adventurer as a maid will be convenient.
While recalling what happened before, I prepared a counterargument.

「…Imagine something similar happened again. A top assassin like Gazaine as your opponent. Therefore, we need to raise her. Taking advantage from my experiences, I want to research how to raise inexperienced people to protect themselves. Of course, I will protect Steph」

After hearing my words, Alfred-tousan considered the situation.
Then he went to Steph.

「Steph-san. What do you think? There may be danger if you keep being around Ed. Even if you are not working with Ed, I’ll make sure that nothing bad will happen to you.
Please think about it. Will you strengthen yourself by training with Ed, or will you resign to avoid danger?」


Steph kept her eyes close and started to think.
Dad looking at her,

「You don’t have to decide it right away. Take your tiー」

「No, it’s fine」

Blocking dad’s words, Steph moves forward.
Steph kneeled in front of me and looked straight into my eyes.

「Ed-bochama, please help me grow stronger」

Steph is so serious that I was almost drop my shoulders.
I thought this was a refusal.

「Though I do nothing but fumble and am always causing trouble, bocchama never got mad at me. Even when he fell down the stairs at the mansion in Corvette Village, while he should have been in pain himself, he used magic to save me who came falling afterwards. On top of that, he even protected me when I was being scolded by Julia-okusama」(TL: Thank you, Jorgelotr)

So that happened.
When I thought about it, everytime Steph made a mistake, I always protected her. I don’t know who was the master in this relationship.

「Lately, when I’m free, he even teach me various things. My master, thanks to Ed-bochama, I am able to do not only addition and substraction, but also multipication and division. Furthermore, I can count numbers correctly even only for small digit numbers」(TL: thank you, Karma)

「I see…… Then, you can help Populus-san. Populus-san has decided to help doing my business. When his daughter comes to help, Populus-san would be happy」

Populus is the village chief of Trenadette and Steph’s father.
I heard that he was chosen as the chief thanks to his ability as a peddler.

However, when you get used to the village life, you seem to miss the business world. This time, he got some investment from Dad.
In fact, I’m also bite one or two pieces of the shop, but it’s a story for later time.

「No, Master. I will not come to help father. Ed-bochama」


「I wish to study under Ed-bochama, I wish to know the pleasure of learning for the first time. It’s just been a while, but I enjoyed every bit of it. Studying, working, failing, there are so many things that I didn’t know and I’m glad to be able to do so. I have never had anything that I can do. Therefore, if you tell me to learn how to fight, then I will do so.
I want to be strong so I can stand next to this boy. That’s why…… etto…」

Steph was troubled with word and flustered.
After taking a deep breath, she continued.

「S-so… Please let me work for you…」

Steph put all her feeling in those words.

「…Thank you. Let’s work together, Steph」

I gave her my appreciation…

Sniper seems to be able to shoot accurately from 200 meters away

Snipers’s effective range is about 600-800 meters. The world record is 3.5 km.

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No Fatigue 77. Alfred-tousan’s Magic Title And Epic Battle
No Fatigue 71. Skill Magic

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