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I changed Count into Earl because the machine kept translating it as Earl and I kept forgetting to change it into Count.

I was almost done with the chapter before I realized it, so I said ‘fuck it’ and kept it as Earl.

Here’s chapter 14

Earl Allan guided us to a gorgeous mansion… no… it’s a security faculty for the Chivalric Order. He seemed to hate useless luxury.
Even so, the furniture looked expensive, Barbarossa told me later that there were a few famous things that rarely seen even among aristocrats.
It’s the first time we were surrounded by so many treasures.
I wonder if this guy used all of them.

「We humbly thank you for helping Viscountess Adelhide Bernstein of Valentine Kingdom, a friend of Saint Drag Kingdom」(TL: Can someone paraphrase it?)

Sadly, the place is no more.
Adelle were actually a noble of a destroyed country.
Everyone from the Pirates of the Round Table were surprised. Both Barbarossa and Roxas as well. The only exception was Claudia.

「The Valentine Kingdom only cares about your competence so even a woman can be a noble」

「Then why didn’t you tel-」

「Iyaa, I think it would be more interesting if I kept it a secret」

Claudia was laughing happily.

(TL: I don’t think this is important but here’s the raw. クローディアは気楽に自分に接してくれたアデルの事を気に入り、アデルもまた同じ捕まった仲とでもいうのか。事実を知っても特に畏まったりせずに気楽に接してくれるクローディアの事を気に入って二人とも友人のような感じになっていた。)

「Count Alan, I am not a viscountess anymore. Both my parents died and our kingdom was destroyed. Now I am only Adelhide Bernstein. A vampire knight of a lost kingdom, and a member of Pirates of the Round Table」

「I see… What about… your people?」

「I fought against the Empire to let them escape but… most of them fell. I think I am the only surviving True Vampire…」

「Even so, I am glad that we can meet you in safe condition. The King will be pleased」

Earl Allan smiled brightly. The knight finally smiled after knowing Adelle was safe. (TL: help pls… 最初であった時は凛々しいまさに武人という感じだったのだが余程Adelleが無事だったのが嬉しいのかもしれない。)
Did Adelle know the King personally? We just saved an unexpected character.

After Adelle finished her story, Earl Allan faced me.
While trying not to be frightened by his gaze, I tried to look a bit more ‘dignified’.

「We need to ask something from the Pirates of the Round Table」

「Okay, go on…」 (TL: taking some liberty here)

「You told us that you escaped from the Empire, can you tell us anything that you know about the Empire’s current state of affair? Of course we had placed spies in the Empire but we need every information from every source」

「I understand. I will tell you everything we know」

Since Earl Allan knew Adelle personally,
I think it’s alright to share information with him.


Since it will take some time, I ordered everyone else to go shopping.
The remaining ones are Barbarossa, Claudia, Adelle, and me.

I started my report.
I was summoned from another world.
Then sent to prison and couldn’t use magic.
Saw a number of battleships.
It had just attacked somewhere and brought back a large number of prisoners of war.
Then I blew up a majority of battleship when I escaped.

The Earl blew his drink at the moment I told the last point.

「Wait wait wait, can you repeat it once more? I think I heard it wrong… I thought I heard you destroying hundreds of ships and more」

「I didn’t really count it, but there were huge ships… maybe it was a frigate. There were about 120 of them. And about 40 of the smaller sized ones… I think they’re called Caravel. I just put a little gimmick on their hull, but I failed to wreck some of them. Most of them sink instantly when as they exploded. But at least some of them wrecked and became useless」

「Big boss, we encountered a fleet on the way out」

Barbarossa added my report from my back. I totally forgot about it.

「And then we sank down 3 vessels that we encountered on our escape and a prisoner ship. We let the prisoners take one of the ship and headed east. The last surviving ship was sending the soldiers back home. We also gave them a warning that if we meet them again, there will be no second chance」

Earl Allan and Adelle were both stunned by my report.

「How did he sink those fleet…」
「Realy… the fleet that destroyed my home…」

They muttered like they were amazed.

「I wanted to say ‘Company Secret’, but in reality I summoned a bunch of monsters with explosion ability and attached them to their hull. Then I ordered them to explode at the same time」(TL: In case you didn’t catch it, he lied about how the bombs work to make it more believable)

Earl Allan was running the feather pen in full speed to record everything I said.
I only could see a bit of it, but his writing is tidy. (TL: ‘Beautiful writings’… what the hell was I thinking?)

「I see… No one expects underwater attack. If Masaki-dono can dive that long, it will take time but it’s possible. But how did you breathe?」

「I made air using wind magic. It’s not hard to keep air in one place」

「To be able to use magic like that… It would be easy for Masaki who can fly in the sky like the report said」

I didn’t lie. I heard from the twins that air can be kept like that.
I just didn’t use it since I can breathe underwater.
I think that summoning 【Time Bomb】 may also be possible.

「Where does the prisoners came from?」

「Since I was kept in prison, I don’t know about it. The only thing that I saw from a distance was beastmen who looked like wolves and beastmen with cat-like tail」

「I see… So maybe they are from the south」

The south is an area with a lot of beastmen population, it was also said that their country were also destroyed.

Then I reported to Earl Allan what I known for a long time.

Barbarossa fought with the Empire along with the pirates from the south.
Pirates in these parts fought hand in hand with the Empire, the weak pirates anchored and ended up became bandits and thieves.

Adelle was taken as prisoner after losing a war with the Empire.

Claudia was taken prison while fighting as an adventurer near the Empire.

A butler came in while we were reporting and served us cakes and tea.
I usually don’t drink tea, but it was really delicious.
The tea cakes were delicious as well… but my cookie from cooking skill 【Taste Essence】 was still better. How far will this skill goes?

When all the talks were over, the sun was set and it was evening.

「Thank you for your information today. I think that I will head to the kingdom tomorrow to report my data, will you come with me?」

「Of course. If you accompany an Earl, you can enter the Kingdom without difficulty. There’s no way I would refuse」

I bowed politely.
Courtesy is important so I kept using it, especially in modern society.
Even as a Big Boss, I can’t act freely like a pirate even among the nobility.

「I had arranged some accommodation for you to rest on your stay. Since the Kingdom is cold, I had prepared some warm clothes for you」

「I will gladly take that offer」

「For you who destroyed the Empire’s naval force, it is just a small appreciation for what you did. There will be a proper prize from his Majesty later. You should expect it」


This way, we are acquainted with Earl Allan and we got some luxurious accommodation that he offered.

After a while, the people who went out to shop came back to inn.
It seemed the place were too pretentious and we were stopped by the guard. Thankfully Adelle were able to explain the situation to the guard and we could enter the building.
People always willing to listen to a beautiful woman. That guard, his eyes were fixed to her chest.

After the others were back, we explained what happened with the Earl.
Earl Allan said that if we do well, we might became a pirate directly under the kingdom.

「Is it okay to not enter the marine?」

「If we get in, we need to discipline ourselves and cooperate with other people. If that happened, we won’t be able to fight freely like before and we will suffer from complaints if the marines are suddenly increased. The Earl-sama understand it」

Barbarossa replied to Roxas’ question.

Pirates should act like pirates, and that is for the best.
The one who protect the country are marines.
Us pirates fight in the sea as rogue.
There’s no need to go beyond the light and darkness.

「Yosh, you guys. It’s time to sleep」


I ordered everyone to sleep. Even so, I allowed them to drink lightly, but we have to go to the kingdom tomorrow. Some of them went to drink and the others went into the luxurious bed to sleep immediately.

Barbarossa was gulping down the liquor and Roxas was there to keep him from going too drunk. When the time comes he will stop by himself, so I think it’s alright.
And so, we recharged ourselves in the luxurious inn.

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