This is Just Me Ranting

Just my rants about ads and leechers.

Move along, people…

Meigyoku no Almaine volume 1 Illustrations part 2
Another suggestion box

I was researching about ads when someone told me

“Why are you so focused about ads?”
“For money of course!”
“Isn’t donation enough? Not to mention the drop in your quality as well”

The words hit me like a truck (No I’m not transported to another world). I was completely focused about finding a good CPM ads and dish out chapters like crazy without spend some time to grammar check it.As you can see in my late 3-5 chapters, there are tons of typos and translation errors because I didn’t care about the quality at all.

I remembered the reason why I started all this:

  1. TOEIC exam
  2. I want to read
  3. shit and giggles (obviously the most important)

I didn’t care about ads.
I didn’t care about money.
I didn’t care about other sites taking credit from my work.

I just translate because I want to read. And I just ruined thousands of people’s reading experience by using ads and popups.

Therefore I want to apologize for the trouble and I won’t use ads anymore.
(unless I got into a financial crisis and in a dire need for money)

If you think my work should be rewarded, then please donate to my PayPal.


Thank you for reading my MTL


With love,

Your Mayonnaise Coated Sea Arthropod.


PS: I may or may not host this translation elsewhere to remove the wordpress ads.

Meigyoku no Almaine volume 1 Illustrations part 2
Another suggestion box

9 thoughts on “This is Just Me Ranting”

  1. Just please no video Ads, sometimes the Video Ads obstruct reader joy. Its from my opinion coz some translations have that problem

  2. You’re a good man! The latest chapter is much easier to read compared to the last few! Thanks for your hard work!

  3. I won’t mind about the ads though but no vids ads is great, my phone is the old xperia z, and you should know that this phone can overheat over a few mins, so vid ads make my phone slow and that eats my batterys…
    Thx for your translations, and it’s free to read so I don’t mind ads.

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