Isekai GM 15. A Bad Premonition

Isekai GM 14. Earl Allan
Isekai GM 16. Sea God Leviathan


It was morning.
I washed my face to make me feel fresher. As I headed out, I saw Adelle swinging her sword in a vacant lot.
Her blurring sword matched her unorthodox movement.
I felt pity to her enemies. Since soldiers often fight with standard movement, they couldn’t fight her at all.
But we must not forget that soldiers can use their numbers as a weapon. In the end, number defines the battle.

「Morning, Masaki-dono」

She greeted me as I came out of the inn.
Back on the ship, I often found her training alone on the deck.

「Do you need a practice partner?」
「I’ll stop for now, thanks for the offer. Even if the wounds would heal immediately, I don’t think I should show that in the city」
「Is that so… I’m on my usual morning jog. What are you going to do?」
「I’ll come with you. It’s nice to be able to run along the sunrise」

I could hardly contain my smile as I imagined Adelle smiling innocently while running along the sunrise.
It would take years for me to forget that image. I forced down that feeling and started running.

「Yosh, let’s go. The last one makes coffee in the room」
「ah, oi wait for me!」

I ran ahead without waiting. I have an imagination to kill.

Both of us ran around the town, many people could be seen preparing their own shop.
Some could be seen sleeping on the corner of the road with empty bottles in their arms. To be able to sleep like this meant that the security was good. Even so, having someone sleep outside isn’t really a good news.

We finished our morning jog and returned to the inn.
Even with 【Physical Ability Up (XL)】, Adelle still beat me without breaking a sweat.
Even my body understood that.

It’s my loss. I’m afraid that she was faster than me.

After returning to the inn, I made some coffee but I was stopped by a knocking on the door. There was Adelle enjoying coffee in the 『Room』. I served some cookies and sweets. Today’s cookies is chocolate.

「Please come in…」

I thought it was an underling but Earl Allan came in instead.

「Pardon my intru- Oh it smells nice. What is this room? This hotel shouldn’t have anything like this…」

Ah… It couldn’t be helped. I didn’t want him to know this but… let’s explain it very briefly.

「I used magic that leads to a certain airspace. In this place, we have water supply and housekeeping, there’s a bath here as well. Because it’s too convenient, I hope Earl would keep it as a secret. Here is some “hush money” for you」 (TL: In case you didn’t realize, he skipped a lot of detail about the 『Room』)

I present a cup of coffee to Earl Allan.

「This magic is surely amazing… I haven’t seen a lot of furniture-type Magic Artifact. If other nobles knows about this, they will waste no resource to obtain this magic. I’ll keep it a secret」

The coffee server comes with the so-called Magic Artifact.
It’s practical and convenient so it really helped us.

「Hoo… This is tasty and delicious」
「You should try this too. It’s Masaki’s handmade cookies. It’s a desert that’s way more delicious than those served in the royal palace」

Adelle who was enjoying coffee recommends the cookies that I made.
You really rate my cookies that high?

「Let’s see …My god, it surely is. Now I understand why all of you seemed so happy. I understand now. It has a special taste that can’t be described」

So he realized it’s greatness. Good.

「I’m honored for the praise. So what is your business today? There should be some time until our departure」
「That is the case but I received a report this morning」
「Yes. There is an empire ship heading to the kingdom. I thought about catching it but they seemed to have a wind mage」
「Only a ship… That is suspicious」

Suspicious indeed. Considering it’s the Empire, they had power to pulverize everything in their path.
But only 1 ship? You better think that there is something… I had a bad feeling.

「Let’s hasten our departure. I have a bad feeling」
「You think so too? But the report came in this morning and I am not ready for departure yet」
「Our luggage are prepared and our ship can leave immediately」
「Then please bring me and my subordinates. But I hope the bad feeling will wear off」「Then please do」

I drank my coffee in one gulp and gather all my undrerlings.
All of them gathered quickly. We held our baggage in one arm and prepared to leave immediately.
Wait a second!!! Claudia was still sleeping!!

「…Waa? I’ll take her there. Masaki-dono go ahead and meet the Earl」
「Sorry to bother you, I can’t just barge into a lady’s room」

Leaving Claudia to Adelle, we returned to the ship with the Earl’s men.
Soon, Adelle was arrived carrying the half-asleep Claudia.

She’s useless in the morning. yare yare…

「If you don’t wake up, I’ll confiscate the idiot sofa」
「I am awake! What a lovely morning!!」

Don’t change your attitude so quickly!!

We were a bit worn out, but with this we are prepared for departure.
After we paid our anchorage fee, we sailedimediately. To raise our speed, Paddle and Peddle used their wind magic to boost the sails.

I examined our surrounding. There are some ships similar to fishing boat here and there but as soon as I mark the fish I can understand this. Disguising as fishing boats eh? Unfortunately, I could identify them immediately.

It’s half a day travel by boat from this place to the kingdom. If we continue to use wind magic like this, the Earl said that we will catch them in an hour or two.
Paddle and Peddle consumed a lot of MP recovery potions. They worked really hard.

I was reworking my skills so I could fight anytime.

Passive skills:
– MP Auto-recovery (Medium)
– HP/MP Auto Recovery (Medium)
– Physical Ability Up (XL)
– Increased Close Combat Capability (Large)
– Increased Perception Ability (Large)
– Increased Leadership (Medium)

Active skills:
– Wave Sword
– Sonic Blade
– Grand Armor
– Air Raid

Because I need to protect the Earl as well, I set the defensive skill 【Grand Armor】 and the support skill 【Air Raid】 so I could float in the air for a certain period of time.

Both skills extends to my allies, 【Grand Armor】 will completely disable 3 attacks. But it consumes a lot of HP to cast. (TL: yes HP. not MP. Think of it as Templar Assassin’s 【Refraction Armor】 from DotA with HP cost)

【Air Raid】 gives my allies the ability to float. It’s to prevent them accidently falling into the sea and sinking. It can’t be used to fly in the sky like 【Wing】 but it can make you float on jump-height.

A voice resounded in my head after completing my skills.

《There are no suspicious signs in the surrounding. Continue patrolling》

It was Adelle’s voice. It was a telepathic line that mages use to communicate with each other.

Paddle and peddle seemed to know about it’s existence but they couldn’t use it without knowing the spell. Then Claudia taught them. Paddle and Peddle were able to use it immediately because it was surprisingly easy to remember.

My circumstances are special and a log came out the moment the voice reached my head. It’s a personal call called 『Whisper』 that players and GMs used.
As soon as I imagined it, I was able to use it.

At the same time, 『Party Communication』 can be used as well. It’s a feature that can convey your voice to your party members. Even though they can receive the telepathy, they can’t send anything back to me.

I haven’t tried 『Shout』. I couldn’t try this because the voice will travel far beyond the map.

《Affirmative. Tell me if you see anything》

I closed the telepathic line and fixed my sight to the sea, imagining a 『Map』map that only visible by me.

Since 『Map』 has 3-dimensional structure, I can see everything from the bottom of the ocean an even further underground.
We need to be more cautious for underwater attacks.
I maximized the size of the 『Map』 and lay a widespread warning net.

「At this speed, we should see the Kingdom soon. After that cliff, it’s our Saint Drag Kingdom」
「There are a lot artillery on that cliff… And also a fort. This way, it’s hard even for the Empire to use their numbers to attack」

According to the map, the Kingdom was standing on a cliff in the coast.
There was a military base on the cliff and the military base’s water canal was connected to a huge lake, it explains why it was also famous as a commercial port.
At the top of the cliff, there were a large numbers of artilleries. Regarding defense, it has considerable power.

However, I couldn’t shake this unpleasant feeling… It will soon became reality.

《Masaki-dono! It’s emergency! The sea god Leviathan is attacking the Kingdom!! The naval battle has begun! They are suffering from the damage!》

A huge shadow that had never be seen at the edge of the map came out and a message was sent from Adelle at the same time. At the same time as Adelle’s message, a huge shadow was seen on the edge of the 『Map』.

《I had confirmed it’s presence. I am heading for battle. Don’t act rashly!》

When it ended, the Earl who suspected that there was something spoke.

「Did something happened?」
「The sea god Leviathan came and attacking the Kingdom this very second」
「What!? Why would Leviatha-」
「I don’t know. However, the damage has been done. I will go on ahead. Paddle, Peddle! Full speed ahead! Barbarossa! Give them the orders! I’m counting on you!!」
「「「Aye Aye Sir!!!」」」
I buffed my allies with 【Protect All】 and 【Quick Bite】 to strengthen their physical defense and increase their attack speed. Furthermore, we arranged the support using Grand Armor and Air Raid.
I took out some HP and MP potions to recover. The fact that I need potions this early is a bit disappointing.

「Masaki-dono. Onegaishimasu!」
「Of course!!」

Responding to the Earl’s request, I headed straight to Leviathan using 【Wing】.

At the end of the cliff, a huge shape that couldn’t be compared to something as petty as a frigate ship, A dragon whose strength comparable to gods was shaking in rage.

Passive Skill:
MP Auto-recovery (Medium) (Magic Fencer)
HP/MP Auto Recovery (Medium) (Lord Paladin)
Physical Ability Up (XL) (Grappler)
Increased Close Combat Capability (L) (Dark Road Knight)
Increased Perception Ability(L)(Assassin)
Increased Leadership (Medium) (Guild Leader)

Active Skills:
Wave Sword (High Knight – Road Paladin)
Sonic Blade (Swordsman)
Grand Armor (High Knight)
Air Raid (Magic Fencer)

Isekai GM 14. Earl Allan
Isekai GM 16. Sea God Leviathan

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