Isekai GM 16. Sea God Leviathan

So I got cold.
Since I can caught cold, that means I’m not an idiot!

No update next week (or until I got better)

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So I caught a cold.
Since I can caught cold, that means I’m not an idiot!

No update next week (or until I got better)

Adelle couldn’t believe her own eyes.
The Sea God Leviathan was destroying war vessels like nothing.

The Kingdom retaliated desperately, shooting artillery and magic, but the water membrane around Leviathan deflects them without doing much damage. It’s 【Water Breath】 shattered the Kingdom’s war vessels into thousands little pieces.

In addition, some sea serpents were destroying both fishing ships and war vessels without discrimination.
Because of their numbers, the knights were having trouble fighting them.
(TL: Leviathan came with his families and kids)

But she must contact her benefactor first… She send a thought to Masaki.
It seemed that he had noticed it as well. His perception ability was even greater than Adelle.

《I confirmed it’s presence. I am heading for battle. Don’t do anything reckless!》

She closed the telepathic connection to Masaki and threw a 【Mana Spear】 towards the nearest sea serpent who was aiming for a fisherman.

The spear penetrated it’s head and it died instantly.

「Y-you saved me… but what happened here?」
「Think about it later. Evacuate immediately」
「Tha-thank you for helping us! Thank you!」
「You’re welcome. Now hurry up!」


Right after she saved a fisherman, another one screamed for help. Many people fish in the canal because there were no enemies there.

Adelle threw 【Mana Spear】 one after another to the sea serpents, most of them died with a hole in their neck but there were too many of them.

The sea serpents fought back and release 【Water Breath】 to Adelle.
She avoided them but their sheer number drove her into a corner.

《Don’t do anything reckless》

She remembered Masaki’s last word. However, if she fell back now, the sea serpents would flock again and attack the other ships. If she waited another second, the warship will sink.

(Don’t do anything reckless… But if I don’t then the life before me will…)
Adelle thought briefly.

(…I wonder if he would save me again)

She was lost in thought in a battle.

The serpents didn’t miss the chance. Her escape was delayed for a moment and a 【Water Breath】 severed one of her arm.


Although she could act under the sun, Vampire is the strongest at night. Her self-healing capability dropped significantly and she couldn’t hope to recover until night.

The sea serpents kept blasting 【Water Breath】 to hunt her down.
Adelle didn’t attack and prioritized only on her evasion, but some sea serpents were heading to a weakened warship.

「Oh crap!!」

At this rate, the fishermen will…
A 【Water Breath】 was aimed to the warship, Adelle stood right in and stretch 【Mana Wall】 to defend.

The other sea serpents joined in and shot 【Water Breath】 towards her.


Adelle let out a heartbreaking voice. Not a knightly voice but a damsel in distress seeking for help.
Just before the breaths were released, a gigantic fire spear stabbed all of their heads and vaporize each breaths.

「I made it in time! Are you alright!?」

It was Masaki’s voice.


That was dangerous!! I barely got there in time!
Even if I flew at full speed, flying across the map still took a considerable time.
When I arrived, Adelle was risking her body to protect a warship from water breaths.
Even though I just told her not to act recklessly… It’s good to help other people, but you need to take care of your own life.

I continued blasting sea serpents with 【Flame Javelin】 and vaporize their breaths.
It’s a strong form of multi-lock. The target is sea serpent’s head.

I imagined strongly and adjusted the mana, then multiple 【Flame Javelin】 appeared and pierced their heads.
All of them were killed splendidly. It feels refreshing.

Let’s heal Adelle’s injury first. She must be in pain now.

「Adelle… You are hurt. Here, suck my blood again」

I cancelled 【Invicibility】 and cut one of my arm with a mithril knife.

「I’m sorry… I got careless…」
「But you protected other people’s life. I can’t blame you for it. You did well」

I gently stroke her head as she suck my blood.
But I didn’t forget the battle.

They tried to shoot breaths again to us but I shot them down with another 【Flame Javelin】. Those sea serpents were just low-leveled mob. We need to haste.

Adelle gulped down my blood without stopping for a breath.
A sudden thought surged up inside me on the battlefield.  I desperately pushed and killed it. Right now, I need to concentrate on the battle.
(TL: Someone help pls 戦場にいる昂揚感なせいか押さえてる感情がにじみ出てくる。)

When Adelle finished drinking blood to a certain extent, her injury are healed completely. (TL: don’t know if she regrew her arm yet)
I chugged an HP potion to recover some HP.

「Sorry. Thanks for the help」
「I know you just recovered but we can’t take a break now. I’ll draw the Leviathan’s attention. You go defeat the minions. Sorry for the absurd request」
「No worries. You won’t make the same mistake as I do, right?」
「Of course. Let’s go!」


We decided to act separately. I reset 【Invincibility】 as I moved and wiped the surrounding sea serpents with 【Homing Flame Javelin】.
With their numbers reduced, I could finally focus on the gigantic body in front of me. I charged a 【Flame Javelin】, enough to blow the mast of a warship into dust, and shot it right into the Sea God Leviathan.

And the result was…
Why the hell didn’t it work at all!?!

Even if the elemental match-up was bad, it had enough power to blow away a frigate ship.

The 【Flame Javelin (L)】 which could evaporate even the surrounding water hit it’s abdomen, but couldn’t even burn one of it’s scale.

「Should I change the attribute?」

The Leviathan looked at me who managed to blew away it’s water membrane.
But for now, my goal of attracting it’s attention was a success.

It opened it’s gigantic mouth and unleashed a giant 【Water Breath】.
The size was so big, it made the sea serpent’s water breath look like a toy water gun.

But it’s breath was negated by my 【Invicibility】. After the 【Water Breath】 settled, I remained hovering in place without moving an inch.
I wondered if it felt surprised.
He looked really confused.

In that case, I will return the favor.
If it could do this much, then let’s test something out.

「【Vortex Burst】」

The highest tier wind spell, it’s the strongest thunder attribute spell that I could remember.
The MP cost couldn’t be compared with 【Flame Javelin】 but it shouldn’t affect my flight. Thanks to my GM equipment, the MP cost is reduced to a third.

Pale white light gathered in both of my hands and discharges electricity.
I gave a strong surging image and gave it a thrust, a huge thunder laser came out from my hands.

I had seen it in the game but looking at the real thing reminds me to a certain rail gun. (TL: maybe a reference to “To Aru Kagaku no Choudenjihou/A Certain Scientific Railgun”)
It looked more like a particle gun than a rail gun.

The 【Vortex Burst】 went straight to it’s enormous body… and that was it.

The water membrane sucked up the lightning plasma and regenerated instantly.

(It’s just a waste of MP!!)

Even though now I understood that thunder would not work, I still thought that my effort was wasted.
But this also served to draw Leviathan’s attention.

I thought it would shoot another 【Water Breath】, but I was thrown away by a 【Water Tornado】.

I could negate magic and physical attacks with 【Invincibility】 but it could only negate natural attack to an extent, the wind flung me into the air. Even though there were no damage, the spinning made me feel sick. I wish dizziness was included as “status effect”.

《Masaki! Are you alright!?》
《Yeah, no problem. What about you?》

Judging from damage she received, it must be quite lively over there.
I couldn’t help but feel worried.

《I had tidied up some of them over here. We can afford to help the Kingdom as well. Right now, our men are doing some rescue》
《Understood. By the way, Adelle. There’s a reaction of a ship from the northwest. Can you please check them out?》

I moved my eyes to the edge of the map and there was a small reaction.
But now, I’ll busy dealing with the gigantic body before me.
I had tried 【Wind Blade】 and 【Rock Missile】 but all of them were blocked as well. I didn’t even need to test the water spell.

Since magic was no good, I tried testing the combination of 【Wave Sword】 and 【Sonic Blade】 but the water membrane greatly reduced it’s power. But I could see some scratches on the scales, so it meant the damage went through.

To avoid more damage, the Leviathan lifted it’s huge tail to slap me. I received it head-on and bounced off the ocean surface multiple times.

My vision spun around, but I didn’t feel as bad as the first time.
Maybe 【Status Effect Immunity】 won’t work unless it came in a from attack.

It seemed the dizziness that came from spinning was not negated at all. It swung it’s tail again towards me, but I rushed in to avoid it.

(This guy is persistent! But it’s time to end this!)

The most troublesome thing was the water membrane that protect it immediately. It reduced the damage from both magical and physical attacks.
In that case, I can just remove it. First, let’s shoot some 【Flame Javelin】.

I moved rapidly towards it’s gigantic body and strike it’s belly with full powered 【Flame Javelin】.
It’s eyes went pure white and the scales were burned.

(Now is the chance!) I cut down the body with 【Wave Sword】 before the water membrane regenerated.
I attacked 3 more times with increasing power. The attacks were not blocked by the water membrane and creates a large wound. It bled like waterfall.


The roar shook the whole space. So even a god will scream in pain.

But I was not done with this guy. The water membrane regenerated but I could just burn it again.
I will burn him, and cut him, and burn him again, and cut him again. Rinse and repeat, I should be able to bring this thing down.

I released my full-powered 【Flame Javelin】 made with considerable amount of MP.
Unfortunately, only half of my MP was left after shooting 【Vortex Burst】.
I chugged another MP recovery Potion. Suddenly a message came from Claudia.

《Masaki! You must not kill Leviathan!!!》

I don’t even have the strength to make some witty footnote.
Just play the usual game. (HA! You lost)
You know the game.

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