Isekai GM 20. The Otherworlders

Isekai GM 19. Nobility
Isekai GM Extra Episode 1 - A Day Off in the Kingdom

ED: Karuma

「That was the day I was summoned into this world!」

It was 7th of March 2020. Even though it was past midnight, I was called into this world while I was working late. I was on my way to get something to eat when it happened.

Jirou guessed right.
But at the same time, it was hard to believe that it happened 20 years ago.

「Where should I even begin… First of all, I’m a police officer, as you can see. I was looking for missing people while following my own analysis. Have you heard about an urban legend that some people who were playing online games went missing, even the GM?」

「Ah… I remember about it. Sometimes, there were some missing person reports being emailed to our department」

「I’m the same. Although the rumor existed for several years, the numbers increased recently. In my department, I’m the only one who could grasp the concept and played around with 『Sengoku Samurai Senki』 and do some in-game research on the missing person case. Suddenly the bright room I was playing in went dark and I was sent to this world as 『Shinobi Chief』 that I played. That was 20 years ago」

「But isn’t there too much of time difference?」

「As the result of my investigations in this world, you get called into this world regardless of the day and the year you exist. This conclusion was reached from various testimonies」

「There are others like us?」

「Although we are working on different missions right now, I’ll introduce them to you later.
Let’s return to the story for now.
The country that summoned me was destroyed by the Kingdom. That country tried to take control of me, but I used my shinobi skills, created a mass confusion, escaped into a wagon, and reached this country. But until then, I had only eaten a little food and was weakened considerably, then I lost my consciousness」

「Dear father picked up the weakened Jirou. From then on, Jirou has become dear father’s closest aide」

「Yep. Exactly as the prince said. King Roland and I fought together so many times and I did my best to make him the King」

The prince didn’t seem surprised when listening to our story.
He probably heard it from Jirou before, but Yoko and Adelle could barely follow our conversation.

「Yoko, do you understand anything?」
「Not at all…」

I didn’t intend to leave them as outsiders, but it was difficult to explain.
It’s impossible to have them join the conversation if they can’t understand the content.

「I was also investigating you when I investigating missing people report in the previous world. By the way, your parents seemed to start cultivating plants using vinylhouse」
(TL: A type of greenhouse using vinyl. Look it up)

「…what about my co-workers?」

When I was reminded of my original world, I was concerned with the co-workers I left behind.

「They were really worried. They think you got caught in an accident somewhere」

「I-is that so…」

I felt bad for making them worry. But this is not a regular accident.
This is a huge accident that transported someone to a totally different world.

「And now, the reason why we talked about this. The prince was telling you about a nasty guy. That person… came from our world. An otherworlder」

「Someone from our……」

It was the worst scenario. Having someone like Jirou would be reliable as a friend, but he would make a terrible enemy.

「I don’t know the name or the face, but that person was called 『Sniper Princess』 among the enemy soldiers. She uses long range weapons such as handguns, throwing knives, handguns, machinegun, rifles… However, she became nasty when she uses her heavy ranged weapons like rocket-launchers and anti-materiel rifle. Perhaps the game she played is…」(TL: The raw says 対物ライフル – taibutsu raifuru. Based on my googling skills, Taibutsu is a sort of lens to in science stuff. I think I’ll settle with the nastiest rifle in fallout universe)

「The VR FPS online game 『Commando City』 isn’t it?」

I caught Jirou’s words.
I played the game too. The players are placed as soldiers where gunfights were spread throughout the city.

「Exactly. That person is the guardian goddess of the iron fortress」

「Is that person that strong? Even if she attacked from a long distance, we can always bombard her with magic…」

Adelle bumped a question to Jirou.
Long range magical attack can reach somewhere about 400 meters.
If I do my best, I can probably reach something 600 meters away, but the accuracy would be terrible.

「…3 km」

Jirou only muttered a single word. I understood it immediately and put my hand on my forehead in desperation.

Both Adelle and Yoko didn’t understand the words.

It’s a monster.

「What’s going on?」

「The enemy’s sniping range is 3 km. Everyone who enters that range are in grave danger. It can even hit the armor behind a strong mithril shield」

「Are you kidding me!?」

「What the hell is that!? 」

Adelle and Yoko were surprised, but it surprised me as well. That is one nasty super-long-shooting range.
I have seen it in movies where people hit a flying pilot in the sky using guns.

And now, a person with the same skill like that is presented to us as an enemy.

「In that case, I have no other choice but going there. I can’t be hurt by any ordinary attacks」

I may be pushed by the bullet’s impact, but it can’t be as bad as an attack from the Leviathan.

「Sorry for burdening you」

「Since I became a noble, my active participation in missions like this is expected. It’s normal to help」

「 I’m sorry that your first duty is a high-risk mission, but having you around when we are there will give me a peace for my mind」

Eh? Is the prince coming?
Are you coming to the frontline?

「Are you coming with us as well?」

「Isn’t that obvious? If I stay indoors, it will shrink the morale of the army. The leader must inspire people by being in the front line!」

「Please don’t step in the front line. Everything will be over if you get shot」

Jirou tried to stop our high-spirited prince. This prince is probably a muscle-brain.

「Should I go alone or going together with the others?」

「A team of few elites is a good idea. Since this time we are flying through the sky, can you and Adelle-dono take 3 people?」

「But what about the prince? Hanging for a long time is a pain even though I take it with 【Wing】…」

「Don’t worry about that because I’m a 『Dragon Knight』, 《Dragner》. I have my own dragon. 3 people can ride it so you can rest assured」

Since he has his own dragon, then it’s fine.
I can do something about it, but I have some tricks that I don’t want to show here.

「Since Adelle is coming… How about Yoko? Barbarossa hates the sky and Roxas is currently serving the marines」

Roxas seemed to be busy as the “executive chef” for the marines.
Instead of swinging his sword, he turned it into a portable stove.
My rare sword Flame Blade might cry, I don’t really mind as long as he uses it effectively.

「It’s alright. I’m fine. I can use golems to flood the enemies」

「Then it’s been decided. I’ll take Yoko and Jirou with my flying dragon. The mission will start in morning the day after tomorrow. Don’t forget your own preparation」

「Very well then. Let’s finish this mission」

We nod after prince’s words and prepare for the mission the day after tomorrow.

TL: I’m testing something… Anyway, double chapter! Now go find 4!

ED: Another chapter done! and the plot thickens with the appearance of the 『Sniper Princess』. Hope you enjoyed this chapter see you in the next one!!

Isekai GM 19. Nobility
Isekai GM Extra Episode 1 - A Day Off in the Kingdom

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