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「I’m so glad they don’t change at all… Even though the shopkeeper caught her age, I’m glad she’s still fine and lively」

The clothes store was organized neatly and the old man inside greeted us. They commented 「Heidi-chan got really pretty…」 and such.

Heidi was Adelle’s old name, it seemed that she was called like that a lot when she was a child.
She had abandoned that “cute” name ever since she entered the Chivalric Order, therefore she’s now called “Adelle” by everyone.

「Can I call you Heidi too?」

「P-please stop it… it’s embarrassing…」

She was blushing red and rejected me. Ah well, I’m also used to calling her Adelle so even I find it odd if I started calling her Heidi. But I think I’ll call her Heidi to tease her when I feel like it.
Yeah it might be fun, she’s cute when she’s embarrassed.


「It’s nice to hear that they can fix Masaki’s suit. It’s an important outfit, isn’t it?」

「Yup. It’s a memorable suit. Even though there’s not much opportunity to wear it, I still want it to be fixed. Even just for display…」

They said that they need some time to repair the suit, so we are going to have a slightly-early lunch.

My suit is not common in this world, so it takes some time and effort to repair, but he said that it’s still manageable. Also, they asked if they can make some blueprint so I said「I don’t mind. 」 If the suit is mass-produced, nobles and merchants are likely to buy it. Before long, like in the previous world, everyone will rush to work in suits… I don’t really want to see that happen in a fantasy world…


Appetizing fragrances filled the air as I chatted with Adelle and Yoko. Is that fish? I could hear the sound of sizzling meat. The sound and the scent came from the street ahead.
But why can I smell the burning shoyu from afar?


When we arrive, it looked strangely like Japanese style. A lot of stalls were lined up including yakitori, fried potato, ikayaki, and takoyaki.

But why here?

The smell certainly builds my appetite, but I can’t have 2 women eat from food stalls in this situation. Yoko stared hungrily at the ikayaki, so let’s quickly enter this restaurant.


The restaurant’s interior was modern and decorated beautifully. Looking around the customers, there are some people who wear clothes like aristocrats, so they must have served delicious food with reasonable price.

It was certainly a good restaurant.

Since we’re in a restaurant, of course I will order a hamburger steak. Adelle ordered some wine and white fish meunière. Yoko ordered a mixed fry.

Yoko almost ordered beer in everyone’s stead, but we managed to stop her. Well, I can’t deny that the atmosphere is suitable for some beer.


The food was delicious, it was obvious why this restaurant is popular. I asked the waiter about the shops around here, turns out Jirou is the one who taught them how to make the dishes. He wanted to eat the food in his memories again, so he recreated the ones he could remember and the knowledge spread throughout the years.

I’m very thankful for it.
Even the merchants, chefs, and farmers can feel the benefit.
(TL: need help with this その時に地方で貴族をしていた奥さんを見初め、結婚したのはこの辺りではよく知られてるらしい。)



「Fuu… It was delicious」
「I know, right? It’s as good as Masaki’s food. I’d like to come back again」
「I want to drink beer next time」

Don’t ruin the moment, Yoko.

To be honest, I don’t know why people like to drink beer, but I can still drink if it’s necessary. Since there is ramen, I’m planning to go eat there at night. I can’t imagine the struggle Jirou experienced when he developed ramen.

I thanked him from the bottom of my heart.




「Thank you for your patronage…」

We bought some crepes at a stall as we walked around aimlessly. Since the country is in a state of war, there are many soldiers and mercenaries stationed here and there, but it doesn’t stop people from enjoying their peaceful life.


「muu… I thought eating while walking is a bad manner…」
「But it tastes good, right?」
「It’s a bit different from the desserts that I used to eat… but yes! It’s delicious!」

The delicious crepe layer complements the sweet fruit and fresh cream. I don’t know the name of the fruit, but who cares? It’s still delicious. While finishing the crepe, we walked to a park located ahead of us to rest.


Suddenly, 4 men showed up and walked towards us. It’s troublesome to get involved, so I grabbed the girls’ hands and walked away…


「heey, pretty neechans, Why don’t you play with us?」
「Yes yes. Just leave that disgusting guy. Let’s go to a nice place together」

(ED: Here comes the template morons)
Uwaa… Text-book examples of street bullies.
They’re actually quite amazing if you look at them from really far away.

Ignore and move on.



「Oi! Where the fuck are you going with the ladies!」
「I will fucking kill you! Leave the girls to us and disappear!」

When I showed that I was reaching my sword on my waist, Adelle and Yoko had a sharp expression, ready to wreak havoc.


Oy, mind your clothes…
I’ll make the first move.

Using my sword sheath, I swung it towards one of them. The man couldn’t handle the momentum and fell to the ground after dancing in the air. Dumbfounded by the sudden event, I decided to use the opportunity to beat the rest of them. I hit the nearest guy on his chin. I think he fainted?


「F…fucー! Kick his ass!」

I get closer to the nearest one and threw him to the ground. I haven’t used aikido for a while, but thanks to 【Physical Ability Up】it was easy to use. I can even practice my counter in this situation. Will you be my practice partner?


「Masaki! He has a knife!」

Adelle warns me as the man aimed a knife towards me. Too slow. I grabbed his arm and used kotegaeshi to throw him to the ground. He hit his head and fainted.

Oh no, did he die? …Good, still alive.

(TL: kotegaeshi tutorial. It looks painful…)


「Beating 4 people in a flash… I don’t even have time to act」

「Both of you are dressed up, so just act ladylike for today. At least let me guard you ladies, sometimes」

Even though it sounded cool, I still feel embarrassed inside. Both of them smiled and blushed a bit. A guard heard a noise and running over here. It would be better to leave this matter to others.


When I explained the situation to the guards, it seemed that these guys are repeat offenders with a long list of committed crimes, therefore they are going to be put into jail. In addition, they are going to be banished from mercenary guilds in various countries.

They reap what they sow so I don’t have any sympathy for them.


Although there are little incidents, we decided to relax in the park for a while.
The park is wide. There’s a shallow pond in the middle where some kids can be seen playing and splashing water. There are parents and children, as well as mercenaries who took a break. There’s a soldier sleeping under the shade of a tree. Is he skipping work?

There’s a bench, but we decided to take a seat from the item box and placed it under the shade of a tree.


「N〜〜 relaxing in the house is good, but the be able to relax outside is better… this world’s air is so fresh and pure」
「Is the air from Masaki’s world that bad?」

「Oh right… There are exhaust fumes all oveー
Well, you won’t understand from that word alone. Things in my world work differently from the magic in this world. I can brighten the room and warm my food with a single button. A room like 『The Room』 can be found everywhere」

Well, having a coffeemaker and beer server in the same room is abnormal. We still don’t know how the mechanisms work. Even if we can make it, I would never mass produce it. The price crash of everything would be terrible.

It’s best to give them away to accomplished individuals.



「That’s the price when you pollute the nature. It causes diseases and destroys nature. It’s probably similar to a mage disaster that we can have here…」

「It’s similar like a mage disaster in our world. There must be similar things in all world」

「I don’t know anything about mage disasters, but I assume they’re just as bad. after watching with painful eyes, we are currently moving towards regaining nature. People do it so every country can access pure water and air again」

Still, there are countries that continue push forward the development by ignoring nature. But we are still doing our best.


「Hey Masaki. Do you want to return to your world?」

「I haven’t thought about it… Honestly speaking, I don’t know」

「You don’t know?」

「Yeah, there are some people and friends who took care of me in that world, so I want to return. But I don’t know how to go back. Meanwhile, there are people who took care of me in this world and there are things I have to do in this world. I don’t know the answer until the time comes」

「Is… is that so…」

「In addition… well… I got engaged with 2 people here… If I took someone’s hands, I’m responsible for it. I… want to hear it directly from the two of you. Why do you accept me as your fiancée?」


I’ve always wanted to hear it since a long long time ago. Even if I could leave this world, there are some troubles back in my previous world. I was dating for quite a time but we broke up before I could propose to her.

The reason is 「Even though we’re dating, but to see a future of marriage is kind of…」 and such. I thought that they would understand my job as a GM, one way or another.

That’s why I wish to know what they think about the marriage.


「ah… umm…… I don’t know why you risked yourself and offered your blood to me…… and… I don’t know why you are so worried about me and have helped me until I was completely cured. Despite me being a vampire… No, I am glad Masaki has treated me as an equal. It was during Leviathan when I realized that I consciously look at you as a male… I… I realized I fell in love with you… aaaaaaaa…」

Adelle was covering her face but her face was red ear to ear. Now that I heard it and feel embarrassed myself, I was pleased that I earned some favor.

「I… Thank you…」

「Even though I don’t have a proper reason like Adelle… Probably love at first sight? I don’t know because I have never fallen in love… but it’s true that it’s fun to hang around you, Masaki. Sorry, I can’t bring you proper answer」

「I understand. You don’t have to apologize. I was the one who suddenly asked that two become my fiancées. It would be a lie if I said that I’m not conscious of you as the other gender, but I regretted asking those without loving you earnestly.
Even so… after meeting you two, I slowly built up my feelings to you… This me… will you stay with me in the future?」

Perhaps I was red in embarrassment but I still look at them without looking away. I want to say it straight to their faces …


「Aah. Of course」

「Obviously! Even if you feel uneasy, let’s stay together from now on. I don’t have any plan to be separated from you」

「M-me too!」

Both of them tell me happily. Really… to be worthy to marry these girls… From where I came from, people would be telling me to explode.  I’m so happy.

wait… is this a proposal?
(TL: the popular term is “riajuu should just explode”)


I didn’t remember what happened after that but when I realized, we overslept in the park. When I woke up, it was already evening.

I might have done a bad thing, but Adelle’s lap pillow was too comfortable. Yoko was leaning on me and still asleep.

I’m not the type to take a nap. I wonder if it’s the nice weather that was making me drowsy.


Yoko was still in deep sleep even this late at night, so I have no choice but to carry her back to the mansion. I asked her if I should buy her something memorable but she said 「These accessories are enough. You can buy one next time…」
I don’t want to go back to work since it has finally became peaceful. Meanwhile, Yoko mumbles 「Funyaa… zzzz…」 with a sleepy voice.

Adelle and I laughed as we walked along the street where the gatekeepers wearing white and black armor costumes can be seen.


Isekai GM Extra Episode 1 - A Day Off in the Kingdom
Isekai GM 21. The Plan

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