Isekai GM 21. The Plan

Isekai GM Extra Chapter 2. A Day Off in the Kingdom
Isekai GM 22. The Raid

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Finally, we passed that damn filler.

I told the pirate crew about the plan.
Barbarossa clearly feels down when he heard that we’re going to fly in the sky. His trauma resurfaced.

「Leave the ocean to us! Please beat those Empire guys in our stead」

Then I told them that I’m returning to the mansion to prepare for tomorrow’s strategy.
They were watching us go until we disappeared from their sight.
I also thought that this strategy should be done safely for their sake.
Let’s keep the casualties to a minimum.

For now, I’ll set these skills. Besides the usual stuff, these can increase our odds to capture enemy troops.

Passive Skills:
– MP Auto-Recovery (M)
– HP/MP Auto-Recovery (M)
– Physical Ability Up (XL)
– Increased Close Combat Capability (L)
– Increased Perception Ability (L)
– Increased Trap Detection (L)
– Blowback Negation

Active Skills:
– Stun Bolt
– Silent Strike
– Strike of the Merciful

I added these because I kept being blown away when fighting the Leviathan.
I had to set these kinds of status abnormalities negation skill one by one.
Even though I can’t die, I don’t want to keep rolling endlessly.

I also choose a trap detection skill because I assume the enemy would place some traps.
Any soldier would definitely die if they caught on a land-mine or C4.

【Stun Bolt】 gives my attack some paralysis abilities. 【Strike of the Merciful】 and 【Silent Strike】 will be a combo that can suppress anyone without sound. I’ll make sure not to break their necks.


I also made some items yesterday.
Potions and MP potions were stocked in 『The Room』 even though some of them had been taken.
Since the materials are medicinal plants and herbs, I bought them from nearby stores.

I made 99 of both HP Potion and MP Potion and handed some to Adelle and Yoko.

「He can practically do everything and good at cooking, I am wondering what should I do as his wife」
「Then you should do “it”. fufufu♪」

Yoko whispered it happily to Adelle.
Adelle who heard it blushed and nodded.
I have a guess on what were they talking about, but I won’t say anything unnecessary.
The two fiancées became conscious of being women… I am desperately trying to restrain myself because of the war.
Both of us understood it so I won’t talk about it.

Still, I don’t want them to worry, so I kissed both of them before going to the strategy.
The 3 of us blushed red.
Even though it looked like I was triggering a death flag, I don’t need to worry because of 【Invincibility】.


There’s no change in my camouflage gear and my GM equipment.
After that, we have to proceed with the strategy.




Operation Day.
Adelle and I flew with 【Wing】 while the Prince brought his dragon, who he had raised from a baby, and headed out to the garrison.
Yoko, who is weak in the morning, and Jirou supported the prince on the dragon.
Currently, Jirou looked like a regular soldier.

「Are you fine with looking like that?」

「Yeah, this is one of my ninjutsu so it’s okay. If I cancel itー」

Jirou released his ninjutsu and turned into a black ninja.
Looks like it was one of the superior ninja equipment from 『Sengoku Samurai Senki』.
Using ninjutsu as a disguise is easier and more convenient than my camouflage gear.
There’s a stealth skill that makes me transparent but I was found out easily when I did that.
I’m sure there’s a considerable amount of skill needed to use it.

We decided to have a break mid-travel.
Of course, we are resting inside 『The Room』.

「This is indeed convenient… There’s no need to be alert and there’s plenty of water and food. A great sofa to take a nap… Yoko-dono, please lend it to me a bit…」
「No! Even though you’re the Prince, still no!」

My soon-to-be second wife is protecting her idiot sofa from the Prince.
He seemed to be sinking and relaxed.

The flying dragon can’t enter 『The Room』, but it happily started to munch on some buffalo meat given as a bribe. Even though it looked violent, watching it eat is quite fun.

After a good meal and rest, we continued our travel in the morning. We arrived at the garrison front before the evening of the second day as scheduled.
The soldiers greeted us as the dragon landed.
A soldier with a fine armor, probably the captain, came to the front.

「Prince, Jirou-dono, welcome to the front-line. And I had heard from telepathic communication, the Hero of the Blue Sea, Baronet Masaki-dono, Crimson Princess Knight, Adelhide-sama, and the second lady Yoko」

「Very well. Please tell us about the current situation immediately」

「Yes sir!」

The telepathic communication in this world can cover areas to some extent, but mages can fly to pass the message to a long distance.
Still, it’s impossible to fly so far away from the kingdom in one go, therefore some mages were deployed in villages and towns to help relay the message.
This kind of communication infrastructure seemed to be used in every country.


The garrison was filled with injured people, almost everyone had injuries in their arms, shoulders, or legs.

「There are so many injured people that couldn’t be treated in time… and our medicine is lacking」

The prince sighed when hearing the report. It turns out running out of medicine will make a big impact on future strategies.
I think it’s fine to use healing magic for this. I’ll offer as much potion as possible.

「How many injured people right now?」

「Including the severely injured people, there are about 80 people… But if it stays like this, more people would die from tetanus」

「Is that so… Please show me to the injured people. I will heal them」

「I understand. Please, this way」

The mana would be recovered so it’s fine to heal people.
The field hospital was filled with the smell of blood, sweat, and other various scents.
I felt sick for a moment but I managed to endure it. A man was bleeding with a cut on his body, more or less resistant to what he looked in front of him.

Everyone was focusing on me, some of them lost their limbs.
I move to the center of the field hospital and put all people in my casting range.

【All Heal】

This time I used a strong image, I tried to regenerate their limbs.
Almost everyone was gravely injured so I spare no expense on their recovery.

「O…oooh! My wounds!」「M-my arm… Oi! Your leg too!」
「I… It moves… I can walk!」

Everyone was surprised at their healing and raised cheers.
However, I used more MP than I predicted and fell on my knees. My consciousness isー


「Masaki! Are you alright?」

「Adelle… MP potion…」

「Please wait a moment!」

Adelle passed the MP potion and my mind starting to clear up.
That was dangerous. I never thought the mana cost would be so expensive.
This is certainly one of few things that must be used sparingly in this world. I must be more careful.

「Sorry… Thanks for saving me」

「Masaki can even use healing magic? bringing you here was worth it」

「It’s hard to use because the mana cost is too expensive. But this would be fine」

My legs were still weak and I need Adelle to support me to be able to stand.
Yoko looked worried about me.
Making 2 beautiful wives worry is a bad thing to do, but it certainly didn’t feel bad.
I don’t know why, but suddenly I found the situation strange.

「There are many injured people… There are less dead than I thought?」

「Yes. Perhaps… Perhaps the 『Sniper Princess』 did it intentionally…」

There are several things that came into my mind, but probably she intended to exhaust our resources.
There’s limit on the number of recovery items.
If you keep doing it, the garrison will be overflowed with injured people and infectious diseases will spread.
That would be the end of the garrison. We would have no choice but to abandon it.

And the other thing… She probably doesn’t want to kill anyone.
It’s a mission, so she had to shoot. However, she doesn’t want to kill.
It’s probably because she was bound to an enslavement collar.
Even if she was bound by enslavement, she tried not to kill without going against the order.
Jirou said that the punishment of interfering with the order would end with severe pain, but not lethal.
If we can remove the collar… maybe…



But is it worth trying?

「Masaki, what’s wrong? You’re frozen there, are you thinking about something?」

Adelle was looking into my face. It seemed that I was too quiet.

「Yeah, A bit. I want to have a discussion. Prince, is there any place without people?」

「A discussion? Very well then. I think we can use the operations headquarters」

「Then let’s go there」


I’m busy so no game.

Isekai GM Extra Chapter 2. A Day Off in the Kingdom
Isekai GM 22. The Raid

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