Isekai GM 22. The Raid

Isekai GM 21. The Plan
Isekai GM 23. The Sisters

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I suggest you refrain from asking me about last month. It was one of the darkest months for me.

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Currently, I’m inside the fort.
I got in easily thanks to the combination of 【Wing】 and 【Stealth】 and flew like a stealth fighter.

I opened the map silently after getting inside.

Thanks to the sensing ability, a great number of enemies were marked on the 【Map】.
But these markers can’t differentiate between regular and people from another world, so I must investigate them one by one.
If you wonder why I’m sneaking like a snake right now, it all started from 10 minutes ago.


「You want to check out the 『Sniper_Princess』 before commencing the strategy?」

「Yeah. I don’t think she left our soldiers alive because she wanted to waste our supplies… I think she simply doesn’t want to kill people」

「Now that you mention it… It’s strange that no one was shot in the head or torso」
「You have a point. It’s weird considering how easy it is to shoot at the torso. I’d like to go there to investigate, but they can still detect me even with 【Invisibility Cloak】 ninjutsu」

「My 【Stealth】 skill should be enough to fool their senses. I can also use 【Wing】 to fly over their perimeter」

「Well that’s true but…」

It’s not exactly a skill, but more like a setting.
The prince and Jirou nodded, but the girls looked worried.

「Even though it’s true… Isn’t it a bit too dangerous, Masaki?」
「I have to admit that your 【Stealth】 will help… but it’s still risky. What are you going to do if you were to get caught?」

Their worry was reasonable. Both of them still don’t know that I have 【Invincibility】.
Meanwhile, Jirou started to doubt the plan. It’s not a skill, but a 『Setting』. It’s something that exists beyond this world’s common sense.

「The casualties can be kept minimum this way. Of course, I won’t act rashly. But if the Sniper Princess is being forced against her will, as someone from the same homeworld, I want to save her」

The two reluctantly nodded after my persuasion. As soon as I went outside, I made a light preparation and disappear using 【Stealth】.

「Ooh! He really disappeared! Jirou, you can sense presence, where is Masaki right now?」

「Even though he was right in front of us… if he can keep doing this, Masaki-dono would be alright on his own!」

After showing the effect of 【Stealth】 to these two, I flew into the sky and entered the fort.


And now I am flying inside the fort using 【Stealth】, 【Invincibility】, and 【Wing】 to avoid making any sound.

The fort is quite easy to defend so they left most windows open.
The fort is so high and the windows were placed in a high place so it can’t be shot at from the ground.

Still, some of the windows were closed and there were some markers with many people lined up there.
Perhaps it’s the soldier’s resting room.

Right before midnight, I heard a slamming noise from the room and I saw several soldiers came outside.
I chased them while flying, sticking to the ceiling to avoid contact and tried to eavesdrop on their conversation.

「God damn it… That brat only brings trouble. Why can’t she just shoot people with the intent to kill?」
「Don’t say that. Even though she’s a brat, her skills are immense」
「But she looked rather pretty… I’d like to have a “taste” at least once…」
「Just give it up. I don’t know what kind of idiot you are, but I don’t want to risk death」
「Yeah that’s right. Well, I don’t really care about her, but I won’t back down on “Mrs. Farmer”…」
「Aah, I’m the same. Sounds like a good idea to me…」
「I want to be scolded…」
「I want her to whip me all night long…」
「I want to be sandwiched in a “sisters donburi”」
「Yeah, After she is finished her purpose, let’s go andー」

Something felt strange but I’ll let it slide for now.
I stopped following them into another room and kept floating in the corridor, constructing the information which I gathered.

(I see. They have a farm as a hostage to keep Sniper Princess working for them. Is it possible to persuade her if we handle the farmers? Should I hit there first?)

Since both of them are girls, so they are probably sisters.
There are only a few pieces of information, but there are some women in this fort.
I might find them if I searched patiently.

Opening the 【Map】, I tried to guess their whereabouts.
Since they’re women, they should have been kept in separate rooms. or kept together.

It’s natural for the farmer to have a guard in front of the room where they were being held.

I found a room that met that condition. It’s a room in the back of the fort.
I flew out of the window and approach my destination using stealth, approaching the 2 guards who were there.

(The presence of the guards proved my theory. Well… Let’s do it)

I went behind a soldier using stealth and use the combination of 【Strike of the Merciful】, 【Stun Bolt】, and 【Silent Strike】 to knock him out without making a sound.

「N? What’s wroー 」

I used the same combo on him. Now both of them were stunned. They won’t wake up even if someone makes a loud noise or shake them.

The 【Stealth】 effect is lifted after attacking, so I tied these two up with a rope and gagged them. Then I opened the room to see the “farmer”.

The room is a bit odd, to say the least.
When I heard the word “farmer”, beaker glass is the last thing that popped up in my mind.
However, there are many flower pots around, all of them were planted with familiar vegetables, fruits, and even sugarcane.

「This is amazing…」

Right after my slip of tongue, a person approached me from the room.

「Ara~ A guest? Welcome~ Or so I’d like to say… You are obviously not soldier-san from the Empire… Thief-san?」

The woman asked me in leisure manner despite being kept as a hostage here.
She wore working-gloves and rubber boots on her foot. Equipment-wise, she’s definitely a farmer.

「Well, if you called me a thief then I might as well become a real thief. It’s fine either way… Are you the farmer? Then I am the thief who will snatch you out of this place」

I guess only soldiers and thieves would lurk around this place.
I’d like to add a quote from a certain epoch but it would be really embarrassing to say.

「My job is indeed a 『farmer』. Ara ara, I’m going to be kidnapped. I wonder what should I do?」

She’s even relaxed in this situation. Her looks was as good as those soldiers said.
Her chest is large. Probably bigger than Adelle.
Wicked thoughts entered my mind but I quickly wiped them away. Let’s not think about it now.

「 Do you know that your sister is being forced to shoot people?」
「Yes. Of course I do. I’m being kept as a hostage, but even more than that, she felt responsible for what happened to me」
「Well~ she was about to be swallowed by something scary and I managed to grab her arm in the last seconds… and then we ended up stranded in this world. I’m so worried. There’s a TV show that I wanted to watch」

Such an amazing “my-pace” woman, but I managed to grasp her overall circumstances.
In other words, she was grabbed by her little sister who was summoned and got dragged into this world.
And now, her sister shoots in order to protect her.

(TL: my-pace (mai peisu) is a trait to describe people who go at their own pace and usually by forcing other people to follow their pace)

「I can’t help you watch the TV show but I am able to save you. Let’s escape together. Of course, your sister is coming with us」
「I’d like to take up your offer but this collar would prove to be an obstacle~ It seemed that it will trigger if I go against the Empire-san」

(TL: The raw literally said Empire-san. Not my mistake)

「Then shall I remove it? Please keep still for a moment」
「Understood. Do I have to close my eyes too~?」
「That is not neccessary」

She’s forcing me into her pace! I guess the Sniper Princess has her own hardship as well.
I took out the good old 『Thieves King’s Wire』from the inventory and worked on her collar.

「Ara~ it really came off. Thank you very much, Mr…?」

「Masaki. It’s Toudou Masaki. The next one is the little sister-san. Do you know her current location?」

「Masaki-san is it? My name is Kisaragi Haruka. My sister is currently on the top-most floor. Let’s do our best to avoid being discovered~」

The top floor! But I just went past there…

「Then let’s go… wait, what are you doing?」

「I’m collecting crop seeds and poisonous weed that I studied here~ I need to punish whoever forcing that girl to work ♪ Ufufufu…」

Scary!! Her usual smile turned into something so scary!

「Is-is that so. Then I’ll help you out」

「yes~ now all preparations are ready. Escort me please ♪」

「I’ll do my best to meet your expectation」

I took Haruka’s hand and flew using 【Stealth】 and 【Wing】.

(Ara~ flying in the sky! This feels amazing~)

(We have no time to be relaxed, I’ll speed up)

I need to wrap it up quickly. The next guard rotation would notice that Haruka was gone. It’s a race against time.

So, I’m trying to translate every single day for the rest of December, but no matter how I tried I can only churn out 1 chapter every 2 days.

Well, expect more from me soon…

Isekai GM 21. The Plan
Isekai GM 23. The Sisters

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