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The lone 『Sniper Princess』, whose name alone can invoke fear and respect from the soldiers, was looking at the sky in a stone room.

Why did this happen to me?
She always plays Commando City. Even though her position had dropped into the 3rd place, she’s still a formidable opponent. She had taken down tons of infantry soldiers and some fighter aircrafts.
But it happened when she removed her VR head to take a break.

Her body stopped moving and she was being swallowed by a mysterious space.
It would be better if it ended like that, but her sister happened to come into her room and grabbed her hand without hesitation. After that, both of them were swallowed together.

After that point, she couldn’t understand anything anymore. The sisters were put in slave collars and examined for their fighting ability.
She can do all the moves as her PC game 『Commando City』.
She can even shoot down birds at a far distance.

But her sister was different.
The online game she played was 『Farmer Island』.
Cultivating fields, raising livestock like chicken and cow, and producing foods on an island.
Her sister also earned a high rank in that game.
Her sister was secretly famous for doing the high-difficulty things like high-quality rice, indoor-cultivable sugarcane, chicken that can produce lots of eggs.

The Empire put their eyes on her sister as well.

They put her sister as a hostage and forced her to be a sniper.

She can’t oppose them.
There was no choice but to shoot. But…shooting people is scary. But if she didn’t shoot then her sister…
So she shot arms, shoulders, legs, and trying to avoid as many vital points as possible.
Even though there were some people with unusually tough equipment, her rifle penetrated them with no trouble.

The injury was quite severe. She might have avoided their vital points but the bleeding… the diseases might kill them.

(TL: she was referring to injury induced diseases like tetanus and anemia. Anemia?)

But the enemies were not only existed outside, they were also inside with beasts in human skin after her tail.
She had been attacked in the middle of the night.
Even though there were many of them, she detected them first with her sensing skills and managed to defeat them with her knife skills.

There was no time for her to take a rest.
Everyone but her sister are enemies.

But one day, someone finally appeared.


I flew in the sky while towing the 『Farmer』Haruka in my hand.

(Do you know which room she’s in?)

(Of course. She’s in the center-most room on the top floor I’ll tell you when we’re there)

(Do you get any chance to speak with her?)

(Yeah. But… only about once a week. Unfortunately, we were attacked last time we met)

I see. It’s understandable if the 『Sniper Princess』 became depressed. They must have been through so many terrible experiences ever since arriving in this world.


(Is it around here?)

(Yup. Akiha-chan is here♪ Let’s say “Good Evening” from the window)

(Even though I think it’s a good idea… but isn’t it a bit too early?)

Flying in the sky and my tiredness didn’t stop Haruka’s pace, she flew to the room where her little sister Akiha was.

(It’s good that you want to convince her that you’re her sister. But to change your clothes in this situation…)

(Do you want to see? I’m quite confident in my looks, I massaged them every day)

(N-no I’m good! Just… hurry up!)

I don’t want to be sexually harassed in the sky!
I guess the little sister has her own share of problem……

I sighed and looked awaー She undid the 【Stealth】!?

「Yahooー Akiha-chaan, can I come in?」

She undid her 【Stealth】and knocked the windows!? What the hell is she doing!?

「O-oneechan!? Why are you here? How are you flying in the sky?」

「Sorry, the story is a bit complicated. It’s bad if we were discovered. Let me come inside」

「wha… what in the wo… I understand. Please stay quiet」


After that, I entered the 『Sniper Princess』 Kisaragi Akiha’s room in cold sweat.
Don’t just freely cancel the stealth skill!!

「Isn’t flying in the sky is one of your life-long dream」

「It was like a dream come true. My body feels so light」

「okay okay, so why did you come? I’ve never heard of magic that allows you to fly in the sky」

As expected, Akiha doesn’t seem too troubled with her sister’s pace.
She seemed to be used at handling her.

「 It’s regrettable that I can’t explain it right away. I’d like to bring you two to the Kingdom’s garrison right away. I’m sure you don’t want to be used by the Empire like this, right?」

「But what are you going to do with the collar? And how will you guarantee our freedom in the Kingdom?」

「There’s a way to remove the collar. And about your degree of freedom that can be further discussed with the prince. I also brought a letter covering the protection that Kingdom is offering. Will you read it?」

「 Is… is this true?」

「Of course it’s true. I memorized every book I managed to grab from Empire-san. This is without doubt the sign from the Kingdom! Believe your oneechan♪」

The sisters examined the parchment that I brought.
Even so, to be able to memorize every book she can get from the Empire…

「Onee-chan, of course I believe in your memory but… shouldn’t you be more nervous about this?」

「Your sister is truly… free, isn’t she?」

「Thank you for understanding my suffering. But ummm… Why are you helping us?」

「Well about that… The empire also summoned me and I was almost executed. And… Do I need a reason to help two lovely women?」

A man must help if able.
It’s a way to win a woman’s heart. Even when I already have two (soon-to-be) brides in tow.


「Araa… Akiha-chan’s face gone red♪」


「Be quiet for now! Akiha, I’ll remove the collar」

「C-calling me without honorifics…」

She turned red. Both Yoko and Akiha sure are easy to make blush.
I am… kind of used with that kind of reaction so I won’t fall easily, but if she did it in front of other people, it will be dangerous.
Worldly thoughts entered my head. Let’s finish this quickly……

「It really came off!」

「 Now both of you are free. Now let’s go and discuss your future with the prince」

「So now is the time to escape, right?」


But this is bad. Soldier’s markers were starting to gather to this place. Did they hear our voices?
Akiha’s relieved face turned sour after looking at my serious expression.
That is the expression of the 『Sniper Princess』 who had shot down fighting aircrafts on the battlefield.

「Did you notice? That’s amazing, you’re even faster than me」

「I have some specialized skills. Hold my hands, both of you. Now let’s go」


Haruka was hanging on my back.
Somーsomething soft touched my back!!

「What are you doing!?」

「Oneechan, what are you doing!?」

「Isn’t it fine? Now Akiha can attack from the front~」

「t-the front…」

「Just grab my hand!」

I forcibly held Akiha’s hand and managed to use 『Stealth』and 『Wing』 when the enemy soldiers burst into the room.

「still not yet!? You should’ve heard their voice from back then!」
「Window! They might be waiting for us from below the window! 」
「There’s no need for it! We are way too high for them!」

We managed to escape at the last second and flew in the sky.
That was really close……

(This is amazing! We’re really in the sky!)
(Hey! Try doing a somersault! Try it!)

(It’s not the time for some fun! We have to return to the garrison as soon as possible!!)

((cheap skateーー))

(I’m not!!)

It seemed that Akiha really wishes to fly in the sky… I really don’t want her to turn out like her older sister.
Besides, how could I do an acrobatic flight with Haruka on my back!?


I briefed them with the situation while we were flying in the sky.
Right now their allies from another world are Jirou Tanaka and Masaki Toudou, which was me.
and such.
Both of them were surprised and happy that people from their world came to their rescue.
Well, of course they are happy since they were the ones being rescued. I’m a simple person who would be happy if other people are happy.
But I will not forgive my enemies.

After i successfully rescued the Kisaragi sisters from the fort, we entered the Room where everyone were already waiting for us.
The prince casually raised his hand and greeted us with 「Yo」with beer bubble at the edge of his mouth. Jirou as well.
Oi, didn’t we agree not to drink alcohol until the day after tomorrow?

「Prince, I have successfully rescued the 『Sniper Princess』 and her sister who was taken as a hostage」

「This is wonderful. I never thought that the Sniper princess would be so beautiful. Besides… *cough*」

Eh? The prince is looking at Haruka’s direction and coughed.

「Pardon me, I am the first prince of Saint Drag Kingdom, Leon el Saint Drag. May I hear both of your names?」

「My name is Kisaragi Haruka. Nice to meet you, prince Leon」

「I see. Haruka-dono isn’t it」

Prince’s face went red, probably drunk because of beer. or… is it a strike?

(Jirou, is the prince unmarried? If it’s true then…)
(Yes, he’s unmarried… He once told me that he prefers someone with big breast… )

So the prince is… basically, he’s a boob guy.
Well certainly, it felt really good on my back… but I felt dangerous gazes. Yoko and Adelle were looking at me dangerously!

「Masaki-dono, I’d advise you against cheating, oka〜aay? 」
「Even though we were not married yet… I do not recommend cheating, okay」

「I did not cheat and I did not do anything!!」

Stray bullets came from a strange direction. Sometimes I forget that my women were strong-willed…

「Ummm… May I introduce myself? My name is Kisaraki Akiha and maybe I am the 『Sniper Princess』 that everyone was talking about. Also, thank you for rescuing my sister this time!」

「It’s fine… it’s fine. We are stranded in this world together, so we need to help each other if possible」

「Yes and ummm… how are you going to deal with us?」

Even though she already read the content of the letter/parchment, Akiha still looked at us in worry.
Even though it was already decided. This is the prince in person.

「Please rest assured. All of you are now part of Leon el Saint Drag, let’s devote our life and protect each other!」

「My prince, I’ll be in trouble if you sacrifice yourself. You are the one who will succeed the throne, so you need to take care of your own self」

The prince got super motivated. I can’t think that he was the same man who was relaxing on the sofa and drinking beer from a while ago.

「Ara~ another straightforward man? I’ll be in your care 」(TL: 不束者 literally translates as useless//ignorant person. I’m going to take it as straightforward)

「Oneechan, I think you misunderstood! ah, I’ll be in your care as well!」

With this, we had finally obtained the vital point of the enemy’s impregnable fortress, the 『Sniper Princess』 Kisaragi Akiha and the 『Farmer』 Kisaragi Haruka. Both of them are placed under the protection of Saint Drag Kingdom.

After that, Jirou and I disabled all the traps in the fortress. Without Akiha, the fortress fell quite easily.

Adelle and Yoko’s Golem-kun hasn’t had a turn up until now is going to go on a rampage, so to relieve stress, it’s decided that I will be bootlicking.

A shoutout to Stephen M. for his donation again
Happy holiday to you as well, dear sir.

Isekai GM 22. The Raid
Isekai GM 24. The Kingdom and The Empire

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