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Several days after Sniper princess had been rescued and the fort was taken by the Saint Drag kingdom.

In the Royal Room, there was King Roland and Prime Minister Albert and another one, a boy with white school uniform shirt and long trousers. (TL: common normal uniform)
On his waist were a red bokutou and a pin with the words 『Banchou』Hayato Kiryuu.(ED: A bokutou is a wooden sword and Banchou is Japanese gang leader)

「Hayato, There’s a problem with our northern expedition. I know I just gave you a break, sorry for calling suddenly」

「I don’t mind. I know that it must be important for you to summon me and I want to hear the story as well」

The 『Banchou』Hayato bowed politely to respond to the King’s words.
He was a player from a VRMMO called 『Banchou Toshi』with the setting of student life and the player must reign the other player and be on the top.
He defeated and managed so many groups until he realized that the whole city was put under his banner.

As the “head” of the group, he was strong, and of course, tough.
He always got up straight back up, even after being beaten with a bat, even after being shot by a bullet, even after a car crashed into him. He always got up and sent fear to his enemies doing so eventually earning him respect as the head.

Banchou Toshi has stats such as strength, agility, and stamina and the one Hayato specializes is in Stamina and Defense. His build focuses more on defense than agility.
His true merits are in his battle endurance and his exceptional leadership.

There was once a massive 40-hour raid due to a bug, it was impossible to fight without falling asleep. There was one single player who managed to protect his turf by going around the leaders of the other groups and giving instructions.
After that, he was taking a break from playing for a day but it was enough for the other player to call him “Real Cheater”. (TL: リアルチート – Riaru Chiito either they are calling him a cheater for being able to play 40 hours straight or calling him traitor for taking a break and enjoying real world)

But he really disappeared.
His disappearance really shocked a lot of his subordinates, some people even tried to look for him IRL.
They were informed by an acquaintance who knows him in real life that he really disappeared and stopped the investigation.

It was another case of the “urban legend” that Jirou told.

The truth is that he was called into this world and fighting as the general of Saint Drag Kingdom.

「This time, I’m calling everyone available. It’s about Masaki」

Currently, the whole city treated Masaki as a hero.
Their voices can’t be ignored by the nobles and local authorities.
It affected the play titled “Hero of Blue Sea and Crimson Princess Knight” as well.

The sequel is being planned as of now.
「People are hungry for entertainment in these dark times. I feel bad for Masaki, but I want him to open the theatre」
Which he gave an OK reluctantly. It was such a big boom that the influence is starting to spread to other cities.

「There was a report from Jirou. He used an ability to become invisible and flew in the sky. He also rescued the 『Sniper Princess』 and her sister.

「Rescue… He can break the slavery collar?」

The King nodded to Hayato’s question, answering his question.
It’s the norm to not release the slavery collar without the key. Trying to do so will result in the death of the wearer.

「Masaki has the magic item called Thieves King’s Wire. It would be impossible to rescue them without it」

「Then we can…」

「Umuu… We can save the other enslaved people from being used by the Empire 」

「However, your Majesty. I think Masaki-dono might be hiding some kind of terrible power from us. With his ability that can even beat Leviathan… can we keep that kind of person in check in our country?」

Albert, who was watching the whole conversation, tried to cut in.
His words had a point. There’s a need to keep the otherworlders in check.
To be able to beat Leviathan, who could level the whole continent if being serious, Masaki had proved that he’s a reliable ally. But if he decided to be their enemy… now that’s something shuddering.

「Albert, You can rest assured. For that purpose, I ordered Earl Allan to pass my dear brother’s mansion to Adelhide. Adelhide seemed to like it as well」

「And by doing that, you’re tying him to the royal family and preventing him from being swayed by the other kingdoms… It’s business as always, Your Majesty」

Hayato smiled bitterly at King Roland’s big grin.
It was one of the country’s lip service. If a strong reliable person appeared, he will do all his best to contain them in his country.
He even used his own distant relative as a bargaining chip.
Assuming Masaki hadn’t rescued Adelhide, the King would use Princess Hildegarde instead, since she will be 14 years old soon.

「So you can rest assured. Even though Masaki is strong, he seemed to rely on us as his sponsor. Besides, as strong as he is, I don’t think he has the desire to commit such a useless massacre. We are not doing such outrageous deed」

「I kind of feeling sorry for the Empire. Imprisoning him without knowing his hidden strength, losing the majority of their fleet while trying to prevent his escape, and they became his enemy. Even though I lost my sympathy when I remembered their aggression」

Everyone nodded to Hayato’s remark.
Even though they can’t deny the Empire’s rotten luck.
Up until now, they were using underhanded methods to expand their empire. Even to the point of using people as tools.
That results in Masaki being turned from being a big war potential into an enemy.

「Since we were able to take over that fort, is the Grand Plains our next…」

「Umuu… I heard the rumors of Empire’s troops gathering. According to the information brought by the sister of 『Sniper Princess』, it seemed that the town Raafu, which was ahead of the Great Plains, was responsible for producing 40% of the Empire’s food rations.

「40 percent!? How is that possー」(TL: Either 4% or 40%. But technically, even 4% of the whole country food ration is still a lot)

Normally, countries will put a little tax on various towns and villages and stockpiles them together. However, to gather 40% of food rations from a single location surprise even Albert, the Prime Minister.

「The reason for that is… Apparently, it was that older sister’s ability that makes crops that can be harvested in a month. It’s safe to say that Masaki just hit a jackpot」

「Not only the Sniper Princess but the one who produced food for their army, no wonder the Empire is so desperate…」

「And the next plan…」

「Well… We are going to take Raafu. And Hayato, I’ll have you go as soon as your vacation ended. I apologize for asking young people to go to such a dangerous mission」

「I still owe you a big favor for picking me up. Besides, I’m fine with going. It’s within my power to create peace for the people, so I don’t really mind」

Hayato gave a gentle smile to the worrying King.
But the ones on the battlefield know the truth about the usual gentle looking Hayato.

To his enemies on the battlefield, he fights like a fiendish beast.


About the same time in the Empire.
A heavy atmosphere was filling the strategy room where the generals were gathering. Suddenly a knock was heard.


The emperor allowed the person to enter.
The messenger opened the door and although he was clearly intimidated by the heavy atmosphere, but he must report the news.

「Reporting… Just now… we have gotten confirmation… Raafu’s northeast fortress had fallen to the enemies. The Sniper Princess’ and the Farmer’s whereabouts are currently unknown. There are some theories that they were murdered or caught…」

He didn’t want to believe it and sighed deeply after receiving the report.

「Is that so… Return to your post」

「Yes sire!」

And so the messenger left the room,
trying to escape as fast as he could. Being the only common soldier in that room would certainly drive anyone crazy.

「Damn it! Those pesky northern barbarians! To think that they dare to attack us directly… they deserve a thousand death!」

General Barry rammed his fist onto the rectangular table in hatred.
It was the general who was visited Masaki before.

「You can say whatever you wish. But what about the reality? I don’t know how they took over the fort, but they seemed to found a way. This is just like that time whenー」

「Just like when the enslavement failed on that person. I don’t know how he managed to escape, but he managed to escape without being detected at all. And he even destroyed our fleet… It felt like the same just like that time」

「You should offer your head immediately and make yourself useful for once, you garbage otherworlder!」

「Oi, don’t badmouth your own allies. It’s not easy being dragged into someone else’s problem」

「What! How dare you!」

「It was just the other day that I was promoted to the rank of Earl. In other words, I outranked you, Viscount Barry-dono. Remember your position」



The general with massive spear shot a glare at the two, it was terrifying and silenced them.

「It’s not the time for an internal struggle. Raafu might be attacked very soon」

「That will cause the decline of our Empire’s food rations… we have to stop them at all cost!」

「To which extent we are going to recruit soldiers from the vicinity, gibushou?」(TL: 魏武将 – Gi Bushou it means general something. JParser can’t give me anything good for a name. Someone suggest me something please)

「50 thousand from Raafu, 200 thousand from the northern Raafu, 500 thousand from the southern Raafu, and 100 thousand from the western Raafu. However, the west is still fighting so we need to send some reinforcement. It’s all because we accidentally laid hands on a demon. Should we ask for a temporary ceasefire? If we involve 『Great Admiral』 like back then, we might even able to bring out about 10000 prisoners」

(TL: this line is confusing 後はそうだな船の経験値上げに忙しいだろうが『大提督』に声かけたら捕虜の1万でも引っ張り出せるかもしれねぇぞ)

The man with the rank『GiBushou』 told them plainly without looking.
The man judged that they can’t underestimate the Kingdom’s current strength. Even his enemies will fight like demonic barbarians, he will still rally his knights in brimming confidence.

Trying to attract attention, Viscount Barry tried to add something to the conversation.

「If our Great Empire was serious, those demonic barbarians willー」

「Aren’t we serious enough already? I don’t need your lip-service nonsense! Your neck will fly the next time you fail! Now leave!!!」

「yーYes sir!」

An angry voice flew from the Emperor after Viscount Barry’s excuse, he tried to be as small as possible as he got out of the room.
If he fails, he dies.

That is the only thing that fills his head.

「How about returning some of the prisoners of war as the condition of the temporary ceasefire? Should we provide some supplies as well?」

「That is assuming that they would accept the offer. Do it only if you have to」

(TL: I’m not sure the accuracy for these parts)

The man responded sloppily after hearing 『Gibushou』’s order.
He also acts like that towards the emperor. However, his strength is mortifying.
He has a good leadership skill.
That is the reason he was promoted as an Earl.

(TL: End of not-sure-ness)

「However, the problem is how to deal with them. The kingdom now has the 『Banchou』, the『Shinobi Chief』, and now the 『Sniper Princess』 and the 『Farmer』 as well. And also that troublesome escapee. We don’t have a stupidly powerful magic that can obliterate the entire town, to be honest」

「About the countermeasure, gibushou. Please allow us to bring the 『Hunter』 and 『Dreadnought』 into the battle」(TL: 超合金 – Chougoukin is probably our super Mecha, ladies and gentlemen. I’ll translate it as Dreadnought because it sounds cooler)

「I understand. I’ll leave Raafu to you」

He gave a big nod, stood up, and gave the emperor a big hand wave casually.
He’s the type who was strong at fights but weak in the head.
Acting violently. But his strength is comparable to 1 thousand men. He can even obliterate a small country’s knight orders alone.

And thus the gibushou went away and the war council against the Kingdom begun.


Right now, the thought about all his success, respect, and achievement would be reduced into nothingness weights the General’s mind.

「What do I do!? What do I do!? this way, my dream of marrying the princess and becoming the emperor will be…」

Inside the room, Barry was flipping the table in anger.
His condition was shouldn’t be made light of.

「but… what should I do…」

But still, he must think. He has to do something or his neck will be gone.
Suddenly, a figure appeared before him.

「「I have a good plaan~」」

「Who are you!?」

No one was supposed to be in his room.
but… this man in front of him. His face was covered with a robe so it can’t be seen.
But he didn’t notice him before. so he assumed that he just didn’t see him because of the darkness.
Of course, he wouldn’t notice something his brain wouldn’t recognize.

「「Does it even matters? You wish for the power to do something. Isn’t that right?」」

「Yeah exactly! Those damn otherworlders! They even managed to corner me! ME!」

「「Do you wish for power… like those otherworlders?」」

「What? Is… is that even possible?」

「「Of couuurse~ Of course it is. Well… shall I bestow you the power that transcends the world, the power of 【God of Drugs】? Everything will be fine as long as you have this power」」(TL: Either god of medicine or drugs. Since he’s an antagonist character, probably drugs)

He can’t decide if the robed figure was man or woman. The robed figure gave him a paper wrapper.

「o…oooooh……! A-as long as I have this…!」

「「Let me prepare the stage for you. The instructions were available there. You will be regarded as the 【Hero】」」

「Hero… m-me… haha… I can… hero!!」

「「Then I’ll leave it to you, Barry the Hero…」」

「Aa! Yes! I understand! Wahahahahahahahhaha!」

Viscount Barry shifted his attention to the drugs and didn’t notice the robed figure’s disappearance.

There’s no trance of opening from the door or the window.
There are desks, books, sofas, and many other pieces of furniture.
Barry laughs and drunk on the title Hero.
Meanwhile, a decorative plant in the room slowly jolting as if mocking him.

「「The foolish seed has been planted. Well, let the game begin…」」

said certain someone from the distance.

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Isekai GM 23. The Sisters
Isekai GM 25. The Sniper Princess and The Farmer

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