Isekai GM 27. Starting of the War

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A contact came in from one of our scouts.
It’s tomorrow… so the Empire is starting today.
Hearing the news, I reassemble my skills as I had planned.
Unlike the naval battle, each unit consists about tens of thousands in number.
There’s a need to attack as many units as possible in a single attack.

Passive skills
-HP/MP Auto Recovery(M)
-Physical Ability Up(XL)
-Increased Close Combat Capability(L)
-Increased Perception Ability(L)
-Attack Range(S)

Active Skills
-Wave Sword
-Spirit Zone
-Rokudou sen gomi
-Double Spell

I’m now using a familiar skill set which increase my attack range to the limit.
Spirit Zone creates a red barrier-type field ranging 5 meter from the caster that restores HP and MP for every enemy beaten in its range.
I felt like I would need both of them in this conquest.

Rokudou Sen Gomi is an active skill that summons various weapons like spears, katanas, swords, lances, and staff and shoots them in a straight line. It’s an active skill that can kill many enemies at once. (TL: As per suggestion from the translator community, I’ll keep this as romaji to avoid sounding like a drunkard)
It’s quite a gimmicky skill since it fires in a straight line and is easy to dodge.
But this is war.
This skill will hit multiple enemies regardless the direction I shoot.
It’s not really compatible with Wave Sword, but it’s a skill used in guild wars.

Double Spell allows the caster to cast 2 spells at the same time.
It’s a great skill to use, however the MP cost was quite significant so usually people use it as a trump card.

On the day of the war, our alliance was lining up side by side in front of the fortress.
The Kingdom’s army, the small country union’s army, adventurers, and lastly a unit of 50 thousand from the demon army, which arrived just in time.
550 thousand soldiers gathering together in total.
And the one leading the Kingdom’s army is Prince Leon, acting as the general.
On either of his sides were the leader of the union’s army and the leader of the demon army.
Apparently, the leader of the union troops is the captain of the ship that I helped previously.
The commander of demon army was a gallant looking woman.

「It’s finally the time for the decisive battle with the Empire! The Empire has ruthlessly destroyed numerous countries, capturing the inhabitant as slaves, and controlling the whole continent! They are absolutely unforgiveable! Our defeat will mark the fall of our continent! We greatly appreciate the reinforcement from the Allied forces and the Demon race!」

「The Empire has trampled over the countries in the Union. The Empire had also irresponsibly summoned the 『 The Hero of the Blue Sea』 Masaki-dono. The Empire had wounded the Adventurers as a whole.
Let us make them pay for destroying the Valentine Kingdom and making it’s people suffer, for this is the day we finally push forward in the fight against the Empire, winning this battle will cripple the empire in a way they won’t recover from easily! 」

「We are the same.
They have kidnapped the demons from our cities and reduce them into slaves. We have a score to settle with the empire.
As appreciation for accepting us in this army,
We will do our best together in this battle and bring peace to the continent!」

All soldiers raised their voices from the speeches of the 3 representatives.
All 550 thousand voices combined into one.
Even the ground and the sky are shaking.
But did he really need to throw my name in the speech just to raise their morale?
The soldiers tried to find me in their surrounding, but fortunately for me, I’m not there.

Currently, I am… in the sky above the Empire’s troops.
A report came in from the telepathic network by the small country union’s magic troops.
I’m monitoring the enemy movements using 『Stealth』, 『Invincibility』, and 『Wing』.
Killing an army this size will definitely put a huge dent in their strength, but about 20% of these soldiers consists of slaves.
Since they were made to fight their previous friends by force, we hope we can minimize their casualties as much as possible.
I can’t avoid accidentally killing them, but I want to minimize them if I could.
And of course, we are not killing the soldiers who showed no intention to fight.

I finished watching the soldier formations so I reported back to the magic squad.

(As we had expected, the slaves were put on the front lines.
It’s natural since they were the obvious choice for sacrificial pawn.
I’m closing the connection.
Please tell me the strategy afterwards)

Please tell us if they make any movements)

(Certainly. Continuing reconnaissance)

A gryphon-riding and wyvern-riding squad passed right next to me.
I found something big when I observed the enemy headquarters using stealth.
It’s a dragon.
It’s more of a wyrm-type actually, and it was not as huge as the Leviathan.
4 dragons without giant winged limbs were positioned slightly in front of the headquarter.

But overshadowing them was… a 10 meter tall robot.
Is that the 『Dreadnought』?
I wonder what kind of guy who controls it.
(TL: 黒くはないが若干白い、白銀の城というのが正しいかもしれない。probably an idiom but I never heard of this one)

The enemy headquarters were based in the city of Raafu.
The citizens were evacuating to the back while the city is completely turned into a base by the soldiers.

I finished the reconnaissance to a certain extent and reported back immediately.
It’s a dangerous mission, except if they have stealth like me, but the information proves to be beneficial.

I wait for their movement in their frontline.
The strategy this time is by taking the wind from the Empire’s sails. (TL: robbing their advantage)
We can’t attack them this way.

I waited in the sky for almost 20 minutes above their troops
before their soldiers start getting busy, the frontline began charging for attack.
Magic artillery units were lined up behind them.
They are probably going to attack us while we are busy with their sacrificial pawn.

(They moved! The battle is on!)

(Affirmative! Good luck!)

(You too!)

I floated stealthily in the sky, waiting for the slaves army to move further forward.

Not yet… not yet… just a little… Now!

「Rokudou Sen Gomi!!」

I unleashed various weapons using that skill and pierced through their magic artilleries, destroying them and killing their mages in the process.
I didn’t reserve my strength.
This is a war, I will not pull my punches.
The cloud from Rokudou Sen Gomi created a huge cloud of sand that stopped the enemies from moving.

Meanwhile, the slave soldiers, who had prepared themselves for death, are fighting against the Prince’s army.
But they were held off by 3 people.

Those 3 are the 『Shinobi Chief』 Jirou, the 『Farmer』 Haruka, and Yoko.

They fight according to our plan beforehand.
I kept watching the slave soldiers from the sky while reporting their movements until they formed a line and…

「Earth Seal: Sand Flood!」

「Line Pitfa~all」

Jirou muttered and created a wave of sand while Haruka create pitfalls which strangely looked like a line of plowed field.
The slave soldiers fell into the pitfalls like a slide while trying to avoid the current of sands.
The depth was about 3 meters. They might break their legs but they won’t die.
To be honest, it was more like a trench than a pitfall, but it still succeeded in trapping our enemies.
Their main soldiers still couldn’t see ahead because of my cloud of sands.
They must be surprised if they lost all of their slave soldiers in a blink of an eye.

Since we can’t pass the trench as well, it’s now Yoko’s turn.

「Golem Command: Form bridge」(TL: the text was a usual dialogue but I turn it into command so it doesn’t sound weird)

Yoko created a bridge using a worm-type golem.
I thought that golems looks similar to humans but Yoko could create golems in various shapes and sizes with her justushiki.
Apparently, her current masterpiece is a dragon-type golem.

The golem bridge was quite flat with hand railing on its edge. It was also quite wide so multiple soldiers can pass at once. However, the slaves didn’t stay still while looking at their enemies passing right above their heads.

Haruka played an active role here.

The passing soldiers threw bags containing powders down the moat. Not long after, the slaves fell on top of each other.
The contents of that bag was sleep pollen.
Anyone inhaling this powder will be affected with strong sleep debuff, capable even lulling a mid-sized monsters to sleep. (TL: the first appearance of the word モンスター (Monsuta) so I will translate mazoku as demons)
To be able to cultivate these pollen, Haruka’s image is getting more and more dreadful.
That girls versatility was really high.

Thankfully, the trench was deep enough so there is no way that our soldiers will accidentally inhale the pollen.
Initially, I thought it was better to spread it through the sky, but the idea was dropped because the wind will blow most of the pollen away.

「Have a nice nap.
Prince-san, let’s go over there, yes?」
「O-of course…
Everyone, chaaarge!!!」

Haruka nonchalantly said so while riding behind the Prince on his flying dragon.
The first step of the strategy was a great success.
And since I’m out of the magic and bow’s attack range, I’ll start the trampling like planned.

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