MayonaizeShrimp First Anniversary

My Future Plans with Ebisu TL


Yay! First anniversary!


I know my quality is sub-par at best and my speed is slow af.
But you, the readers, still put up with me and wait patiently.
(Or you don’t have any choice but to wait, but I’m doing my best, okay?)

Thank you, people who donated to my PayPal, I definitely use your money to good use.
Thank you, Indonesian Novel Community for giving me the incentive to use discord.
Thank you, NovelUpdates Translator Community for helping me with difficult sentences.
Thank you, Ebisu TL for hosting my translations and free Japanese lessons.
Thank you, Karuma for being the best editor even though I kept abusing you for work.

Thank you, dear readers. I can’t promise faster translation, but I will do my best improving my accuracy.

Let us raise our glass and cheer for another amazing year.
Another year filled with hope and hentai dreams!
Ero Banzai!


Hey guys and happy anniversary to MayonaizeShrimp. Although I’ve only been here since August I’ve gained a lot of enjoyment from helping to release chapters for GM and NoFatigue as well as reading the comments from the readers.

It’s been a honor to edit these chapters and to make a new friend and I look forward to editing more chapters. Happy Anniversary!!



We want to personally thank those people who had donated.
Thank you for your generous donation:

  • Stephen M
  • Sean H
  • Will C
  • Cory S
  • Tim C
My Future Plans with Ebisu TL

6 thoughts on “MayonaizeShrimp First Anniversary”

    1. The real chapter link is in the topmost of the fake chapter. Those misspelled chapters are applied to fool the bots.
      You can go to the table of contents and click on your chapter of choice to prevent bamboozlement.

  1. Congratulations for the first anniversary~Wish you guys a happy time translating stuff, and also in real life too~ *Raise Mug* Kanpai!!

    Any plans going forward?

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