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Author: MayonaizeShrimp

This story is written in Fallout diary style about a boy living in a small town. I tried to make the boy sounds as naive as possible.

please enjoy…


Dear diary,

Today papa and mama come back home. Papa and mama work outside of the town. I think they are called adfenturel. Hmm, that word looks weird. I should ask mama to teach me how to write it again. Mama will be angry again. Mama is always angry. But I don’t care because I love mama.

Papa and mama protect people from monsters. So papa and mama are heroes. But papa and mama only come home every 2 weeks. I am sad. But I won’t cry. I promised papa. Papa said a boy must be strong. Since I am the hero’s son, I must be even stronger.

But papa looks so sad when he comes home. One of papa’s leg is missing. There is a long stick on the place where his leg should be. That is soooo cooool!

Now papa looks just like the Hero of Alcatar. Mama tells me that the hero only has one leg too.


I love papa and mama.
But I hope they come home more often…


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LHA chapter 2

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