LHA chapter 11

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Author: MayonaizeShrimp


Dear diary,

I stole a knife from the kitchen. I feel bad for Amanda since this is her favorite knife. But this is the only knife that I can hide behind my shirt. The other knives are way too big. This knife should be enough to be my sword. After all, my parents are adfentulels, they are heroes, so as their child I must use a sword. Oh wait, they are merchen now.

The hero of Alcatar wears armor, but I don’t think armors fit my small body. Besides I have no money to buy one. So I will wear many shirts at once, I think 5 will do.

I need to test it. I force Sebastian to bite me but he refused. He just jumped and licked my face instead. Ewww.. stupid dog.

But if even Sebastian doesn’t want to bite it, it must be strong. After all, Sebastian is stronger than dragons. It is hot and a little heavy but papa doesn’t raise quitters.

Tonight, I will sneak outside and find papa and mama.

Sorry Amanda, I promise I will return your knife soon…


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LHA chapter 10
LHA chapter 12 - End

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