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Author: MayonaizeShrimp


Dear diary,

Papa can walk again. Yaaay~

Now papa can go shopping, help mama cooking, and read me picture books.

Papa and mama used to fight all the time. Our dog Sebastian always bark when papa and mama fight. After papa lost his leg, papa and mama are always together. They don’t talk as much as usual, but mama always hug papa. But I often find mama kiss papa when I am not around. Ewww…

Now papa walks Sebastian around the house. But I think it is Sebastian that walks papa around the house instead. Mama says that it is an exercise. I don’t understand. Papa is a hero. A hero never need an exercise.

Our dinner today is delicious. Mama says it is to celebrate papa walking again. Mama is so silly. Papa is a hero, of course he can walk. Papa asks me later if I want a brother or a sister. That is a hard question. I don’t want to cause trouble for papa and mama. I will choose the easier one for papa and mama to make. But how do papa and mama make a child? I asked papa about it and his face turns red. Mama thinks it is funny and laughed really hard. Papa asks mama to tell me instead. Does papa not know how to make a child?

Today papa and mama read me a story together.

I love papa and mama…


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LHA chapter 4

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