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Author: MayonaizeShrimp


Dear diary,

Today mama explains that papa and mama are going to be a merchan. I don’t know how to write that word but it sounds so cool. Mama says that it is just as important as adfentulel. Papa says that adventulel fights monsters and merchen brings food to people. Some people don’t eat food every day, so papa and mama want to bring food to them. Since papa and mama still help other people, they are still my hero.

Tomorrow papa and mama will go to Arun city to be a merchen. Papa says that they will come home in 3 days. I am a good boy so I will wait for them. Papa and mama always leave me alone for weeks so 3 days isn’t as lonely. Mama reminds me to walk Sebastian around the house. Mama is so silly. I always walk Sebastian because Sebastian is my friend. Sebastian is stinky but he is my friend.

But he stinks.


I can’t wait for them to come home…


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LHA chapter 4
LHA chapter 6

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