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Dear diary,

It has been a week and papa and mama should be home. I didn’t worry. Papa and mama used to be heroes.

But I don’t have bread anymore. I throw away the bread that has bite marks. Since mama says not to eat them, I am a good boy after all. I am hungry. So I go to grandma Lucia’s place to eat. I always eat at grandma Lucia when I don’t have food anymore.

Grandma Lucia has a lot of grandchildren; I think she has about 20 grandchildren. Peter is fast and he often takes me to the forest to find berries. Colbert is strong and he often let me ride on his shoulder. Amanda is smart and she reads to the other smaller children. I can read too, so I help Amanda read. I don’t like reading the Hero of Alcatar with Amanda. I always become the dragon in the story.

I like grandma Lucia’s place. The house is white and big like the castles in the stories. There are a lot of vegetables growing in the garden. There is a big sign in front of the house, I think it is written as “orphanage”. I don’t know how to read it. It has too many consonants.

I love grandma Lucia’s place, but I like my house more.

So I go back home before it is dark…


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