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Dear diary,

It has been 2 weeks since papa and mama gone. That is weird. Papa and mama are taking longer than usual. But I am a good boy. I will wait for papa and mama.

I will clean the house as usual. I always eat at grandma Lucia’s place so the dishes in our house are a little dusty. I wonder why there is dust. They are so annoying. I have to wash everything again.

I feel sad.
I don’t feel like eating.

Today the big children from grandma Lucia’s place come to visit. Maybe they are worried since I don’t visit for breakfast and lunch. Colbert and Peter give me a lot of berries to cheer me up. I like berries but I don’t think I can finish 3 baskets in a day, so we eat the berries together. Amanda says that papa and mama should be home soon. I wish she is right.

I miss papa and mama…


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