Heibon 10. Trials Comes One After Another

Heibon 9. Apparently, I did see the red-eyed man
Heibon 11. The Teachers has Arrived

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In case anyone ask, I’m NOT picking this up.

A fragrant and sweet scent fills the air.


Rio smiled happily with a massive amount of freshly baked cookies. Something tapped the window *konkon* and a 2-headed crow rush tried to nudge open the window.


「Okay okay, I’m going now. Please wait. 」

She gave the crow a bitter smile and went outside with the cookies piled up.

「Omatase-shimashita!!」 (TL: Sorry I made you wait!)

If you opened the door and went outside, there were many things scattered around. So many different shaped things… commonly refered as “demons”.
They watch Rio with her platter piled up cookies and smiled in excitement.


「I have to more dishes so please wait a moment. 」

She put the large plate in front of the demons and returned inside. She did the same thing twice more .


「Now please dig in!!」

With that cue, the demons flock to the cookies at once.

Rio’s “Feeding monsters with cookies” plan was a success!
Moreover, it was a great success.

Obviously, there were not enough ingredients after 3 days since she started feeding. In other words, a lot of ingredients needed to be gathered. It was a great success since most of the ingredient is not related to cookies at all. In addition, it was a greater success that the 2-headed crow, a few wolves, and some rabbit-like monster came to eat.

That was how she lived in the 『Beast Fang Forest』 since 2 weeks ago.
Anyway, the man called Avard also visiting the hut every 2-3 days.

Nothing is known except his name.

When she ask where did he came from, he said that he came from nearby villages. Why there was a villages where the people wanted to live near such a dangerous forest? In other words, it’s a small village that wasn’t exist on the map.

When she asked what do you do, he said that he was a “freelancer”.
What kind of “freelance” where people need to be brave enough to come alone into a dangerous forest? She asked if he was a knight or a mercenary, but the answer was no.

She asked why monsters didn’t harm him at all, the answer was 「It’s just the way it is」. Even though she have so many questions, she gave up because his atmosphere clearly states that he didn’t want to hear another question.

After all, he deflect every single question that she threw, so she just work around it a week later. There’s no inconvenience when he comes, instead it’s just talking with one another. The items that he brought is precious because he brought the ingredients couldn’t be obtained from the forest. He also brought miscellaneous items like books from time to time.

She was able to live relatively well with the demons and today she suddenly remembered.

The magic square that Ray-sama gave her, where is it?


「Un, I didn’t have it in my room so I think it should be here」
「What are you doing?」

A stupid voice was came from her back while she was clamoring  in the storeroom.

「Ah, welcome home. Anyway, when I left the castle there was a magic square that I got from my master, but it seemed that I misplaced it」
「Oh, this thing?」
「That’s it ……Umm?」

I directed the words to Av, who waved the paper in his hands.


「Why do you have my paper!?」
「I’m the one who carried your baggage, remember? If an unknown person has an unknown magical square, it is confiscated. 」

And that was said by an unknown human that slept on someone’s bed like a log, and tried to confiscate an unknown magic square. She had prepared a lot of tsukkomi but she decided to leave him be.

For now…


「Anyway, you didn’t try to mess with it, right?」
「……well… 」
「You didn’t mess with it, RIGHT!?!」

It’s something that I got from Ray-sama.
It’s something that I got from THAT Ray-sama.
What would happened if he messed it up………

Av seemed to enjoy her desperate expression.


「There are only a few people who can draw a magic square. It’s not a thing that anyone can tamper on 」
「Ah I see, thank god 」
「It was a one directional magic square where someone from the other side can relocate to this place, so from now on I made it possible for us to relocate to the Kingdom. That’s all I can read from it. I couldn’t find any other use」

She couldn’t stand this person anymore. She had found out from the short exchange, but this man is a cheat on 2 legs. He had no difficulty at analyzing magic squares and had no problem using advanced magic.

Is it common ikemens in this Kingdom to be strong?


「Don’t worry. It’s a small change so no one should be able to notice it. It will be fine as long as you kept it a secret. 」

Av-san handed out the magic square like nothing.


「Please forgive me, ok? 」

I spread the magic square on the floor and looked at it. It was filled with complicated letters and signs.

「Av, you said that “someone from the other side can relocate to this place”, isn’t it?」
「Yes, only one directional though」
「In other wor-」

The magic square shines brightly.


2 figures could be seen on the magic square.



She let out miserable voice out of surprise.
Because the face of Spartan Instructor from hell was popped up on the paper.

“If you are not picking this up, why are you translating it?”
What a coincidence, I am wondering the same thing, myself.

Seriously, I don’t know why I translate it.

Heibon 9. Apparently, I did see the red-eyed man
Heibon 11. The Teachers has Arrived

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