Heibon 14. Master’s Sister is Really the Strongest

Heibon 13. The Encounter I Had in the Middle of Forest
Heibon 15. Just People Outside the Norm

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We’re back in business, ladies and gentlemen.

The author just released 4 chapters and a side story in 2018. They’re not too long, so hopefully, I can wrap this as soon as possible. Meanwhile, please go the newest chapter and give the author a massive spike in view number. Hopefully, it will motivate him/her to write more.


「Rio, can you run?」

Tonic-san asked me without shifting his gaze from the monster.


「I think so…」
「Alright, when I give the signal, run. Knock the door 3 times, then duck as soon as it opens. Rey will activate his magic」

After confirming that I nodded, Tonic-san gave off a laugh and put more strength on his foot. He was ready to give the signal. I took a deep breath and also prepared myself for that moment. The monster definitely saw the stronger Tonic-san as a threat and watched him cautiously.


Inside the tense atmosphere, Tonic-san was the first one to make a move.

「Now, Rio!!」

That’s the signal.
Tonic-san dashed toward the monster and I ran toward the hut. Looking at Tonic-san who just entered its attack range, the bear monster raised his paw overhead in response.


There was no time to look back to see the fight behind me. I ran full speed, and knock the wooden door 3 times as fast as I could. It opened almost immediately.


『”Ash Burning”』

I crouch as soon as the door opened and barely dodge the flames that passed. A few seconds later, I could hear the shrieking of the bear monster.


In front of my eyes, Rey-sama kept his wand straight in front of his eyes and looked straight to the bear monster. I slowly looked behind me and I saw that the bear monster was wrapped in burning flames. The flames that wrapped the bear monster also started to spread around, completely destroyed the bear’s escape route.

It’s one of the higher-tiered fire attribute magic from his various magic expertise. Since he didn’t go full force, nothing else was damaged besides the bear monster and its surrounding. But in normal circumstances, a single cast can purge dozens of human opponents in one swoop.


「It’s safe now」

He said those reassuring words while still looking at the monster. I couldn’t help but break down crying.


「u… ukh……」
「Eh? O-oi, Rio!? Are you hurt somewhere!?」

As soon as I started crying, Rey-sama startled and put down his wand, and the flames surrounding the bear monster disappeared.

Tonic-san shouted something, but I couldn’t hear it properly.
I just couldn’t.
I’m sure Rey-sama as well.
But before that, does Rey-sama himself noticed that his magic had disappeared and Tonic-san was screaming in the background.
He seemed to be in panic.


「Oh, You are covered in scratches and bruise. Does it hurt? Don’t cry. Let’s heal it immediately. Rio, please don’t cry」

He wiped my tears a bit too rough, and since he has never seen me in this desperate state, he couldn’t help but to let out a small chuckle as well. Suddenly, a beautiful hand grabbed Rey-sama’s robe from behind and threw him in a single try.

「Yes, Rei-chama~」

The one who switched place with Rey-sama, after knocking him with a falling sound BGM, was surprisingly, a female version of Rey-sama.

She had the same blue eyes and silver hair like Rey-sama. Also the same androgynous looks. Speaking of the difference besides their gender, unlike Rey-sama’s waist-length hair, her hair is just about shoulder-length. The woman, as slim as she is, was able to throw an adult man like Rey-sama with only one hand. The scene successfully made me stopped crying.


「Nice to meet you. I am Emyurill Karhannah. This Reyfaras over here is my stupid younger brother」
「Rey-sama’s older sister……?」
「Just Emyu is fine. Hey, Tonic! Do your best beating that big friend of yours, okay~ That battle maniac will take care of things for us. Now, let me see the wound and heal you」
「Emyu-san!? You think I’m a battle maniac!?」
「What are you talking, Tonic? If you have complaints, say it after you defeat that new friend of yours. Rey had weakened it so it should be an easy victory」
「But still, asking unreasonable things like that……」

After brushing off Tonic-san, who was still fighting the bear monster,  Emyu-san started healing me with healing magic. Rey-sama still rubbing his lower back.


「Excuse me, Emyu-san, are you also a mage?」
「Araa, I don’t mind if you speak casually with me. That’s correct, I’m a mid-level mage」

Emyu-san showed her silver embroidery on her robe and smiled.


「But, umm, why I haven’t seen you in the Magic Pavilion before?」
「Ugh… Eh waiー ugh…」
「I haven’t seen you before…」
「Isn’t that because you’re staying in the room in “Red Pavilion” that Rey gave you?」
「Red Pavilion?」
「Araa, whaat are you doing, Rey? Aren’t you supposed to teach her everything?」

She moved from the me who still tilting my head towards Rey-sama.
Rey-sama regained his footing from being thrown and rubbed his poor forehead.


「Since she had so little time in the castle, I don’t have the luxury to teach her those small details」
「Oh, right. Then I’ll teach her instead!」

Emyu-san said so while flicking her fingers and winked playfully.

But aren’t you two forgetting something?
Behind us, Tonic-san was still fighting the bear monster.

I have to admit that I kinda rushed to upload this chapter. So I apologize for the rough editing.

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Heibon 13. The Encounter I Had in the Middle of Forest
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      1. As a younger brother with 4 ( yes I said 4 four) older sisters, I can confirm! My 1 younger sister is no peach either by the way.

  1. Thank you so much! bow bow, thank you glorious translator sama! grovel (I have no pride) Thank you Author sama! for writing again! gosh… so happy 😀 the other Sei I like is also having her story told I am so glad! (I also read The power of the saint is all around) Thank you so much!!

    Personally, I think those 2 need there face punched for leaving her alone like that I know they had their own responsibilities but she was nearly dead first damn day in that forest if not for our smexy Alf she would be! seriously wtf were they thinking to let a defenseless Lil lady like her in that death trap shithole!

    He sorta deserves that smack by his sister…

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