Heibon 15. Just People Outside the Norm

Heibon 14. Master's Sister is Really the Strongest
Heibon 16. Master is Being Bashful

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Even though it was just a similar face, looking at someone with Rey-sama’s face winking really creeps me out. Oh, Emyu-san has a mole under her eye so I could tell them apart.



They really looked similar. But Emyu-san is a woman, so of course, she is a bit more *fluffy* when compared to her male counterpart, Rey-sama.



Right, but, she is really beautiful.
Rey-sama gave off a bit cold impression, but with the similar same face, Emyu-san was somehow giving a rather gentle impression, don’t you think so?


Ah, I think it’s also a matter of atmosphere that is wrapping around them.


「oi, Rio!」
「I think Rey-sama will look better if he laughs more」
「It’s none of your business」

I was watching Emyu-san’s face, but then I was forcefully pulled back into reality by a hand-chop directly into my head. On that beautiful smiling face appeared a huge vein mark and the end of his mouth was twitching.

Oh crap! He’s angry.


「I… I think Rey-sama looks just fine already~」
「Good grief… It seems that Tonic will be done with his business soon. Come inside after you finish chatting with my sister」

Rey-sama’s remark shocked Tonic-san, who was just starting to dismantle the bear monster that he just defeated.


「……What? I can’t dismantle it?」
「Ah no, go for it. Leave some for our dinner, then we’ll sell the rest. They should sell for quite some money」
「Eat!? You eat monsters!?」
「Yes, we eat them. They taste quite good, you know? The taste gets even more tastier the stronger the monster. That monster should be in the middle-upper tier in taste category」

My mouth was wide-agape, I could probably fit the entire bear inside, but Rey-sama just casually brushed it off. No, I mean… For me to eat monsters is just… Aah, I felt that I have read a book called 『Fun Cooking with Demonic Meat』 back in the castle library. “Demonic Meat” as in monster meat.

(TL: Taking liberty here. The proper title is 魔肉の美味しい食べ方 How to prepare delicious demonic meat)


「Ara, you haven’t even told her that?」
「I just thought it was not necessary for the limited time that we got back then…」

Rey-sama could only cower when Emyu-san asked him in accusing tone.


「Good grief, you taught her with only magic and self-defense in mind without teaching her about common knowledge in this world, didn’t you? Common knowledge is also important! Like how to earn money, what food to find in the wilderness, what jobs she should take, what to do when facing a dangerous monster. Why didn’t you teach her those important things!?」

I went inside to prepare some tea and greeted with a sight of Emyu-san giving Rey-sama a scolding. Not to be rude, but looking at Rey-sama scowling and cannot resist being scolded was somehow quite interesting.

Meanwhile, Tonic-san just finished dismantling the bear monster, dusted off the filths, and took a seat. I gave him my thanks for saving my life and he patted my head in return, telling me not to worry about it. I’d like to thank Rey-sama and Emyu-san as well, but seeing Emyu-san still giving her sermon to Rey-sama, I decided to postpone it.

A few minutes later, she finally ended her little chat. The amount of fatigue shown on Rey-sama’s face is unbelievable. After the two finally took their seat, she finally started explaining about the magic pavilions.


「The Magic Pavillion is divided into 3 buildings. Rey is leading the research and development in the Red Pavilion which focuses on offensive magic and magic square. The Blue Pavilion is led by another high ranking mage, Harwyn-sama. They study defensive magic and physical enhancement magic. They also study movement magic to some degree. And finally, the one that I am in is called White Pavilion, which is studying recovery magic and medical restoration magic. We are also researching herbalism. The leading mages are, of course, have the top-class knowledge in their respective field」


I was surprised when hearing that the mages were divided even further into different areas, but then Rey-sama said that he had the top-class knowledge in all of those fields. I stared at his well-featured face. Rey-sama noticed me and tilted his head.


「What is it?」 「No, it’s just. Rey-sama is really a big shot after all…」
「What are you even saying at this late hour? Isn’t that obvious? This prodigy over here is the youngest mage in history」
「Youngest in history……」
「Now come to think of it, Tonic also went from apprentice straight into vice-captain in about six months. That kind of speed is also unheard of, don’t you think so?」
「In only six months……」
「Ahaha! These guys are really out of your normal standards!」

Finally hearing the truth, I went silent from the shock. Meanwhile, Emyu-san was patting Tonic-san on his back… no… she was bashing the poor Tonic-san who was sitting beside her.


「Emyu-san, it hurts」
「Aa, don’t mind~ don’t mind! Ah, back to the topic, please don’t tell anyone about what we were talking about regarding the magic pavilion… And next, I shall teach you everything you need to know to live in this country, like demonic meat from before」
「Ah, come to think of it. I remembered the demonic meat. Since we are going to sell the monster parts anyway, Rio, why don’t you register yourself as a 『Contract Worker』 while we’re at it?」(TL: The RAW says 請負人-ukeoinin and not 冒険者-boukensha)

「Ooh, not bad」
「Hmm, since we still have that option」

Emyu-san and Rey-sama seemed to agree to Tonic-san’s suggestion.


「Contract worker?」
「It’s sort of like odd-jobs worker sort of thing. I was registered before I entered the knight order as well」
「You’re handling requests from the agency. After you finish the said request, you will be given reward that you have agreed to」
「The job covers a lot of subjects from pet walking to monster subjugation. You can choose the job that suits you the best among them」
「So we’re selling the bear monster and go register at the same time, right? Then I’ll go tomorrow as well」

I agreed to his proposal.
It’s better if we can hit 2 birds with one stone.
Even better if we can gain money at the same time.


「Then I shall come with you」
「Ara, of course, I coming as well」

After confirming that Rey-sama and Emyu-san were coming with me, another voice came from the door direction.


「Seems like all of you were talking about something interesting. Then I’ll come as well」
「Ah, Av」

Av were holding a paper bag on one of his arm as he came inside with the monsters who were also living in this small hut.


「You are the famous Avart, I suppose. And those behind you must be the monsters who are freeloading here. I am Reyfaras’ older sister, Emyurill. I heard a lot about you from my brother. It’s a pleasure to meet you」

After taking a good look at Emyu-san who just stood up to greet him, Alf raised his voice as a response.


「You look exactly like Rey… No wait… Rey is the one who looked like you」
「No, not really. I’m not as genius as Rey, though」
「Incidentally, I am not as rude as my older sister」
「Rey, let’s have a small talk after this, shall we?」
「……I humbly apologize for my terrible misconduct」
「Ahahaha! Now this is an interesting siblings」

I can’t disagree.

And thus, the people who accompany me to my contractor registration has been decided.

Heibon 14. Master's Sister is Really the Strongest
Heibon 16. Master is Being Bashful

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