Heibon 16. Master is Being Bashful

Heibon 15. Just People Outside the Norm
Heibon 17. Apparently, That is How You Confess Your Love

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This chapter is a bit confusing to read, so I’ll tell you guys who is speaking which part.

「Haiyou! It will be 5500 giros!!」(Butcher-oniisan)

「Ou, thank you as always」(Tonic)

Tonic-san finally joined us after receiving the money from butcher shop oniisan.

「Yosh, then shall we go to registration office?」

It was the next day after the bear monster was beaten.
Us 5 people decided to travel to the royal capital.
Currently, 5 of us were walking down the main street.
There was a lot of people walking around and many shops were lined-up left and right.

「I’ve never really thought about this, but this place is very lively, is it not?」(Rey)

「Even though they are living under the threat of demon advancement?」(Rio)


Rey-sama, who was tailing at the end of our group to prevent lost child, gave a small laugh as he looked around the surroundings.

「Even now, these people still think that other people will deal with the demon race. The human territory has been reduced to one-third of our original size, even so, the fear won’t even reach their heart. Even though refugees are flooding towns that are located about 5 days from here, these people still treat it as 『Other People’s Problem』. That kind of thinking is foolish indeed, but most people here think like that. Including the authorities of this country. They managed to summoned the goddess and stop their advancement by the skin of their teeth after we are reduced to this state. But us mages are the one who were sent to the frontlines……」(Rey)

「Other people’s problem…」(Rio)

「Maa, while it may be true, there’s no need to trouble ourselves and passionately preach them about the dangers. It’s fine for them for not being scared. Let them live their ordinary lives in peace. It’s fine for them to indulge in it. After all, their peace is our reason to fight」(Rey)

「Even for those people you’ve never even know……?」(Rio)

「That’s a little different. I put my life on the line for the sake of those I wanted to protect. Didn’t I say it before?」(Rey)

「Un, But Rey-sama, aren’t your title require you to protect those people as well?」(Rio)

As the 『High-ranking Mage』 of this country, his job specifically requires him to sacrifice himself for the sake of regular people.

「Throwing away those duties would be so nice……」(Rio)

「It must be so… Should I just quit after the next battle is over?」(Rey)

「I guess the world doesn’t work that way」(Rio)

「Yeah, of course it doesn’t. Even so, I think I’m quite content with the way it is」(Rey)


「At the beginning, I was aiming to be a mage for my own purposes. I wanted this world to recognize what I am seeing… spirits… That’s why I set my eyes to be the highest ranking mage. Well, even though I did become the highest ranking mage, they are still not recognized. So I continue holding that title because there was no reason for me to quit, but with the impending danger of the upcoming battle, I finally realized something. For me, there is only small number of people that are important to me. Of course Tonic and my sister are important to me, but there are other people that I wanted to protect as well. I am… feeling glad. I somehow feel happy. That is why I will still carry this burden until the end of this war. To protect those I wanted to protect. Well, if I can save those people I don’t even know, it will be a nice bonus, I guess」(Rey)

He spoke in a roundabout way and patted my head lightly.
I peeked over his long sleeve that is covering my head and all I could see was his colorful blue eyes and his silver hair.


「The moon……」(Rio)


「Rey-sama really looks like the moon」(Rio)


「Softly enveloping people with kindness and gently watching from afar. And Rey-sama’s hair color as well, aren’t they similar?」(Rio)

The hand that was patting my head moved and shut my mouth instead.
His face was quite red for some reason.

「Eh? Rey-sama? Is something wrong?」(Rio)

「Nothing… Don’t look over here」(Rey)

I pulled his hand down and turn back.
Did I rub him in the wrong way?
Nononono, he’s probably blushing instead of angry.

We spent some time in silence until Rey-sama returned to his usual self.
I was starting to worry that I really misspoke and he was angry, but then he finally pulled my hand lightly.

「Let’s go」

「Ah… Yes!」

Tonic-san, Emyu-san, and Alf noticed that we had stopped and waiting for us in a short distance away.
Well, since the person himself said not to make a big deal about it then I shall drop the subject. Let’s go back to the others.

Heibon 15. Just People Outside the Norm
Heibon 17. Apparently, That is How You Confess Your Love

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  1. A love flag has been lifted… Im glad his sister came along she gave him a good smackdown for his poor care of her education, take that moonhead rey!

  2. Thanks for the update XD

    I’m all for Alf ^^ though…. I want her to become a demon so she can have a long life.

    1. Alf is a widow and doesn’t seen interested in rentering the dating pool. Plus, if he could have turned his wife (who was a human) into a demon to extend her life and have more time with her, I believe he would have done it (she probably would have had no reason to refuse either…). To my knowledge, there has been no mention of any possibility of being able to turn other races into demons. I wonder how she died (old age?) and if they had any kids, or if humans and demons are even capable of having kids? In any case, Rey is the much higher maifu (man-waifu?) candidate.

  3. Thank you so much for translating this! I am enjoying it so much! omg, this chapter is one my favourite as of yet, Rey and Rio moments are so cute ><

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