Heibon 17. Apparently, That is How You Confess Your Love

Heibon 16. Master is Being Bashful
Heibon 18. The Agency’s Representative Baldness Appears to be Quite a Hit

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「Hey hey, are those two always like that?」

Emyuril asked Tonic who was walking beside her.
She was looking at the two people right behind her.

「Hm? Like what?」

「Touching like that. Chatting cheerfully like that. Patting her head like that.」

He glanced at Rey and Rio for a while and nodded as a confirmation, like there’s nothing wrong with them.

「Yep, that’s quite normal」

「……Normal? Rey? T-h-a-t Rey?」

「yup. T-h-a-t Rey is our normal Rey」

「Hell no! You’re lying! People are calling him “The Mage of Ice” because he barely shows his expression. That! That is a smile! That is a gentle smile on his face!!」

Emyurill’s reaction was like she was looking at the end of the world. Tonic couldn’t help but give a wry smile.

「Ah, come to think of it. It’s the first time you saw them like this, was it? He’s been like that ever since the first time he brought Rio to me, so I didn’t feel anything wrong with that」

Ever since he brought Rio to him, Rey has been acting like that with Rio.
Both of them have no qualm with each other, so Tonic doesn’t find anything wrong with that. But now since Emyurill mentioned it, Reyfaras never really act like that with other people.
Does Reyfaras consider Rio as something else?
Perhaps as someone “special”?

「Is it possible that Rey like Rio-chan?」

「Ah, well… probably」

「What do you mean with “probably”? He clearly treats her differently from other people, so it’s not “probably” anymore!」

「The person himself is unaware of it. That’s why I don’t think he treats her as “special”」

Was she special because he feels responsible for accidentally summoned her using goddess summoning?
Was she special because she can see spirits just like him?
Or was she special because he sees her as a member of opposite sex?

「Fufufu. He definitely likes her. A lot. I’m his older sister, of course I know. I know him more than he knows himself」

She said with a very “sister-like” face.
Never seen her brother like that, she seized Tonic’s arm.
Surprisingly, not even with Tonic’s whole strength could stop her.

「Ouch! Emyu-san! Wai- Goodnes- Let me go!!」

「Look at him! Look at him!! Our Rey is blushing! Rio-chan! Rio-chan! What did you say to him? Hm?」

She managed to drag Tonic all the way towards the two of them, despite Tonic kept swatting her hand, begging to be let go.
She was way too excited.

「Wait, Emyu-san! Owowow!!! She said 『Like the moon』! Gaah! Rio said it! To Rey!!」 (Tonic)

「Heee, you can tell even from that distance? Oh wait, did you say that Rey is like the moon? Rio-chan? Really!? Kyaaaaa!!!」(Emyu)

「I can do lip reading! No, before tha- God dam-, stop bashing me!」(Tonic)

She hasn’t let his arm go, but she already using her other arm to bash him with so much strength.
Tonic was already in tears.

「Ufufu… Tonic, would thy be so kind and explain?」(Emyu)

「Ow ow… ehem… First of all, Rio doesn’t know what that expression means in this country, don’t you?」(Tonic)

Tonic then started explaining while rubbing his arm which was just released.
His arm hurt, but the place where he was smacked hurt even more.
Emyurill was stupidly strong.
He prayed earnestly that one day she would be more self-aware regarding her strength.
As the vice-captain of the Frontline Vanguard Corps, there weren’t many humans that could inflict so much damage on him.

「Looks like the moon, hm? In this country, it’s a word to express your love toward opposite gender. But since Rio-chan is new here, she mustn’t have known what it meant. But… to think that our Rey really took it sooo seriously… Uhehehehe」

「Umm… So… what does that mean?」

「Isn’t it obvious? Rey likes Rio-chan」

「Ah yes, that is probably right」(Tonic)

To think he would catch my childhood friend in his embarrassing moment of his love life…
But after looking at his embarrassed face straight ahead, Tonic had to change his 『probably right』 into 『Ah so it’s true, good for him』.
There are so few people that Rey considered “important” to begin with. Much less those he considered “special”.
Since Tonic had a long history with Rey and had fought hand-in-hand in the dangerous battles together, he was one of those considered “special” to Rey.
They clawed their way from the depth of hell itself, that “special” bond connected both of them.
Just like the bond he had with Cryhart.

「Hoo, I see… So humans compares the loved one to the moon to confess their love」(Av)

「Ara, did Av not know about this?」

Their other companion joined them.
Avard nodded and confirmed Emyurill’s question. (TL: I had an epiphany. I can change F to V so I can change the name アーファルト (Afart) to Avard. Previously translated as Alphard to prevent our ex-demon king to sound like gaseous excrement)

「No matter how old they are, humans always have trouble in expressing their true feelings. Us demons are way more honest in that aspect. I wonder why your race associates love with embarrassment. Greater the love, the harder it is to convey, I see. Can’t you just rephrase it into something else? Fascinating…」

「By the way, the proper response is 『You look just like the sun』」


「The moon and sun are a pair. Conveying your love by comparing each other with the moon and the sun is like promising to be together forever and ever. These words are also spoken during wedding ceremony」

「That is why, if Rey responded with 『You look just like the sun』, the two of you will officially become lovers」

「Rio-chan didn’t even know about this, who knows what she thinks about Rei, hm? I ca~n’t wait to see you two stiiiiiick together」

The three of them laughed while Rey and Rio could only suffer in silence.
They were embarrassed, yet both of them felt happy about it.
It would be good if this teacher-student pair would someday walk on the same path.
As Rio’s teacher and Reyfaras’ childhood friend, Tonic prayed for their happiness from the bottom of his heart.

TL noteThey were embarrassed, yet both of them felt happy about it.
I have some trouble translating that line because the actual line doesn’t imply that they like each other. It’s like you are being mocked by your close friends, you felt embarrassed and a bit angry, but you know that it was a joke so you laughed as well.
That doesn’t stop me from shipping them though…

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Heibon 16. Master is Being Bashful
Heibon 18. The Agency’s Representative Baldness Appears to be Quite a Hit

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        Hopefully author doesn’t drag this out meaninglessly just for the sake of reverse harem but we can only pray and wait for more chapters.

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