Heibon 20. Ending A Ladies’ Warfare

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女の戦場 = the war among women. Yeah, it wasn’t the best translation…

「Here’s your reward, lassie」

「Thank you very much」

Wanzardt-san handed over my payment for finishing the herb gathering request.

By the way, the public cafeteria was crowded with people as well.

「By the way, have you heard?」

「Is there something wrong?」

「Nothing, just… ahem… There’s a talk that the Demon Lord Subjugation Corps will start their parade around next week」

「Ah, yes, I had heard about it. Rey-sama had told me beforehand」

Starting from next week, everyone would leave to defeat the current Demon Lord.

No one knew whether they would come back or not.

「So, you knew about it after all. Tonic had personally entrusted you to me, so… You can always rely on me if you have any trouble」

「Yes, thank you for your consideration」

Wandzardt said it with a kind smile.

I had just come to realize, Tonic-san must have recommended this job for me just to introduce me to Wanzardt-san.

As the owner of the public cafeteria and representative from the agency, he was quite a well-known person.

He looked like someone reliable, someone I could depend on.

Someone who could protect me.

That way, even if they couldn’t reach me directly, they could still protect me.

Their preparation for that purpose was progressing steadily around me.

「Amazing, aren’t they?」

I stepped out with a sour smile as I grumbled to myself.

Let’s go home and prepare the dinner.

I’m sure today they would come back tired again as well. They would eat my cooking while grumbling about things at the castle. We would gather around the dinner table and filled the room with laughter.

These would end in just a few more days. I should cherish these moments while I still can.

That’s enough, me.
Raise your head.
Look ahead.
Buy some ingredients for dinner.

「What the hell are you doing, you fugly!?」

「Haa!? Who the hell you are calling fugly, you fugly!?」

「Aren’t you the bitch that stepped on my shoes just now!?」

「Stop spouting nonsense」


Suddenly, a “tragic women warfare” was happening right in front of me.

Sadly for me, my companion was right in the middle of it.

There I saw a man completely surrounded by several women, right in the middle of some ugly dispute. Some other pedestrian stopped and observed them anxiously.


Ah well, even if I try thinking about it until my wit’s end, there was no point of it.

I always went out with either Tonic-san, Emyu-san, and Rey-sama, so I hadn’t had much chance to speak up.

Up until now, I had never exactly spent time together with Av.

Between the three of those above mentioned quick-to-act people, there wasn’t really much chance for me to speak up.

But there was one thing that I never forgot.

One single solid unforgettable fact.

Av was, technically, a very handsome man.

I was personally quite familiar with beautiful people.
At least according to myself.
If people asked me to name 10 people, I could name at least 12 people from the top of my head.

Rey-sama was handsome as well, but unlike Av, Rey-sama aware of this fact and the troubles that follows it. To add to that, the public knew what he looked like because of his position as a High Mage, so he hid his face under his robe every time he went outside.

But Av was not aware of this.

First and foremost, Av was a demon. He didn’t know the human’s standard of beauty or even care on that matter.

Which was why he didn’t cover his face.

Which was probably what started this whole drama.

Av just sat there, ignoring the words that came from the surrounding girls.

Rather than ignoring, it was more correct to say that those women didn’t even include in his field of vision.

Without the response from the man they were eyeing on, the women channeled their frustration to the other women who flocked on the same guy.

They started shrieking and using offensive tone against the other women.

It was like a battlefield.

The women’s battlefield had begun.

「Ah, Lapis」

Lapis, who was hanging around Av’s foot, noticed me and walked towards me.

While Nigi couldn’t walk the way through the crowd, since they could just fly over them, Lapis took the more stubborn approach and pierce through the crowd, like bringing over a large-breed dog to a group of people.

It looked impossible at first, especially considering her huge body size, but the people around just meekly opened a way for her.

Though… looking at her running to my position made me want to escape the reality and focus more on fluffing her fluff instead.

「Sorry, Lapis. I’ve kept you waiting」

She joyfully wagged her tail as I patted her head.

Aah… I am being healed… I want to forget everything else.

Just like Lapis, Av noticed me as well.

「That was quick」


I glanced up towards the voice behind Lapis. Just as I had imagined, I was greeted by Av’s astoundingly beautiful calm face.

「Hm? Rio?」

「Ah, yes. That is… correct」

I could sense bloodlust coming from the women behind Av. Their ghastly stares looked tremendously dreadful.

「……Let’s go home」

A wise man once said, “Ones who runs shall live to fight another day”.

Av and Lapis were scurrying along behind me.

I probably walked faster than usual, but I just can’t help it, you know?

Finally, just when I took a deep breath after escaping from that dreadful glaresー


I heard a scream.

A lot of people ran from our opposite direction.


It seemed it would be a while before we could prepare our dinner.

Heibon 19. Monster Taming
Heibon 21. A Doubt was Born

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