Heibon 21. A Doubt was Born

Heibon 20. Ending A Ladies' Warfare
Heibon 22. The Four People in the War Conference Room

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Normally, Teleportation Magic Square was only usable to go back and forth between 2 places.

To put it simply, one could only move between designated point A and point B.

But thanks to the previous Demon Lord’s meddling with Rey-sama’s teleportation magic square (Actually, it’s his aide, Arami-san’s, magic square), the magic square in my hut could now go to another location point.

For explanation’s sake, the teleportation magic square in Rey-sama’s magic pavilion was called the point A.

This could be used to move to my hut, which we’ll call the point B.

And so, the teleportation magic square in my hut could be used to move back to the point A in the magic Pavilion and the point C somewhere in the royal capital.

However, this point C was problematic, to say the least.

In normal circumstances, every teleportation magic squares were bound to a magic square thingy.

The magic square acted as a designation point during the teleportation process between two places.

But what would happen if Av suddenly create another designation point on a whim?

Choosing to teleport to Magic Pavilion or the royal capital was an easy matter. All we need was to think about our chosen destination and we were good to go. But the problem was, there were no designation point in the royal capital.

Without it, we were dropped in any random place within the royal capital.

When we first tried teleporting to the royal capital, we were dropped right in the middle of someone’s family dinner. Rey-sama and Tonic-san had to use every bit of their influence and power to make sure the incident “didn’t happen”.

And so, Rey-sama frantically finished the modified magic square for the royal capital teleportation.

In any case, this was the first case that went without any hitch.

Want to draw it like the good ol’ regular magic squares?
Can’t do.
Want to draw it like how Av drew it? Nope! Can’t do.
Why we couldn’t? Who knows~! All we know was that we couldn’t do it.

By the time when Rey-sama’s eyes finally returned, he barely finished the magic square.

The one who drew it barely knew how it worked either, so nobody understood the mechanism and the theory behind it.
It worked, that was what matters the most.
The magic square was placed in a small room some distance away from the heart of the royal capital that Rey-sama had rented beforehand.

So why did I explain those things? Because the magic square that we need to teleport back to the hut was right in the direction where the demons appeared.

「Why… there’s a demon in the royal capital?」

The royal capital was located way too far from the demon’s territories. Not to mention the number of fortress and citadels along the way between the royal capital and the demon’s territories. Besides, the Frontline Vanguard Corps should be monitoring the border day and night.

「Av, did he use teleportation magic?」

「Even if he doesn’t use such things, we can still use our tamed monster」


「Us demons treat monsters better than you humans treat them. That means we had tamed a lot of them. Not only as transportation method, they are also part of our fighting force」

「Then… that person came here while riding a tamed monster?」


「But why??」

「How should I know? Want to try asking him?」

「No, I’m good. Let’s go home」

If we took the longer route, we wouldn’t encounter any of those demons.

「What’s this? So Rio, you’re really not going after them?」

「Nah, I’m good. I don’t want to be involved. They looked troublesome. Besides, since I had no intention to make friends with the demons in that group, so I’d rather not meeting them altogether」

If you knew that something would be troublesome and you still poked your nose into it, then you didn’t deserve to be called anything but an absolute idiot.

I didn’t want to have anything to do with it and I would like to do my best and live my live without being involved with it.

「The only one that willingly involve themselves in this kind of mess are only the main characters in stories」

For example, the goddess’ child, Misaka Reina-san.

Glancing to the side, I saw the people’s knight, Misaka-san, rushing towards the place we came from.

She seemed to be in quite a peril.

「Ah, but Av. What about you? Are you okay with this?」

As a demon, I wondered how he feels when he saw his kin pursuing humans. He shrugged his shoulder as an answer. Silly me. That was a stupid question.

「I am the same. I don’t particularly like poking into other people’s business. Besides, it’s the reason why I lived in human territories in the first place. And if he had gone all the way to visit us, he would’ve been either a man of considerable prowess, or simply a fool… Either way, it has nothing to do with me」


I gave him a nod and hasten my pace.

The magic square was just a little bit away from us.

The regular citizens had already escaped. As we trotted through the empty alley, I asked Av another question.

「Av, if the demons could use their tamed monsters and got this far, doesn’t that means that it’s no use in keeping borders…?」

「Look above, Rio. Look at that guy real good」

「What do you mean?」

He said it like it should answer my question.

I looked up and noticed a huge shadow looming in the sky.

「A dragon…?」

The gigantic beast was covered in deep green scales.

It looked exactly like the dragons in the picture books.

The demons that people were talking about was actually a person riding on the dragon’s back.

*Whoosh* With a flap of its wing, the dragon ascend far above in the sky, away from the magic or arrows attack range.

The dragon then made a U-turn and flew away.

「But… but why…?」

I asked my last question again.

Why? The demons certainly had flying units and air superiority, but they still took the trouble to use land units and take the human’s territories bit by bit.

「Things didn’t looked like what it seems. Perhaps there was something behind the territorial dispute this time」


We didn’t know why did the demons even came all this way.

However, it didn’t change the fact that they had arrived.

All the way to the royal capital where the human king resides.

「……Anyway, shall we go home?」

It’s no use thinking about it.

Even if I noticed anything new, even if I told Rey-sama and Tonic-san about it, nothing would change.

They still had to prepare themselves for battle. And I still had no choice but to see them away.

If so, then shouldn’t I do what I could do right now?

For now, the only thing I could do is go back to the hut and prepare dinner.

I kinda forget how many “games” did I put there, so you can try finding as many as you can.

Heibon 20. Ending A Ladies' Warfare
Heibon 22. The Four People in the War Conference Room

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