Heibon 3. I Witnessed a Cheat!

Heibon 2. I Can See Spirits
Heibon 4. 20 Days Before Deadline

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From this point onwards is my translated version of the updated chapters. There are no much differences from the previous version so you can skip this one.

According to Rey-sama, the one who first inspected me was another high-magician, Harwyn Lycrawl. He was nominated to teach magic to the Goddess, Misaka-san, so he came and boasted about it to Rey-sama.

At that time, Rey-sama was negotiating to extend my stay in the royal castle to the king from a week to 20 days, so Rey-sama totally ignored him. The goddess, Misaka-san, came and asked Rey-sama to teach her magic and it started a trouble.

Feeling irritated and annoyed, Rey-sama returned right after receiving the king’s permission, ignoring Harwyn-sama and Himeri-san who were still talking.

「So that was what happened. Thank you very much 」
「For goodness sake, where did that Misa… no… Goddess-sama’s modesty when she first came? She managed to gather all the influential people in only a few hours to teach her」
「Umm, well, what kind of a person she is and who taught her doesn’t really matter to me. So please don’t think too hard about it 」

I said so while a spirit approaching his hand, nudging on him. Rey-sama gave a bitter smile and handed a book to me.


「Please read it on your free time. It contains the history of this world and basic knowledge about magic. 」

I flipped the pages and sighed.
I never thought that I would learn a new history lesson at this age.

「Oh, thankfully the summoning quality gave me the ability to read this world’s character 」

The characters used were different from those in the previous world, but some kind of correction has been done so I can read it without any inconvenience.


「Since I can to take a day off, I’ll teach you about magic. 」

We moved to a small room with a pretty wooden table and 2 chairs right next to Rey-sama’s office. We sat face to face and he taught me about the magic of this world.

The magic of this world divided into 7 attributes: fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, light, and darkness. Usually, each person has 1 attribute, but in some rare cases, there are people with multiple attributes.

「By the way, my attributes are fire, water, and light. Furthermore, I have the ability “Farsight” 」

「3 attributes… but what is “ability”?」

I heard something from Rey-sama’s remark about his cheats.
Now when I think of it, Harwyn-sama said that I have “no abilities” to the king.

「Ah, it seemed that I haven’t explained that to you. “Ability” is a power that normal people don’t possess. Its rarity is similar to people who have multiple attributes. My “Farsight” allows me to see everything within 5 kilometers radius. Even though it needs a lot of concentration to use 」
「…By the way, Rey-sama, how much mana do you have?」

「28000 」

He’s a cheat character. Cheat-sama is here.

“Mana” is how much magical power a person has. Average people have about 8000 mana and you need at least 10000 to be a magician. To be a High Mage you need at least 15000 mana, but even among the middle-class mages, there aren’t many who surpassed the 12000 mana. People who have more than that is about as rare as tsuchinoko.

The god is sure unfair…


My mana is about 8900, which is totally average.
Even more, my attribute is wind, which is the third most common attribute in this world.

「Don’t be so depressed. Just the fact that you’re able to see spirits puts you in a much advantageous position compared to other people. 」
「What do you mean by that?」

「From the very beginning, the concept of “magic” and “attributes” are a bit different to us, who are able to see spirits 」

「Well, I had to experiment and teach myself about this matter, so I don’t really have a good basis. First of all, there’s a difference in how we process “magic” 」
「Aah, like how you manifest a “phenomenon” by giving mana to spirits? 」

「Exactly. And then an “attribute” is applied. “I can only use magic according to the attribute that I have” is the most common way of thinking in this world. However, not only the 3 attributes that I have, I can use all attributes in this world. 」
「Eh? Rey-sama can use all attribute? But how?」

「That’s the difference that I said earlier. Spirits also have attributes. Fire is red, water is blue, wind is green, earth is yellow, lightning is purple, light is white, and darkness is black. So for someone like me who can see spirit, “attribute” is just a matter of “finding the right spirit”. 」
「The right spirit?」

「It’s basically spirit with demand the least mana payment for the job. You might call it compatible spirit as well. 」
「Eh? In other words, that is how you can use other attributes even though you have different attribute?」

「That is correct. 」

What is this!!
There’s a possibility that I can become a cheat too!
After all, I always wanted to be an unbeatable cheat magician.


「But, can I do it with my average mana?」
「You can increase your mana value by training to a certain extent. The thing that you need now is mana control. 」

「mana control?」
「It’s how you adjust your mana to use magic. For example, the mana necessary for borrowing the compatible spirit is about 10. If you can control your mana properly, you can use 10 mana to cast without wasting any points. If you can’t control your mana, you will need more than 10 to cast the same magic. 」

「I see. Eh? Does that mean that I have to memorize all of this while I’m staying here?」
「I’d like you to be able to control your magic properly if possible. But that won’t be easy to do. Tomorrow, you are going to join the knights on their morning training to build up your strength. Physical strength directly translates into mana. I asked them to teach you basic self-defense. 」

「Early morning training…」

「After that, you’re training magic with me. First of all, we’ll start with wind magic that you possess. We are aiming for you to use the intermediate spell from all attributes in under 20 days. 」

「Intermediate spell of all attribute…」

This world’s magic is divided into several difficulties: beginner, intermediate, high, ultra-high, god, ancient, and finally taboo.

「The basic knowledge of this world is written in the book I gave you. Train magic or martial arts in your spare time. Even after you leave the castle, I think I’ll come visit you, but I’m often busy. Just think of it as a rare opportunity. That’s why all my time available to teach you is important. We can’t waste any second. Now prepare yourself to study to death. 」

「y-yes…… 」

It seemed that Rey-sama is a spartan instructor.
I’m worried about my safety for tomorrow, but it’s also true I have no other choice.
For now, I’ll do my best not to die.

Heibon 2. I Can See Spirits
Heibon 4. 20 Days Before Deadline

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