Heibon 4. 20 Days Before Deadline

Heibon 3. I Witnessed a Cheat!
Heibon 4.5 Extra. The Day I Invoke the Goddess' Wrath

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Not much differences here. The author just added some minor details and changed a week into 20 days for immersion purposes.

I want to say something to everyone.
If you put your mind into something, humans can do everything.

No, I’m serious. I’m not joking.
It’s what happened to me right now.
In these 20 days… no… it’s 19 days to be precise. Anyway, in these past 19 days, I’ve been “struggling to stay alive”. I tried my best to keep only 1 foot in the afterlife.
Or rather, I’d be killed if I slack.
My “teachers” were spartans.

First of all, let’s introduce the one in charge of raising physical strength and teaching self-defense for the knights and me. Holding the great duty of assisting and training the 『Frontline Vanguard Corps』 and going head first to fight against the demons, the vice-captain, Tonic Elchance.

The 『Royal Guardian Corps』 is assigned to escort and guard the King and his relatives, as well as several important nobles. The 『Imperial Garrison Corps』 is assigned to guard the royal capital. The 『People Garrison Corps』is assigned to guard cities and town besides the royal capital. And the last, the 『Frontline Vanguard Corps』 that I explained before.
There are a few more sub-division for them, but right now I have nothing to do with them.

Returning to Tonic-san, even though he looked ordinary but his abilities are truly astounding. According to Rey-sama, the Frontline Vanguard Corps gathers all the battle maniacs among the knight’s order. Therefore, the people here are way stronger than any other corps, but they are also a bunch of weirdoes.

……Why do weird people gather around me?


The weird Rey-sama even gave Tonic-san his own『weird』 stamp of approval. That’s some weird-ception going on here.

「You want me to teach her basic self-defense in 20 days? It would be easier if you told me to teach a baby to speak fluently in a week 」

It’s the first thing Tonic-san said when Rey-sama introduced me that morning.

In other words, a baby is smarter than me.
There’s no word to describe that kind of shock.

Rey-sama went and exchanged some words with him. Tonic-san turned towards me and sighed, signaling the start of my hell.

The routine for the Frontline Vanguard Corps routine is as follows.
Morning: wake up before the sun rises and run about 2 hours around the royal castle. Then do 3 reps of 1000 sit-up, push-up, and squats. Then without taking a rest, they spar with a wooden sword.

No ordinary people can even imagine the amount of exercise I did on that single day. But… in case for modern people from modern society. There’s no way they can do that. Tonic-san, who saw me dying after running, made a special menu for me. It consists of 1 rep of 100 sit-ups, push-up, and squat.

After he reduced it, I never stop until the menu is over.
Even though I hyperventilate.
Even though my muscle strained.
Even though my body hurts everywhere.
I didn’t stop until the menu is over.

It was around noon when it’s time for me to spar. Tonic-san mercilessly beat me down while abusing me with his words… When the one-sided battle ended, I was finally able to eat my breakfast and lunch.

After a little rest, it’s time for the other spartan instructor, Rey-sama, to enter the stage.

My experience with him was… well… terrible.
Why? It’s because of Rey-sama’s cold gaze.
It’s the first time I know the feeling when your spine froze when a person is staring at you coldly. Unlike Tonic-san who used word abuse and physical violence, the combination of Rey-sama’s silent sigh and absolute-zero-degree gaze is enough to break my heart.

After the time is over, I read the book Rey-sama gave me, took a little break, and practice my magic.


However, practicing magic has its own trouble. I couldn’t control my magic yet, so my magic went havoc and blow away the documents on Rey-sama’s desk several times and I was kicked out of his office. SinceI had to ask Rey-sama on parts that I didn’t understand, I couldn’t go too far from his office. Since I couldn’t go inside the room next to his office without his permission, I had to continue my studies in the hallway.

The passing people were giving me strange glances, chuckling, and whispering about me. But they couldn’t stop me from studying.

Originally, I didn’t like losing to someone.
If I give up, the king and those mages who told me that I’m useless would win.
I’ll show that they are wrong.
Once I decided on something, I’ll follow it through until the end.

And now, I decided to grit my teeth and scratch my way up.
Even though Rey-sama and Tonic-san threw cruel words at me, and even though they took a cold attitude towards me, they never tell me to do the impossible.

No matter how long it took for me to get up, they waited patiently for me.

They never tell me “that’s enough” or “don’t overdo it”.
Instead, they tell me “It’s not impossible” and “Stand on your own feet”.
That’s what they said.

They believed in me.

They’re different from those who tossed me aside as a “mistake”.
They don’t have any obligation on me, but they are still trying to survive in this world.

When I realized that, I don’t feel the bitterness from the harsh training anymore. The glances from random passerby didn’t break my heart anymore.

I’m growing stronger.
I had to maximize my effort in this limited time.
I wished to thank them with a smile when I leave this place.
I would take everything I could learn and took them as my own.

I decided to do it in these 20 days.

When I sparring with a newcomer, I could somehow pull a draw, and sometimes I could even winning by a thin margin.
I learnt to use 3 kinds of weapon which are dagger, one-handed sword, and bow.
These were simple enough to be handled by a woman, and these were as far as I could master in the very short time.

As Rey-sama ordered, I managed to learn the intermediate magic of all attributes. I could even use advanced magic from wind attribute.
I got along with the spirits as well.
They couldn’t speak, but I could gues what they were saying from their movements.

I finished reading the book that Rey-sama gave me and I gained a good amount of knowledge. In this limited time, I have taken everything I can take to live in this world.

And with that, my 20th morning in this world approaches.

Heibon 3. I Witnessed a Cheat!
Heibon 4.5 Extra. The Day I Invoke the Goddess' Wrath

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  1. 100 sit-ups,100 push-ups,100 squats. Every-Single-Day!

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