Heibon 4.5 Extra. The Day I Invoke the Goddess’ Wrath

Heibon 4. 20 Days Before Deadline
Heibon 5. Aide-sama is Troubled

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Lil’ bit of context here.

This chapter happened right after chapter 4, but it was written right after chapter 13.
So this has never been TLed before.

This is written in the Goddess Misaka Reina’s PoV and establish her character and relation with other characters. Since I forgot about most of these names (and so must you) I’ll have a lil character intro first before the actual chapter.

  • MisakaReina –> the girl summoned after our MC
  • Lurunas –> the princess
  • Harwyn –> the top 2 mage in the kingdom besides Reyfaras

Since we’ve put it out of the way, please enjoy the extra chapter.


Reina raised her voice.
Currently, she was escorting Lurunas inside the Magic Pavilion.
They were on their way to visit Harwyn when she found a figure of someone with silver hair.

「Lurunas, please wait here a bit, kay? 」

「Eh? Reina?」

Leaving the confused Lurunas behind, she swung her long legs and chased after the distant figure.

The one she chased after was Reyfaras Karhannah, one of the top 2 mages of this country.



She could see his cold blue eyes when he turned around to look at her. However, his attitude won’t be like that for long. Even when he was speaking with Reina, or anyone, he addressed them with a cold attitude.

His silver hair, deep blue eyes, and cold attitude towards anyone and everyone is what made people call him the “Mage of Ice”. Only after you became very *very* close to him that he will warm up and changed his cold attitude.

That is what she always wanted, for him to warm up with her.

But it has yet to happen.
Reina wanted him to address her just like Harwyn, just like Lurunas, just like the prince Kagarudin.

She wanted him to look at her.
To warm up to her.
To yearn for her.

She wanted his perfect gender-less face and high-ranked position.
Is it wrong for her to want him based on that reason alone?


「Good afternoon, Reyfaras-san! Where are you going this time?」
「……Ah it’s you. Do you have any business here? This is not the path to Harwyn’s place」
「I saw Reyfaras-san from afar and decided to drop by and greet you」

He frowned after hearing that sentence. And suddenlyー


「Rio! You’re still not done!? Too slow!! It’s almost midday already!!!」
「I am sorry!!!!!」

They could hear someone getting scolded from the knight’s training ground, followed by the sound of someone apologizing.


「So there’s a woman joining the knights, I see. Poor girl, she’s getting yelled at. Isn’t that right, Reyfaras-sa… n…」

Reina looked at the training ground and smirked, but when she returned her gaze toward Reyfaras…


「It’s her again… good grief……」

It was… warm…
Reyfaras’ eyes were very warm.
There was a soft smile on his face and he muttered those word in a gentle manner.

That’s not how the “Mage of Ice” usually looked like.
It’s not the Reyfaras that Reina knew usually looked like.

「Then I shall excuse myself, Reyfaras-san」
「Hm… ah yes… sure」

His reply struck her dumbfounded.
She was half-hoping that he will prevent her from leaving.

She waited for him to call out to her, but it never happened……




「Reina, don’t deal with that guy anymore… Reina?」

Lurunas, who was supposed to stay and wait for her, came over and warned her, but Reina didn’t even budge.

「Umm… Reina?」

Only after inspecting a lot closer that Lurunas realized what adversary she was about to invoke. Reina’s eyes were blazing with the flame of anger and glaring at every opportunity.


「A! …Y-yes?」
「Do you know anyone with the name “Rio”?」
「Rio…? Oh, perhaps it was the name of the girl who was mistakenly summoned when we were summoning you, Reina」
「Mistak……? Ah yes, I think I remember someone like that」

She ponders for a while and remembered. When she was summoned to this world, there was a girl with a totally different appearance from the people of this country.


「It seemed that she was allowed to live in this castle for 20 days. Currently “that guy” is looking after her」
「That guy…… Eh? Was it Reyfaras-san?」
「Yes. It appears that he asked for the job himself. And he sent her for morning training with the Frontline guys as well」
「…… She’s here for only 20 days… is it…?」
「Then what will happen to her afterward?」
「I don’t know. Maybe she will be given lodging somewhere around the capital. In any case, she will live on her own after getting the boot」

「Around royal capital…… No, that’s won’t do」
「I forgot I have some business with Kagarudin. Please tell Harwyn that I’ll go to his place later!」
「Ha? eh? Re-reina!?」

She turned around and dashed.
Reina can’t have her stay around the royal capital.

It’s way too close.
He will… Reyfaras will be able to see her at any time.

She must be sent somewhere further.
Somewhere Reyfaras will not be able to go easily.


「Everyone is mine.
I am the chosen one.
They chose me as the goddess of this world!
I won’t let that woman stop me right before my goal!!」

The people of this country kneeled before her, praising her beauty.

Her wish became true.
To become beautiful.
To become someone of a status.

But Reyfaras and some other people refused to be involved and seemed to avoid any sort of contact with her. Those people were the ones who were labeled as the “Weird” of this country. Unfortunately, Reyfaras was one among of those “Weird” people. But his appearance, his ability, his position were good enough to ditch that label off.

Reina believed that no matter what kind of “Mage of Ice” a person is, if she kept talking with that person and gave them her sincerest smile, they would open up their heart.

Because she is 『Special』.
Because everyone said that she’s 『Special』.

And yet, he didn’t even look at her, a goddess.
He instead looked at another ordinary woman.

Reina gave him her smile.
Reina gave him her attention.
Reina extended her hand and tried to reach for him.
And yet, he still looked at another ordinary woman.


Somewhere further.
She will send her somewhere further.
Somewhere nobody would even go.

A place where she would never appear before her or Reyfaras again.

If she asked Kagarudin, the prince of this country, it will be easy to change where she will be sent to. If he refuses, she could just ask the King directly.

「You are such a bad girl, Rio. He’s mine. Everything and everyone is mine!」

She hid the anger from her eyes and went through the hallway.

Heibon 4. 20 Days Before Deadline
Heibon 5. Aide-sama is Troubled

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      So yes, she need a beating for punding in her narow-minded brain the reality. But the fact is, she IS treated like a godess and the center of the world by this shitty king and other people. So why other do you want her to become ? It’s will only make her worst with time, and more evil, conceited, rutless and egoistic with time.
      In a way, she was put in the worst place of all for grown to a better being.
      Personaly, i’m more inclined to said “poor thing who will suffer when the time will came”. She will sink more and more in her childish way, and probably end in a very gruesome and painfull way.

  1. Wow! Just wow! I new she was going to be a horrible, person in some way. But I didn’t think she was going to be so…. Creepy/Narssitic?

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  4. Oh, that poor girl Reina. She missed the memo from the author stating she wasn’t a goddess, but a psycho antagonist.

  5. Thanks for the chapter! She is such a nasty bitch…too bad ice mage is never going to look at her either way. I am looking forward to see her go down

  6. Thanks for the update! I was so worried! Also wasn’t it just for a week, like originally it was a month then shortened to a week?

    1. the reason I retranslate everything is because the author change some things here and there. But the most major thing is extending the 7 days (original) to 20 days (edited version). Most changes happened in later chapter though…

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  9. Whoa, I didn’t realize there were new versions of the chapters out. Thanks for translating this!!
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    The King’s condescending attitude and apathy towards what happens to Rio is one thing, but sending her there goes beyond that, it’s malicious and making him an accomplice to attempted murder. But I guess the death of one girl to make the Goddess happy is just fine to him. …How upsetting. Really starting to question how the country is still okay, but actually I guess it isn’t. Human territory has been reduced to a third and things are falling apart. If the King has no qualms about random murder I can only wonder what else he is either doing or condoning.

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