Heibon 5. Aide-sama is Troubled

Heibon 4.5 Extra. The Day I Invoke the Goddess' Wrath
Heibon 6. The Captain Appeared

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There are no important changes besides the author changes the time limit of 7 days to 20 days.

And since I had some time, let’s play the game again.


Speaking of Reyfaras Karhannah, his fame was not limited only among the people in Sarawin Empire. There is no one, even among the demon army, that didn’t know his name.

He was youngest mage ever recorded in history, only as young as 15 years old. Only 2 years later, he climbed up the ranks and became the highest ranked mage in the country. He was a kind of genius weirdo that proposed the idea that there are invisible “spirit” beings that allowed humans to invoke “magic”.

And right now, the same Reyfaras was walking through a hallway in the magic pavilion with a sour expression. He opened his office door violently, which surprised his aide who was sitting there, Arami Ceizalt. Her almond-shaped eyes behind her glasses widened in surprise.

「Is there something wrong, sir?」
「……nothing to mention about」

Reyfaras scoffed and turned his eyes towards the window.

「Rio hasn’t finished her task from Tonic?」
「Yes sir」
「I see」

Reyfaras then sat on his office chair and sighed heavily.

“Rio” was a girl who was mistakenly summoned when they were trying to summon a goddess from the other day.

She’s just average in every aspect imaginable. Since she didn’t have any ability as well, she was quickly ditched by everyone involved in the summoning process. However, it was Reyfaras himself who offered to help the girl.


「Is it about the girl?」
「……Do you know that Rio was supposed to live outside the castle from tomorrow on?」
「Yes, sir」

At first, she was only allowed to live in the castle for a week, but Reyfaras went to the emperor directly and asked for her time to be extended to 20 days.

And her time ended tomorrow.
That must be what weighed his mind.


「I just asked the King about where her new dwelling is. I thought that they would at least prepare a house somewhere around the royal capital」

We selfishly summoned her into this world and branded her as a “mistake” on a whim, so at least we should provide some sort of place where she can live.

Or so he thought…


「Why the hell did the King sent her to the Beast Fang forest!? And to a little hut at that!!」

She could understand why her superior lost his patience. But there was something that Arami couldn’t understand no matter how much she thought about it.


「If I may ask, why do you care about the girl so much?」

「Please excuse my rudeness, but as far as I can see, she is just a normal regular girl. I understand that she can see spirits just like you, but I don’t think it can be considered a powerful ability. Besides, is it really necessary for you to personally teach her magic? I would also ask the same question toward Tonic-sama as well. As the vice-captain of the Frontline Vanguard Corps, I don’t think he should be in a position to directly teach a complete amateur. He raised his sword to protect our people from monsters, so I don’t understand why he would spend his time to teach her」

It was not like Arami dislike Rio or anything, but she couldn’t help but wonder why would Reyfaras and Tonic went all out just to help her.


「……Do you know?」

「That girl practice swinging her sword right after training magic with me」

「And after that, she continues practicing magic in her own room」
「……That isー」

「She had devoured every book that I gave her since long time ago, so she came to the King and personally begged him to be allowed to go inside the royal library, and then she began reading every book including strategy」

「She did half the training that the Frontline Vanguard Corps trainees do. No matter how much she suffers or vomited, she still finished her tasks without complaining」

「She read her books in the hallway right outside this room. She kept quiet and still studying even though she was being laughed at. So, Arami, do you know about it?」

There’s no way Arami could give a proper response. Meanwhile, Reyfaras just smiled bitterly looking at her.

「Even I don’t know why I did it」
「I don’t even know why I am doing these for her. Maybe because she views the same world as I do」

It was the first time Reyfaras met someone who had something similar to him. Someone who could see spirits and interact with them. Perhaps that was why he couldn’t just ditch her somewhere along the road.


「I am also responsible for summoning her. I, myself, was one of those people who forcefully summon her. So perhaps, my sense of responsibility is also one of the reasons why I helped her」


Reyfaras didn’t participate in the second summoning because he had drained all of his mana to the summoning magic square just to summon Rio.

She. Is. His. Responsibility.
She was his responsibility and his alone.
So he saved her before she killed herself by cursing the King right onto his face.


「I thought she would bawl her eyes out at first……」
「I thought she would cry, throwing a tantrum and screaming to be sent home, all while cursing every single one of us. But she didn’t…」


She probably did indeed resent them.
But she didn’t cry.
She didn’t hate those who had summoned her.
She didn’t give up.


『Look at me』
『You will regret it』

He could see her strong willpower behind her black eye.


「Perhaps that is why I helped her. Just like you said before, Rio is way too average. Her only ability is the same one as mine, to be able to see spirits. But I think that is why she has the power to be the strongest. At least that is what I think」

She was being told that she was just average from the very beginning. For that reason alone, she spared no effort and tried to set a new goal for herself.

She was just that kind of a person.
Her kind of personality is the one that charmed people around her to stop and lend her a hand.

Just like me.
Also, she was loved by the spirits.

Reyfaras knew it because there are a lot of spirits gathered around her when she cast magic, far more than when he tried to cast magic himself. There is no reason that kind of girl cannot become strong.


If she were to be allowed to live in the castle, Reyfaras’ guidance will definitely help her grew into someone with even more powerful than Reyfaras himself. Her swordsmanship wouldn’t even lose to the knights in the knight order.

If she lives somewhere around the royal capital, she could at least learn by watching the knight or magic organized battle-royal event. There will be many chances for her to study.


「So why the hell did they sent her to the Beast Fang Forest!? Isn’t that basically asking her to kill herself!?」

Arami flinched. It was not like Reyfaras to shout like that. She cranked her head for every information regarding that forest.


「Speaking of the Beast Fang Forest, isn’t it the forest that could be reached within 1 day on a horse carriage from the royal capital? I have never been there myself, but from what I heard, there are a lot of monsters that inhabit that forest. They even prohibit normal civilian from entering」

「That is correct. It is a place where apprentice knight would go to at the end of apprenticeship. Their final task would be hunt a monster that inhabit that forest. It’s a very dangerous place………
And they send a GIRL to live alone in that kind of place! Isn’t that basically a death sentence!?
What. The. Hell. Did the king even think!?
We taught Rio on how to use magic and weapons, but not to prepare her to live in that kind of place!!」

Of course, Reyfaras had conveyed his disagreement towards the King himself and asked him to reconsider.

Unfortunately, the King ignored his request.
There was no one else to turn to.


「……Arami, please prepare a piece of paper and draw a Teleportation Magic Square」

Reyfaras suddenly raised his head in a quick motion.


「A teleportation magic square?」
「Exactly. If the King wants to keep Rio away from us and send her to live in such a dangerous place, we can just prepare a tool so we can rush to her place at moments notice」

Teleportation magic square is a magic tool that allows people to move to another distant place instantly.

Magic Square themselves was a little bit different from the magic that the humans use in this world. It was a tool made by writing magical characters onto a surface and load it with mana.

Since magic squares couldn’t apply any attribute to the invoked magic, it was also called the “non-attribute magic”.

There were only a few people who can draw magic squares. And there are even fewer people who can use those magic squares.

Arami was one of those people who could use magic squares.



「Wouldn’t it be dangerous if the King heard about this matter, sir?」
「You are right. But what of it?」
「What would he do then? Fire me? That would be even better. I could just live in the Beast Fang Forest with Rio and teach her magic. Or, would he try to put me in jail? He should have realized it himself that such menial confinement methods are meaningless against me.
Besides, I refuse to serve under a King who made such a stupid decision like that. If he revoked my High Mage title, I can just do as what I had said before. There nothing he could do to cause trouble for me. It will result in him digging his own grave instead」
「Does the position of High Mage not satisfy you?」

「I have no attachment for it. I wanted to prove the existence of spirits, hence why I aimed to be a High Mage. But my theory was dismissed 7 years ago. I didn’t quit because there is no reason to do so, but if the King insists to fire me, then it shall be done」
「I believe the King wouldn’t come to such decision」
「That is for us to see」

While Reyfaras said it with his brightest smile ever, Arami was at her wit’s end. If Reyfaras resigned from his position, it will start a domino effect. The mages who strived to be like him will quit one after another. But more than anything, his mana and magical prowess was the best one in this country.

He was supposed to teach magic to the Goddess-sama, but since he declined, Harwyn Lycrawl had to fill the position as the other High Mage.

If Reyfaras refuse to fight for the country, Sarawin Empire’s strength would suffer. And the final nail in the coffin would be the Frontline Vanguard Corps, who fought right at the very front, would turn their sword towards the Emperor for putting them into danger even further.

And all hell would break loose.


It’s been a common knowledge among the Frontline Vanguard Corps that what their captain hate the most is having his men died due to serving an incompetent leader. The captain, Cryhart Sharginal had proudly declared that he refuses to be degraded and serve an incompetent king and rather kill the King himself.

Vice-captain Tonic had also clearly declared that he only serve under captain Cryhart, not the King. If captain Cryhart made up his mind to kill the King, vice-captain Tonic would gladly help sharpen the sword.

If Reyfaras went out of the picture, the whole country would fall.


「……I will draw the teleportation magic square」
「I’ll be relying on you」

Arami couldn’t help but feel nauseated.
She resolved herself.
When things hit the fan, she would go and follow Reyfaras and the girl.

Arami gave Reyfaras a polite bow and left the office.

Heibon 4.5 Extra. The Day I Invoke the Goddess' Wrath
Heibon 6. The Captain Appeared

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  1. Smart choice, Arami. =D Not only is Reyfaras the ACTUAL power behind the throne, he is also a good person. Just try not to think of all the paperwork you’ll be getting because of him. ;P

  2. It’s nice seeing that there are people on Rio’s side after she got summoned. It’s not everyone hates or discards her for absolutely no reason. And boy is this king blind and stupid. Not being willing to listen to his best mage is suicidal, literally. Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Wait, I haven’t read the other summoned PoV yet (the 4.5), but if he used his magic/mana and summoned someone with similar traits to his own… Does that mean that summoning just works that way? That it’s not blind, but a match between worlds?
    It would make sense honestly. It’s more unique concept if it’s true.

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