Heibon 8. On my 20th night, I died

Heibon 7. I Finally Snapped
Heibon 9. Apparently, I did see the red-eyed man

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Let me declare the result.
I somehow won the fight against those monsters.

I put everything I had and managed to survive without losing any limbs.

To be honest, I wouldn’t win without the spirits. Since they were unable to just watch me struggle, they lent me help for free. Thanks to them, I could barely win without losing both of my arms and legs.

But the spirits themselves had little mana on their own.


Despite being able to use “mana” to create a “phenomenon” called “magic”, without having humans as power supply, their mana was only enough to cast elementary spells a couple of times. But together with humans, the spirits could demonstrate even more powerful “magic”.

Back to my situation, even with the little mana they had, the spirits helped and saved my life. I should give them the appropriate reward in mana after the battle was over. Apparently, it would be fine to reward them after they finished the job.

I should keep this in mind when I had to conserve my mana in the future, even though the spirits could only use the lowest tier of spells…


Currently, I still managed to think rationally and carefully, but my actual condition was quite horrible. There were bite marks, scratches, and gashes all over my body. My arm was weirdly red and hurt quite a lot. I couldn’t walk without dragging one of my legs. With this amount of wound, I was amazed that I hadn’t died yet.

The light spirits offered their help and illuminate my path. With this, I didn’t need to worry about consuming any more mana, but I worried that I might die before reaching the hut.


「Enough… I can’t do this anymore…」

I knew I should use my energy to walk instead of complaining, but my blurring vision was getting worse and worse. Was it the start of the countdown until the end of my life?

「Nuuuuu, I dun wanna dieeeee. If I were to die, lemme die on a fluffy futon at the leasssttt」

Seeing me spouting gibberish sentences, the spirits flew frantically around me. Half of these spirits came with me from the royal capital and the other half were residents of this forest. Apparently, Rey-sama said that spirits like me for some reason.


「If I knew it would be like this, I should have learned at least a healing spell……」

If I remembered correctly, there was a spell that could cure wounds in the higher rank of light magic. The middle ranked spells in light attribute magic were centered around offensive and support spells, but the healing spells were surprisingly difficult to learn.


「This is bad… I might die for reー」

I leaned on a tree but I started to slide down and sit on the ground.

My limbs were freezing.
I had lost about half of my senses.
My chest hurts every time I breathe the air, some of my ribs must be broken.

I felt like I couldn’t move even a finger anymore, so I closed my eyes. The spirits were hitting my cheek repeatedly with their small hands to keep me awake.


「sorrー let me… sleep… a bit…」

My consciousness was fading away.

Aah, I don’t think I could wake up anymore. Suddenly, at the edge of my consciousness, I heard a rustling of a grass being stepped on.

Somebody was approaching me.


「I came to check why the forest was unusually noisy, why is there a human over here?」

The footstep stopped right in front of me.
That person spoke in human language.


「Oi, answer me. What are you doing here?」

Judging from how his low voice reverberates, this person must be a man. But even if I could confirm his appearance, I didn’t have enough energy to open my eyes anymore.



The words I voiced were hazy at best.


「So you were attacked by monsters? Are you… dying?」

The hell is this man saying?
Asking such a stupid question to someone who had wound all over her body.
Besides, that didn’t answer my question at all.

Oh please, I don’t mind if you don’t even try to help me.
Because you are one of this world’s inhabitant, aren’t you?
You are all as heartless as ever.

I felt like asking “Then what are you here for?” back to him if I could.


「You didn’t understand your own power and yet you still came to this place. Foolish human, is it your fate to die in obscurity here?」

Aah, god damn it.
What is it with him?
Can’t he leave me alone as I am?
I might die at any moment, so what kind of brute to ask such question to a dying person like me?

If you don’t want to save me, then go away.
If you still have any conscience left, then help me.
I still hadn’t given up.

I don’t have the time, stamina, or energy to spare for you.


「So annー oying… I don’t kno…w fate… I know… I am weak… I’m not… here becーause I want… to…… I don’t want… to die so I… I struggled. Stop boーbothering me…」

I hoarsed broken sentences back to him.
With all my remaining willpower, I opened my eyes as I finished speaking.


「Who the hell… will die… in this place!!?」

I could see red eyes behind my blurry vision. The last sentence I said took every little bit of my strength. I saw his eyes widen in surprise as my vision started to get even more blurry.

And finally, my whole world was dyed in darkness.




「……did she died?」

On the brink of death, she boldly exclaimed and smirked before falling unconscious. But she didn’t seem like breathing.


「The monsters should deal with her if I leave her here」

How long ago since I had a conversation with another human without them fearing me?
How long ago since I met a human that didn’t panic after looking straight into my eyes?

Ah well, it was probably because she was on her death door……

I wonder how long before her shallow breath finally ran out. I didn’t know why such a weak person was in this forest, but while the fact states that I found her, I don’t have any obligation to help her.


「……hm? What do you guys want?」

Before I could turn my back and pretend not seeing her, several spirits blocked my way. They were doing their best gesturing something to me.


「You want me to help this girl……? How foolish…」

I smirked as I realized their intention and walked away.
Why do I have to help this human?


「……Oi, that’s enough」

I only walked another 2 steps before the spirits blocked me again.

They didn’t even lose their nerve even after hearing the anger in my voice. So they really want me to save this girl.

*pat* A spirit hit my cheek.

*pat pat* A spirit hit my other cheek.

*pat pat pat* Another spirit hit my forehead.

*pat pat pat pat pat pat pat* The spirits hit me everywhere on my face.

*pon* A spirit made a flaming ball.

*pon pon* Another spirit made a water ball.

*pon pon pon* Some other spirit made a ball of air.

*pon pon pon pon pon* The other spirits made various balls according to their elements.


「Oi, what are you guys doing? Are you trying to pick a fight with me? Even if you are spirits, that doesn’t mean that I turn a blind eye on you」

Even when I threaten them, they still wouldn’t back down.


「What are you trying to say? Good grief……」

Their small hands couldn’t hurt me in any way.

Even if they attacked me together with their elementary spells, they still couldn’t hurt me.




「Gaaah! You guys are annoying!!! Okay, I get it! I will help her!!」

With that, I carried the gloomy and yelling-in-despair girl on my back. Satisfied with me helping her, the spirits went ahead as if guiding us.


「Really, you guys. What’s so interesting with this girl anyー」

She was the only human in this monster-filled forest. But even with that, looking at her sorry state, anyone could know that she wasn’t strong by any means. Even this girl knew about it herself. With her current strength, there was no way that she could survive in this forest.


So as expected, the girl was dying right now.
But the spirits insisted on helping her.
But why?

The spirits never showed any interest in humans so far. Even if they had any interest, the humans couldn’t see them anyway. Their only relationship was only for spirits to use magic and humans providing them with mana. Therefore, they shouldn’t even be concerned with her dying.

But they want to save this girl.
In other words, that means……


「She can see you guys?」

The spirits whirling around her as an answer to my suspicion.

「Kukuku… I certainly picked up something interesting」

Their answer filled me with laughter. In this world filled with boredom, there might still be something that can entertain me. The spirits stopped near some sort of a hut, perhaps this was the place where this girl was trying to go.


「Well then, little girl. Will you be able to kill me?」

The dying human girl only gave me shallow breath as a response. If she dies, then she dies. But if she could survive, she might be able to fulfill my “wish”.

Now, girl…

I wonder what kind of reaction you would make when you open those eyes of yours again.

「Do your best and entertain me, human girl」

In front of the door, where the moonlight barely lit, the man’s bright red eyes shone even more in enjoyment.

Heibon 7. I Finally Snapped
Heibon 9. Apparently, I did see the red-eyed man

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