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「……There’s a fork ahead of us」

Mother declared while pointing forward.

There were 2 paths in front of us. Moreover, there were signs of monster in both paths.


「Let’s split up. I’ll go together with Julia. Ed, Elemia, and Steph will go together」

「Roger that」

After agreeing with father’s proposal, I turned and faced Elemia and Steph.


「Let’s go」



We proceed silently through the cave with Elemia as the lead.

Roughly 5 minutes since we split, we finally found more enemies.



A group of owl bears appeared from inside the cave. There were 1, 2… 5… There were 7 of them.


「Dealing with them one by one is really troublesome, though」

At least the level range was just ideal for our combat experience. Of course, we also had to be careful since the monsters in this place were strengthened by Evil God’s influence.


「Okay, can I start already?」

Elemia drew her daggers from the scabbards, itching for her turn for action. She then clad her blades with darkness magic.


「ー【Executioner’s Eyes】」

Along with the that chant, she started her assault. Elemia jumped as a black shadow from one owlbear to another, swinging her twin dagger faster than eye can see. The owlbears couldn’t even move a step. No, it was more like they couldn’t even notice her presence.



She already returned to her previous position before I could notice it. Meanwhile the owlbears swayed around before tumbling to the ground at the same time.

〈Assassinate〉 was an instant death technique created by combining Elemia’s 【Assassination Techniques】 and 【Spirit Magic】, specifically 【Dark Spirit Magic】.

Let’s see how strong she had become after 5 years.


Elemia Lotteroot Chrebl 〈Adopted Daughter of Chrebl Household〉〈Priestess of the Darkwood Forest〉
12 Years Old
Dark Elf

Level 43(↑22)
HP 71/71(↑41)
MP 3654/3864(3774+90、↑3797)


  • 〈Assassin〉 C (NEW!) (An expert specialized in killing. As class rank rises, increase bonus correction on physical movement, spying skills, and 【Sense Presence】. Adds small bonus on assassination skills. )
  • <Dark_Mage> D (NEW!) (Mage specializing in manipulating dark element. As class rank rises, increase bonus correction on darkness creation and manipulation. As class rises, increase MP+30. )
  • 〈Music Instrument Player〉D (NEW!) (Gives an ability to add various support effects by using mana when playing a musical instrument. As class rank rises, increase the maximum mana that can be used during musical performance. As class rank rises, increase MP+15. )


  •  Legendary
    •  【Fatigue_Transference】-
    •  【Spirit_Magic】5(NEW!)
    •  【Telepathy】5(NEW!)
    •  【Executioner’s_Eyes】3(NEW! Grants ability to places that deals lethal damage on enemies. Success rate depends on level, mana, and skill level. )
    •  【Twin-dagger Techniques】2(NEW!)
    •  ・Master_Class
    •  【Lightning Magic+1】4(NEW!) (TL: Elemia has Raigeki Mahou while Edgar has Denji Mahou)
    •  【Light Spirit Magic+1】1(NEW!)
    •  【Marksmanship】2(NEW!)
    •  【Sniping】1(NEW!)
  • General
    •  【Small Firearms Techniques】9(MAX、NEW!)
    •  《Blessing of the Darkwood_Forest》

Elemia now had 3 classes. Specifically, she acquired them. Yes, I synthesized those classes with my 【Skill Magic】, but without doubt, it was all due to her own effort to clear the condition that allowed me to synthesized those skills. All her melee, assassination, and scouting related skills were combined into 〈Assassin〉class and her 【Dark Magic】, mana manipulation related skills were combined into 〈Dark Mage〉 class.

Back to our adventure in the cave, Elemia cleared the path for us with her 〈Assassinate〉. Considering her cheap MP cost and the fact that she literally couldn’t get tired, it was more like a slaughterfest.

At first, Elemia contemplated whether to threw away all of her assassination related skills, but her aptitude for those skills were too good. In the end, she decided to come to terms with her own past. As repulsive as it was, she decided to combine the skills she learnt from her days in Yatagarasu with her darkness magic and created Magic Arts.

For somebody that currently still suffering some level of guilt like Elemia, it must be a very rocky road to tread. But she walked that path without complaining. On that aspect, I really respected her.


Even so,

「It sure is easier when we have Lady Elemia, isn’t it?」

Steph said while minding the split hair on her bangs.


「……Slacking off, aren’t we?」


There was nothing for Steph and me to do because Elemia finished every monster we encountered. Elemia also in charge of detecting enemies that came close to us, so all Steph and I did was tailing Elemia along the way.


「Then should we have a girl’s talk?」
「I’m not a girl though」
「Ah well, I only want to talk about things regarding Lady Elemia」
「ーYoung master, what do you think about Lady Elemia?」

*clang*! What was that?

I glanced toward the source. It seemed like Elemia somehow dropped one of her dagger. Steph and I stood roughly 10 meters away from her.


「Eh- umm… A-are you tired?」

I mustered everything I had to ask. Elemia picked up her dagger while muttering something. She wasn’t looking towards our direction, but she definitely used Keen Hearing to spy on us. With her senses, she could easily hear our conversation even while fighting.

……Though Elemia couldn’t get tired with me around.

I thought I felt ice running down my spine.



「Young master can’t feign ignorance about this matter, you know. Young master is a reincarnator after all」


Did she read my mind?


「W-why the sudden interest, though?」
「Because… umm, Lady Elemia will reach marriageable age in a few years. She’s an adopted daughter, but she’s still a daughter from the Chrebl Household. Of course she’s going to be flooded with marriage proposals. Especially Marquis Chrebl’s household is currently the center of attention in the royal capital」

That was… She was correct.

「If young master has any feeling for her, you should act as soon as possible before it’s too late. Young master might regret it later, you know?」

Her reasoning left me speechless. Meanwhile, Elemia just finished a group of Wicked Giant Spriggans and just returned.


「Edgar… S-so how do you feel about me?」

Elemia asked without daring to looking at me.


「Umm…… A very handful little sister?」
「Ukh…… Even though I’m supposed to be the older one……」

She became slumped like a swindled pedestrian.

「Then what about me, young master?」
Steph was currently 20 years old. Her baby face was the same as before, but now her face gave a bit more sharper impression. Her training as a〈Spellsword〉clearly polished her manner of conduct, to the point that surprised even me when I noticed that she was looked rather dignified when she was doing her duties as a maid. Although she still talked a bit like an absentminded person, if you just looked at her, she was nothing less than a very capable maid.

But even so…


「Umm… Like a little sister that I must not take my eyes off?」

「「Isn’t that basically the same!!」」

Both of them retorted. Even she showed an impressive growth from the old days, I still couldn’t left her alone.

「Besides, I am the one that must not take my eyes off you, young master」
「Right right! Even though both Steph and I can’t hold a candle against you in combat, Edgar is way more absentminded. You always forget about time when you’re increasing your skill level」
「Young master is really a boy, isn’t he?」
「That’s right! Somehow, like a very handful little brother, right?」

Both of them seemed excited from making fun of me.

We had been telling her to not act so reserved around us just because she was a maid since years ago. It was only in the recent years that she started to speak her thoughts.


「Both of you seems to be on a really good terms」

I thought both of them didn’t looked very compatible with each other at first, but they got along surprisingly well. I often saw them chatting together in their spare times.

「Of course we are~. As someone who have to take care of young master, we have a lot of things in common」
「……Elemia doesn’t take care of me, though」
「But when we partnered together, am I not like a caretaker to you?」
「No no… I think you’re quite a handful yourself. You also tend to push yourself and endure everything」
「That… That is… But considering our age, I’m still your big sister」
「That is right~ Lady Elemia was sad because young master refused to call her 『Big Sister』, you know?」
「I-I’m not sad! Also, How did you heard about it!?」
「Ufufufu. You should be careful about what you muttered to yourself around maids, Lady Elemia」
「Uuu~ but I made sure that you’re in the middle of your maid works…」
「If Lady Elemia stayed vigilant, I’m sure I would be caught almost immediately. Ahaha, would you like young master to pamper you?」
「T-t-that’s……! There’s no such things!!」

Elemia was beet red from Steph’s teasing.

Poor Elemia. Both mother and I used to tease Steph quite a lot. If even Steph had the guts to tease Elemia, it was clear that Elemia sat at the very bottom of the hierarchy.

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