Dreadnought 8+9. Mock Battle

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The first indoor practice ground.

They stripped their clothes before they begin. The damp air made Mamoru shiver in chill.

They got the permission to use the practice ground almost immediately.

Leona who entered the training grounds in high spirits and Mamoru who entered in a troubled manner were very contrast.

「What is the win condition? I’d like a last-one-standing rule is possible. I don’t want any talk about giving up, though」

Mamoru rather not hit a woman if possible, but Leona who was motivated might not collapse or give up.

Leona examined him and laughed at the word “rule”.

「This is a battle, no? It won’t end until the winning result is clear」

Looking at Leona’s eyes, she only thought about beating Mamoru.


「Jaa, are we going at it until one of us die?」
「…You seem confident, ne?」
「I’m sorry, I don’t fight a losing battle. I only think about winning. Isn’t it normal?」
「I thought you are just a man who know nothing about courtesy… It seems that you know how to fight. I thought all the students in this academy only cares about academic achievements」
「Unfortunately, my head is bad. I can’t pretend to care about my academic achievements」

Leona nodded several times as she examined Mamoru a few times. They specified the condition for the simulated fight.


「I will not move one step. If you can move me or hit me, you win」
「What about my lose condition?」
「If you give up, you lose. Because the power will be adjusted, it’s okay if you hit me a few times」

Looking from another perspective, if receive more than a few shot, it could bring enough power to cause big damage.

(Well I doubt she could exert enough power to knock me down)
Mamoru gave a bitter smile.

Blood started to flow to his penis

「Maa, that’s fine. If you can move me, you win anyway」
「Aren’t you too relaxed? I’m not that easy to give up」
「Hai hai. Jaa, Milford-ojousama. Shall we start the battle?」
「I think you misunderstood. This is not a battle, this is a spanking. I’ll let you know that students like you is no threat to me」

To Leona’s declaration, Mamoru showed a daring smile.
Leona gave strange expression to his smile.

The difference was inevitable. For Leona, Mamoru’s action was meaningless.

(It’s just a distraction)
As expected, Mamoru knows nothing about Leona as well.

If this was a fight for life, Mamoru would gladly hand her ass to her.
But this is not a fight for life.
It’s a battle to determine who was superior. (TL: Fight for life is to protect someone, fight to death is to kill someone)

The opponent is a member of A group nobility of Astoria.
No matter how you see it, the difference is clear.
For now, he must gave his serious effort. Mamoru saw Shun who stood a little away.

「The rule has been decided. Can you act as the referee?」
「Yeah, I don’t mind. Is it okay with you Milford-san?」
「I don’t mind. However, I will not forgive any cheating attempt」
「I don’t want to make a difficult judgment. If it’s only one step and it’s Milford-san’s win, you should watch it yourself, is that okay?」

Shun shrugged his shoulders.

Satisfied with that, Leona moved to face Mamoru.

There were 10 meters distance between Leona and Mamoru.
It was the distance that Mamoru made.

Courtesy from a fearless young boy.
A strange fearless young boy.

Leona felt it was rare.
It felt so fresh.


「I will never forgive any insult to the Milford Family! Engrave it to your body! The Astoria’s Milford Family!!!」
「Try me. You can start anytime」
「I will stop your impudent talk immediately!」

Leona’s nipple glows in faint blue light.





Leona’s gear was a red bracelet.

Leona aimed Mamoru with an elegant movements.

「Since I’m going easy, you can eat your “consideration” and cry in the corner!!」

《Force Stinger》

A sharp 70cm long object was created before Leona’s eyes.

A small spear, or a gigantic spike. It was a magic stinger which was created using mana.
It wasn’t rare at all, it’s probably a magic that any student in the academy can use.

Mamoru who expected flashier magic prepared a barrier to receive the stinger. The stinger disappeared and the barrier broke in 1 shot.

「You dodged it well. I’ll give you that!」
「So that’s why…」

The stinger which passed straight through Mamoru, paused in the air, turned around on the spot, and aimed at Mamoru again.

Being wary of it, Mamoru tried to estimate it’s speed.
The speed of magic invocation is depended on how much magical power can be transferred to the lapis, but the speed after creation depended on the magical power and the caster’s image.
The faster it moves, the more it crumbles and it becomes more difficult to perceive.

Therefore remote control type magic is usually slow.

However, Leona was able to do a quick and accurate remote control.

「As expected from nobility of Astoria」
「If you lower your head and deeply apologize for 30 minutes, I might forgive you」
「On the other hand, you can’t even land a hit but you already declare your victory. Isn’t it embarrasing?」
「Another impudent talk!!!」

The stinger began to charge again towards Mamoru who was looking at Leona.

Mamoru didn’t need to see it, he avoided it by twisting his body.

The stinger which was avoided by Mamoru stopped beside Leona and turned around again.

Anything created by magical power will be scattered if the magical power that was put at the invocation runs out.
For the stinger which can attack for the third time, Mamoru couldn’t guess how much magical power that was poured to create it.

Continuous usage is possible as long as there were magical power to supply it.
Improving the speed and operability by limiting movement to straight lines.

Mamoru was impressed that she clearly think carefully on how to use her magic.

There was no doubt that this technique alone require substantial training.

(She was clearly a noble, but she didn’t act like one)
Mamoru muttered in his heart while smiling at Leona.

《Force Stinger》

Leona added another 2 stinger.
If you increase the number of projectile, the operation became more difficult.

Moreover, as with the first stinger, assuming they can be used more than once, they need a lot of mana to produce.

But Leona did it without breaking a sweat.

「Swarming operation?」 (TL: overwhelming your enemies with resources and units)
「Judging from your posture, I figured that you must be good in close combat. I will only acknowledge your speed」

Listening Leona’s praises, Mamoru sighed.
But not to Leona’s words.
It’s the fact that Leona has hit the lowest end. (TL: I don’t understand this. I just translate it the way it is)

It’s impossible to see the full power since Mamoru would lose if he took a single step.
Even so, He can see her seriousness.

Even so, her seriousness is so far away.

Mamoru still have plenty of room.
(As expected, Leona isn’t really a hard opponent)
However, in that case, Mamoru would like to put some power and concentrate more.

He saw Shun who smiled and waved his arm from afar and smiled bitterly.

He was even further than before.
Well it’s dangerous since the begining.
If he was in the previous position, he might hinder Leona.

Judging his “exquisite positioning”, Mamoru breaths in.
At the same time, Leona’s stinger stormed towards Mamoru.


There were 3 stingers.
Everything came from the front, but there were slight difference in speed and length.

In case of stinger, which make linear movement, it’s harder to avoid it’s rapid attacks rather than simultaneous attack.
Moreover, they didn’t move as one but they were set to aim at any gap anytime. At the same time, Leona couldn’t move as well.

While being assaulted by the projectiles, Mamoru turned back his plan into a blank paper.

(I can’t think any means of attack) Mamoru bit his tongue lightly. He dodged the first one to the right and another stinger which comes diagonally from above.
The last of 3 stingers was aiming at Mamoru’s chest.



The third one suddenly stopped.
At the same time, the remaining 2 who were behind Mamoru aimed at him.

Surrounded, Mamoru poured mana into his gear.


As soon as the chant finished, the third stinger was stopped mid-air.

Normally, it would never make it in time.
Leona was convinced that Mamoru was desperate.

However, Mamoru made it in time, and the 3rd stinger shattered like glass.

「No way!?」
「Even though you have straightforward nature, you do have a lot of tactics to go around」
「What kind of activation method you are using…?」
「Unfortunately, I’m not good at magic. So I trained the magic that I can. Thinking about the number of attacks that failed, you still think you can beat me?」
「No matter how fast the invocation speed, you need tremendous amount of mana transmission speed… There’s no way you can’t cast that fast…… 」
「It’s a few advantages the non-talented me have. Superior Mana Transmission Speed」

Leona couldn’t believe his words.

His barrier took 3 stingers and didn’t even crack.
It needs an extraordinary mana transmission speed and high instantaneous transmission rate.
The amount that can be sent to lapis is different from person to person.
Some can only send little by little, some can send all at once.

In modern times when most things became sensors and buttons, it’s not an example that most people use, but using example from the time magic started to be used, magic can be compared to a faucet.

If magical power is water storage, the transmission speed is the looseness of the faucet.
No matter how much water you have, there’s only small amount of water if the faucet is slightly loose.
If the water faucet is fully open, the water will come out all at once.

But, Leona couldn’t help but think.
The amount of mana that Mamoru gave out is average at best. As a student at Saiun Academy, it was relatively small.

That’s why Leona couldn’t believe he was in F class. The boy in front of him is better at activating magic than Leona herself, no, better than anyone she had ever seen.

In other words, while having an overwhelming transmission speed, his mana capacity is very small.

「How imbalanced…」
「You can’t protest something you are born with. Well… Since your attacks are done, shall we start my turn?」

Pre-cum leaked from his penis.

Mamoru gave her a devilish grin.



It’s hard for me to continue making this interesting. I kept changing the verb to make the story flows better. I rearranged some paragraph to make it smoother.

I’m so sorry but I am going to drop this project right after chapter 9…

On the second thought, I won’t translate chapter 9.

Here’s TL:DR

「I’ll attack from now on」
「Like I’ll let you!! 」

《Force Stinger》

Leona summoned 5 stingers and attack Mamoru with all of them.
Without batting an eye, Mamoru summoned 3 barriers and deflect all of them.

Leona was out of options, she need to act fast. She started her chant on one of her most powerful spell.

《Force Laser》

《Pinpoint Protection》

Mamoru created another barrier to counter her laser. Light spread throughout the room as the laser and the barrier collided.

When the light subsided, Leona was knocked backward while Mamoru was standing on his feet, not moving even 1 centimeter.

「Good job, Mamoru!!」

Shun congratulates Mamoru from afar, congratulates his winning and the panorama he created.

Opening his blazer, Mamoru threw it to Leona


「Cover yourself…」

Leona looked at her clothes, her red bra were showing.

「You… You pervert!! I will fucking kill you」

She stormed out of the room and Misaki came in.

「What happened here?」
「D-don’t misunderstand, Kujou」

Meanwhile, Shun was still smiling happily after seeing a girl with torn-up clothes.

He ejaculated all over Misaki’s face


Astoria Kingdon – Royal Regalia

In the Royal Castle of Astoria, Lilicia was receiving a report from her messenger.

「The Japanese Government refused to allow us to dispatch the knights to Saiun City. Instead, I deployed 2 knights to Tokyo Bay to maintain naval security」
「It was rejected as I expected…」

Lilicia sat on her chair with troubled expression.

Even though Japan and Astoria have a good relationship, there is no way they would approve her knights walking around their country. It was understandable since 1 knight can level half of Tokyo to the ground.

However, Saiun city is an important location for Astoria. If Saiun City was taken, the enemies could attack other territories with ease.

「Are we going to rely to Sir Dreadnought “again”?」

This is one reason why Lilicia sent Mamoru to Saiun City. In a situation where they couldn’t send a knight to Saiun City, they could still use Mamoru since he is a student who happened to study in Saiun City.

It was her grandfather, King of Astoria, who proposed the idea. Even Lilicia, who wanted Mamoru to enjoy peaceful school life, couldn’t object the proposal. But now, there was impending danger coming near.

「Please bring Aegis to him. The enemies may had breached Japanese Government’s security, so please bring Aegis to him as soon as possible」
「Yes ma’am. Do you have any message for Sir Dreadnought?」
「……I’ll think about it later」

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You may not realize it but I just summarized the whole 317 sentences into 43 sentences and try to make it more interesting. There are so many redundant remark like


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Dreadnought 6pt2. Milford

Hello guys, it’s me Kuroageha that recently helping translating some chapters of his Mayonaizism work.

I know, sometimes my TL-work kind of bad, but, oh well, will try do better in other works

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Hello guys, it’s me Kuroageha that recently helping translating some chapters of his Mayonaizism work.

I know, sometimes my TL-work kind of bad, but, oh well, will try do better in other works

PS : Cheers !


That was a lion.

So as I murmured in my heart, Mamoru had managed to come back near the classroom of the F group.

I need to hide a lot of times on the way back. I lost a lot of time, so there’s almost no lunch break.

She was indeed a lion, shaking the golden hair and approaching with ferociousness like a carnivore while hunting him.

“I’m beat… I guess he did not have time to eat lunch either……”

While giving a small chuckle, Mamoru opened the door of the classroom.
Some student has not returned to the class yet.

However, an unfamiliar girl was sitting in Mamoru’s seat.
No, it is a girl from yesterday.

“… … Uh … … lightning?” (TL: Raitoningu)
“Rio Mihara! What, how didn’t you remember that!?”
“Oh, that’s right, bad, the impression … strong, it’s lightning.”

As Mamoru tried to say that her impression was thin, Mamoru reminded of his failure before.


“Mamoru, Did you had lunch? I wasn’t able to meet you.”
“Nope, I didn’t get a seat, I couldn’t even buy some to eat on the way back”
“I thought it would be. Well, it’s okay,”

Mamoru felt something strange about her steep appearance.

Shun should not have eaten lunch.
Even though Rio is nearby, Mamoru didn’t feel hungry.

There was a girl calling out to the Mamoru that thought so.

“… …. that … ….”

It was Sakura that called out to the standing guard, because the seat was occupied by Rio.

“Are you … Imai-san?”
“Yes, Imai Sakura … Well … Yesterday you helped me but I could not thank you enough… Anoo… Take this one”

Sakura said and handed down a small basket.
Mamoru couldn’t believe it as he opened the pink basket.

Inside, there were sandwiches with white bread.

“If …. If you do not want to eat, it’s okay!”
“I guarantee the taste, it was really delicious”
“If you do not eat, you can’t shoot lightning, right?”

As Mamoru pointed to the reason why the he was not hungry, put the basket in his seat, grasped Sakura’s hands and thanked.

“Thank you……”

Sakura were puzzled because they grabbed hands and the Mamoru was too emotional.

Sakura that gently presented the sandwiches looked like angels to Mamoru who was chased by Leona and failed to eat lunch.

“Imai-san is truly a perfect image of a woman. I gratefully appreciate it.”
“Um … that … maybe, why did you do so soon?”

Mamoru chased the sight of Sakura and saw his seat.
The basket placed in the table is open, and the sandwiches in it are decreasing by two.

Mamoru look beside her shoulder and saw Rio and Shun munching on his sandwich.

“You guys … ….”
“Eh ? You don’t need it, do you ?”
“That was right in front of me and I have a sudden urge.”
“Put it back! First of all, it’s my seat!”

Mamoru caught away Rio as a sandwich to interfere with the ride and Shun hands trying to reach the sandwich, in order to eat it.

“No way!”
“Why don’t you stand and eat?”
“You … you have forgotten yesterday, have you forgotten !?”
“I’m grateful ! But I have not said that I am protecting you!”
“What was that!?”
“Rio, enough already. It’s alright, Yuuki-kun. Rio-chan came to say thank you. She’s just embarrassed, so do not worry. ”

In the words from Sakura, he saw a disturbed expression from Rio and she gazed back at him.

“I’m not embarrassed!”

“Why do you say to me …… … evade me …”

I was amazed by the unimpeachable retreat, and Mamoru was like that.
However, Rio does not even show backwards that he retreats while groaning.

Without help, I forcibly pulled Shun and sat down on a steep seat.

“Not too bad?”
“Not too bad?  Did you ate my sandwich?”
“Just a little, oh …… Oh yeah, yesterday, the man who was stuck with Imai-san and Mihara-san.”
“Was it… Takahara? What did he do?”
“After that, he apologized to them. He didn’t want to admit in front of many people that he lost control of his spell.”
“I see.”

Listening to the fact that the Takahara apologized, Mamoru made a small smile.

It is important to acknowledge your immaturity and apologize.
Even if it was told by a person, even if it was not initially accepted, the person who can save himself can change.

“Rino-chan, too”
“…… It was thanks to Mamoru. But if you did not come out. I could turn Takahara into a pile of goo !?”
“Yeah yeah, of course you will. But you should pay more attention, Imai-san. If he really shot the «Ark · Slash», Imai-san will be in a serious injury!”
“… I understand….”

While shrugged his shoulders to Rio who turned away, Mamoru reached for the sandwich.


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Dreadnought 6pt1. Milford

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Dreadnought 5pt2. B Class

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