LHA chapter 12 – End

Author: MayonaizeShrimp


Dear diary,

Tonight is the first time I sleep outside. The wind is cold and the forest is dark.

I am scared.

Sebastian keeps barking for some reason. Maybe he’s hungry? But Sebastian doesn’t want to eat my apple no matter how much I forced him. Tonight I will sleep while hugging Sebastian. At least he is warm. But he stinks. But I love Sebastian no matter what because he is my friend. But he stinks…

I am scared, but papa doesn’t raise quitters.

There are some wolfs howling in the forest. Maybe they want to play with Sebastian? But I don’t have enough food to feed them all. Should I go back home and take more food for the wolves?

But I can’t go home yet, I have to find papa and mama

I miss papa and mama…
I hope I can find them soon…




A week later, a local woodcutter found a boy and a small dog half-eaten not far inside the forest. There was wolf fur scattered around the site but there were no signs of the boy’s parents. The boy’s body was badly mangled up and he was holding a little knife with flowery pattern on the handle. A dirty diary book was also found not far from the site. An investigation showed that he was attacked by a pack of wolves more than 5 days ago. The boy was later identified to be an orphan from Saint Rupert Orphanage that sneaked out right before the gate closed.

The caretaker, Lucia Filiora, fainted when she heard the news. She later explained that the boy’s parents were a husband-wife pair of local low-ranked adventurer. The husband lost his leg in their last mission, which caused both of them to resign from adventurer guild. They were planning to use their saving to start a business. They left the boy and went to Arun city to take care of their merchant guild registration. Unfortunately, they were killed on the way home when a random wyvern spotted their carriage. It was weeks before Lucia herself heard about their death, which she immediately went to the boy’s house and asked him to live with her.

The boy’s funeral was held 3 days later.


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LHA chapter 11

Author: MayonaizeShrimp


Dear diary,

I stole a knife from the kitchen. I feel bad for Amanda since this is her favorite knife. But this is the only knife that I can hide behind my shirt. The other knives are way too big. This knife should be enough to be my sword. After all, my parents are adfentulels, they are heroes, so as their child I must use a sword. Oh wait, they are merchen now.

The hero of Alcatar wears armor, but I don’t think armors fit my small body. Besides I have no money to buy one. So I will wear many shirts at once, I think 5 will do.

I need to test it. I force Sebastian to bite me but he refused. He just jumped and licked my face instead. Ewww.. stupid dog.

But if even Sebastian doesn’t want to bite it, it must be strong. After all, Sebastian is stronger than dragons. It is hot and a little heavy but papa doesn’t raise quitters.

Tonight, I will sneak outside and find papa and mama.

Sorry Amanda, I promise I will return your knife soon…


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LHA chapter 10

Author: MayonaizeShrimp


Dear diary,

It has been 2 months since papa and mama gone. I like staying in grandma Lucia’s place, but that doesn’t mean I want to live here. I come home every weekend to clean the house.

I miss papa and mama. They never go for this long. Don’t they love me anymore?

Papa asked if I want a brother or sister. Does that mean that they don’t love me anymore?

Even if they don’t love me anymore, I still love papa and mama.


I love papa and mama.

And that is why I will sneak out and find them myself.

Should I take Sebastian?
Sebastian is my friend, but he stinks so bad.


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LHA chapter 9

Author: MayonaizeShrimp


Dear diary,

It has been 3 weeks since papa and mama gone.
I miss papa and mama…

Today grandma Lucia comes to visit. She is crying for some reason.

Grandma Lucia says that papa and mama will not come home for a long time. She says that I must live with her from now on.

I don’t understand.

I have to stay and wait for papa and mama. If I live with grandma Lucia, who will sweep the floor and wipe the windows?

But grandma Lucia looks so sad. I guess I have to take Sebastian with me and go with her for now. I wonder if papa and mama will be angry again…


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LHA chapter 8

Author: MayonaizeShrimp


Dear diary,

It has been 2 weeks since papa and mama gone. That is weird. Papa and mama are taking longer than usual. But I am a good boy. I will wait for papa and mama.

I will clean the house as usual. I always eat at grandma Lucia’s place so the dishes in our house are a little dusty. I wonder why there is dust. They are so annoying. I have to wash everything again.

I feel sad.
I don’t feel like eating.

Today the big children from grandma Lucia’s place come to visit. Maybe they are worried since I don’t visit for breakfast and lunch. Colbert and Peter give me a lot of berries to cheer me up. I like berries but I don’t think I can finish 3 baskets in a day, so we eat the berries together. Amanda says that papa and mama should be home soon. I wish she is right.

I miss papa and mama…


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